Twenty-Five Weeks

written April 6th


outfit: non-maternity dress that I bought to wear to wedding showers that’s way too short to be a dress with this belly so I wore it with some brown leggings that you can’t really see in these pics. 


how far along: 25 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: rutabaga, prairie dog, napa cabbage, sweet potato, cantaloupe, cauliflower

maternity clothes: I basically just have all the dresses that fit me in 2-week rotation. And now that it’s officially white jean/seersucker season, I’ve been a little sad that I can’t fit in my white jeans, seersucker shorts, and seersucker skirt. BUT… I happened upon a Motherhood Maternity warehouse sale and scored a pair of white maternity jeans for $15! can’t wait for those to come in. also, the swimsuit saga continues. I upsized ordered from Lane Bryant and the top was HUGE and the bottoms too snug for comfort. so I returned it and am trying one from Motherhood. It will arrive with the white jeans, so we’ll see. If it doesn’t work I’m just totally going to wear one of William’s finishing shirts as my swimsuit on our babymoon.

symptoms: growing belly which has me getting deeper and deeper into that uncomfortable stage. today was my last steroid for the rash. so we’ll see how that goes.

cravings/aversions: nothing major to speak of. I thought I liked artichokes but ordered a chicken and artichoke pizza and realized I don’t. But I probably didn’t really love them before either.

movement: as I type this she’s turning flips or something! She moves a good bit, but she’s so low and moves low, so it’s hard for William to feel it, and I don’t really offer feeling that low to anyone else haha.

sleep: literally wake up every two hours to use the bathroom. I don’t know if I’ve pavlov dog trained myself, or if it’s just prep for nightly breastfeeding that’s coming soon. and like I mentioned above, I’m getting to that uncomfortable no matter how I sit, stand, or lay stage.

gender: baby girl

looking forward to: being done with the glucose test, two more weeks. and a fun looking forward to… baby showers! we have one April 20th and one April 21st, soon!

worries: still worried I’m going to fail the glucose test. hoping not!

milestones: we got to tour our hospital last night! seeing the labor and delivery rooms and recovery rooms made it feel more real! and both rooms are really nice and big! the recovery rooms have mini fridges, awesome big bathrooms, and seating room for at least 6.

best moment this week: on Easter Sunday after we hosted a potluck, we all (william, pups, and myself) laid in bed for a few minutes to rest and William ended up reading books to our baby. it was so sweet and fun. I can’t wait to parent with him!

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