Thirty-Seven Weeks

written on June 30th

important updates: the c-section is still scheduled for Monday, July 2nd. it’s a good thing we kept the section because baby girl put herself back in a breech position (and grew even more as you’ll see in the normal updates)!

we had our last weekly checkup with my doctor. the next time we see her she’ll be delivering our baby! also discovered I have a UTI at that appointment so I’m on an antibiotic.

my blood pressure was up that day (and for a couple of days following) so they ran some labs. no preeclampsia, just some gestational hypertension.

she got another 8 out of 8 on her bpp and will hopefully be healthy and ready for lots of kisses and cuddles when she comes out!

she’s almost here! 1 1/2 more days. 1 1/2 more sleeps (I’m counting the night before as a 1/2 night because a. how much will we actually sleep and b. we have to be there at 5:30 am).

outfit: non-maternity dress purchased second hand from Poshmark from Maurice’s. 

how far along: 37 weeks and 6 days

size of baby: 8 lbs and 15 ounces as of tuesday’s check. room for error of course, but she measured her three times and got the same results each time so we’re pretty certain she’s gonna have some cheeks!

maternity clothes: still living the pants are too hard life. if it’s not a loose flowy dress, one of william’s t-shirts, or an oversized sleep shirt I’m not wearing it.

symptoms: upper shoulder pain, tired as can be, bad carpal tunnel flare-ups, etc.

cravings/aversions: CAN. NOT. WAIT to eat tomato sandwiches next week! also, I found out I don’t get to eat right away after a c-section so that was a bummer. also pretty excited about eating some breakfast food and pasta soon.

movement: she’s definitely running out of room and her movement mostly feels like she’s trying to break out of my stomach.

sleep: I have actually slept pretty good this week, but last night my carpal tunnel majorly flared up and made for not great sleep.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: MEETING OUR BABY!!

worries: I’m sure I’ll be nervous the morning of, but right now I’m genuinely not worried about anything!

milestones: IT’S TIME!!

best moment this week: we were both experiencing some major anxiety about everything last week. on sunday, I didn’t sleep well and was already exhausted and really didn’t want to go to church, but we decided to go anyway since we won’t be able to go for a few weeks after tomorrow. I’m so glad we did! worshiping was so good for my heart and soul. and then we decided to be intentional to pray together every day this week to help calm our anxiety, keep us connected to God and each other, and to do our best to enjoy our last moments together before we’re parents. those moments of prayer have been so sweet and so good for us! and majorly calmed our anxieties.

and that’s a wrap on the pregnancy posts! the next post will be about her! 

and the next picture will be of her! 

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