Fifteen Weeks

written January 26th

how far along: 15 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: navel orange, 4.5 inches, 2-3 ounces (according to the What to Expect app)

maternity clothes: I HAVE ACQUIRED MATERNITY JEANS! I went to Motherhood Maternity just so I could see what my size was there to order online and they had a pair of plus maternity skinny jeans on sale in my size. regularly $50 and I got them for $20! everyone says how amazing maternity jeans are and y’all, they are not lying! I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to wearing regular jeans. they are truly the most comfortable!

the weather did warm up a little, so I got to wear one of my new shirts too, which honestly just looks like shirts I already wore pre-pregnancy. flowy is in y’all, please be in forever! looking forward to debuting one of the maternity dresses soon at our gender reveal!

also, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve happily been pretending my skinny leg yoga pants are real black pants for work and no one notices or cares! since I wear them often and they are so comfy I ordered more and sized up (pre-pregnancy ones were getting a little clingy). 2 pair for $25 ( Danskin brand)! pumping the breaks on the maternity clothes purchases for now. I think I’m set for spring.

symptoms: not a pregnancy symptom, but it definitely affected my whole week… a stomach bug got me! I can no longer say I haven’t thrown up while pregnant (even if it wasn’t because of pregnancy). it was a ROUGH week! the triage nurse got my doctor to call in Phenergan which helped tremendously. my stomach still doesn’t do well unless the food is bland, but no throwing up or fever since Tuesday!

I still occasionally have round ligament pains.

and WHOA the emotions this week! two different friends shared posts about motherhood and how hard it is (or in my case how hard it’s going to be) but to cherish every moment because babies don’t keep and I’m SO sad already that little baby Twiner is going to grow up. I’m sobbing again just typing this. I’m so ready to be a parent with William, but already so sad about how quickly our baby is going to grow up.

cravings/aversions: if it’s not bananas, plain rice with a little butter and salt and pepper, fruit popsicles, ginger ale, Gatorade, white grape juice, or plain biscuits it hasn’t been on my radar this week.

however, I do know what I don’t want to eat again for a REALLY long time… chili.

(ps. I wish our bodies would signal us right before we eat the last meal before the stomach bug hits so we could eat something bland OR not eat at all…)

movement: I felt a lot of stomach things this week (thanks, stomach bug) and since my stomach was so empty I kind of maybe think I felt something, but probably not yet. SOON!

grow little baby grow so I can feel you move!

sleep: this week is just a wash for everything really thanks to that dang bug. rough nights of sleep around our house this week. that Phenergan sleep though…

gender: still no clue. William is convinced it’s a girl now because he wants a boy so badly. in the gender reveal Facebook group poll girl is winning 25 to 18. most old wives tales point to a boy but some to a girl:

cravings – mostly salty, don’t enjoy sweets as much as I normally do (boy)
morning sickness – no (boy)
headaches – no (boy)
carrying – no idea haha, I’m chubby, so it’s hard to say?
sleeping side – back 99% of the time (my doctor said I could!), but if it’s a side left feels better (boy)
mood – happy, not moody or overly emotional (boy)
balance – stable, not normal for me haha (girl)
baby’s heart – over 140 (girl)
Chinese calendar – girl

we should know Monday!!

looking forward to: MONDAY! even if we don’t find out, I’m ready to see/hear the baby and know that he or she is still doing well.

worries: stomach bug + pregnancy = WORRY. every pain (and there were lots) had me concerned about the baby. lots of extra whispered prayers this week.

my worry also increases right before each visit, but I have peace and believe little Baby T is doing great.

milestones: we bought a crib! a friend of a friend was selling it on Facebook, and it was in great condition and sold by trusted people.

and they gave me a boppy for free!

best moment this week: not being sick anymore? it was also fun to finalize our gender reveal plans and invite people and see their excitement.

I also co-hosted a wedding shower at my house last weekend for some dear friends which was a blast because: 

we love having people over. 

I love using all my wedding gift serving pieces and remembering who gave them to us. 

I love celebrating my friends. 

AND there were several moms of little ones there and we had good talks about pregnancy and motherhood and where to buy cheap baby clothes and other fun things like that (while most of the boys sat on our deck and smoked pipes). 


I actually fixed my hair before taking the picture this week (not for the picture, luncheon at work today) so I decided to include my face. I’m usually half asleep and my hair usually looks terrible so I crop it out, but I’ll try to do better! outfit: non-maternity long sleeve swing tunic top from MOA brand. non-maternity work pants from Belk’s Kim Rogers plus brand. 


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