Thirty-One Weeks

written on May 18th

how far along: 31 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: according to the doctor today 4 lbs and 11 ounces. the medicine is working and her growth has slowed down!

maternity clothes: yes yes yes. and empire/swing dresses and shirts. I’m huge. finally got to wear the maternity swimsuit! I didn’t think it was possible to feel cute in a swimsuit while pregnant, but I felt kind of cute.

side note – being in a pool while pregnant is AMAZING! I didn’t feel like I was pregnant at all. until I got out… and then all the aches and pains and huge belly returned.

symptoms: mostly the same (growing belly, hurting parts, exhausted, gestational diabetes woes, swollen, carpal tunnel, emotional, etc.) + more Braxton Hicks and nesting.

cravings/aversions: I tried watermelon to see how it did with my blood sugar and it feels like manna sent from Heaven. SO GOOD.

movement: lots and lots.

sleep: still can’t complain about sleeping! carpal tunnel and bathroom breaks wake me up a little, but not terrible.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: meeting my baby! (also, not being pregnant and eating things on the list.)

worries: my doctor said not to worry about the tiny cervix thing yet!

milestones: hospital bags are mostly packed! that feels big. we have 6 weeks or less!

also, my husband had to help me do my toes. I feel like that’s a pregnancy milestone/right of passage?

also, now we’ll be seeing the doctor once a week. time is flying by!

best moment this week: being in a pool was as glorious as I thought it would be! but by far the best part of this week was my husband. he was so sweet and kind on my birthday, cleaned our whole house this week, AND as mentioned, helped me fix my ratchet feet.

also, we got to see her again today! she wouldn’t show her face, but all three people who did ultrasounds (yes three, high risk doctor is no joke) talked about how much hair she had! she definitely is getting that from her daddy since I had no hair until I was 2.


outfit: non-maternity empire waist dress from one of Belk’s plus lines. 


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