Twelve Weeks

(written January 5th)


outfit: non-maternity previously more oversized than currently sweater from JCPenney’s ANA plus brand. non-maternity ponte pants from Belk’s Crown & Ivy plus brand. 


how far along: 12 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: plum

maternity clothes: scared to try the jeans on again… pregnancy jeans are definitely in the near future. also, an online boutique that has plus maternity had a huge sale yesterday and William said I could buy some AND my mother-in-law bought me some too! so I have no officially bought (not worn) my first maternity clothes. stay tuned.

symptoms: I joked with my doctor at our appointment this week that I was glad I was in the 1/3rd of women who don’t experience sickness, but sometimes wished I actually felt pregnant. I TAKE IT BACK! the last two days I have definitely felt pregnant. the toothbrushing nausea is at another level. my supersonic smell came in and I smell things I don’t want to smell and it’s terrible! I have almost thrown up twice in the last two days, but some miraculously was able to calm myself down from it both times. NO food sounds appetizing. Hubs and I had a sam’s lunch date (usually one of my favs) and all I could stomach was 1 ½ soft pretzels.

cravings/aversions: can everything be an aversion? I want nothing. well, nothing except king cake (a normal January craving for me even when I’m not pregnant).

movement: not yet, but soon? It’s crazy to me that the baby is moving (saw it on sonogram!) but I can’t feel it yet.

sleep: sleeping good!

gender: still no hunches, but we should know the last week in february and announce/have a gender reveal on March 4th.

looking forward to: this sickness spell to go away! second trimester, so close! knowing if he or she is a he or she.

worries: none currently! doctor said everything looked great.

milestones: we made our happy news public on social media! 12 week appointment. First non-internal sonogram. no more progesterone or baby aspirin (she didn’t say I had to take it, but I asked about it and she said it wouldn’t hurt anything to take it). a big week!

best moment this week: we saw our little baby’s arm move during the sonogram! and he or she looked like a baby!

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One thought on “Twelve Weeks

  1. Jessa Panichella says:

    I am so happy for you guys! Love following your journey. My advice (as a recently pregnant and now new mom), enjoy every minute of it! Enjoy the tiredness, the sickness, the emotions, and towards the end the sleepless nights where you can’t breathe! Because as miserable as I felt those last couple of weeks, 12 weeks later I already miss being pregnant! Praying for you during this exciting time! ❤️


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