Thirteen Weeks

written January 11th

how far along: 13 weeks and 4 days

size of baby: peach

maternity clothes: not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of my first maternity clothes ordered from Pink Blush! they were supposed to be here yesterday. tracking info says it’s been in jackson since yesterday. we’ll see…  

symptoms: just toothbrushing annoyances. and supersonic smell of all the bad things (why doesn’t supersonic smell the good things?!)

cravings/aversions: all the king cake! a friend mentioned spaghetti and then I really wanted that but was invited over for lasagna and it hit the spot! also, I’m not normally an ice cream/milkshake person. especially milkshakes, I rarely want them. I’ve wanted them a lot the last couple of months. the last two mornings I’ve made a healthy fake milkshake (2 frozen bananas + 1 ¼ cup of vanilla almond milk + 1 tablespoon of vanilla blended in the blender) and it really hit the spot! free and WAY less calories!

movement: I thought I felt something one night but I think I just imagined it.

sleep: mostly good but was kind of restless for seemingly no reason the night before last.

gender: literally zero hunches. I don’t know what people “feel” when they have a feeling that they know what it is, but whatever it is I don’t feel it.

looking forward to: seeing the baby again! and feeling movement. and making the room that will be the nursery an actual nursery. we have a long way to go: painting the room, painting furniture, finding new places for all the stuff in the closet that had become the home for everything that didn’t have a home, and getting a crib and all that fun stuff.

worries: fears have jumped back up this week. I think it’s mainly a lack of consistent Jesus time. having that intimate set apart time keeps me grounded and hopeful and trusting and filled with faith. so irrationally worried about miscarriage and pregnancy complications and delivery complications and the like this week! Trying to take my thoughts captive, fill my ears with praise music, and pray often. (also not helpful is the fact that I read way too far into a miscarriage blog post a blogger I like posted.)

milestones: I created our registries this week! that was fun and important. I had been keeping a list of stuff people don’t me we’d need (and stuff people said we wouldn’t actually need) and decided why not use the list to go ahead and start registries. Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon. same stuff on all three basically. (thank you Jesus for the ability to register online, doing that in the store would have been stressful.) also, I’ve gotten better at drinking water this week! (I wasn’t drinking unhealthy things either, just wasn’t really drinking enough period.)

best moment this week: we decided to do the early gender ultrasound! so hopefully we will know what Baby T is by the end of this month!


outfit: non-maternity long sleeve hanky hem swing top from one of Belk’s plus brands. non-maternity Danskin yoga legging pants from Walmart. 


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