Twenty-Nine Weeks

written May 4th

gestational diabetes updates: 

as requested, I sent my high-risk doctor my blood sugar numbers and food log after a week of tracking. she called me on Tuesday and said my daytime numbers were looking great and I was doing a great job of controlling it with diet. BUT… my morning fasting blood sugar number was consistently high and there was nothing I could do to fix or help it.

she put me on a medicine to take half of the smallest dose possible at 9pm at night with a snack and instructed me to wake up at 2 or 3 to test my blood sugar. if it was under 70 I was to eat a snack, then test it again in the morning, hoping it would be under 100. I started this on Tuesday and for my middle of the night testing, it was 106 (so no snack) then 125 for morning fasting numbers. I sent her those numbers and then she upped me to the whole dose vs. half and said to just have milk or a protein only snack. since then numbers have been better, so I’m hoping soon I won’t have to do the middle of the night checks.

y’all, I will admit, I was not/am not happy about this new adventure in gestational diabetes. nighttime testing is what it is. I’m hopeful we’ll figure out the right dose and I can stop night testing. even if we don’t it’s not terrible. I get up around then to pee anyway AND I look at it as newborn prep. however, the worst part if it is scheduling! to take medicine and eat a snack at 9 means I have to have done my dinner testing prior to that which means that I have to be FINISHED eating dinner by 7 at the latest… this means going to dinner with friends is pretty much impossible and that meal prep/cooking has to be quick and has to happen right after work or the window is messed up. THAT. IS. STRESSFUL!

And I feel high maintenance with all my eating restrictions and like a hassle to eat with/around/etc.

I’ve cried a little, pouted often, and complained A LOT.

here’s an example of my dramatics:

one morning this week after a day of all day bad numbers (and nothing indulgent!) William asked if the green beans I left out were for our lunches.

I said yes.

he assumed we’d cook them.

I sulkily said, “it doesn’t matter anymore, just put them in my lunch. flavor doesn’t matter. food isn’t fun anymore. I just need to eat it.”

because he’s basically a saint, he cooked them anyway with Tony’s and butter and said I deserved to eat tasty green beans.

this was after unloading and reloading the dishwasher, packing my lunch, making my eggs, filling my water bottles, and being sweet and encouraging to me all morning.

I’m telling y’all, he’s a saint.




so yes, I’m dramatic and complain-y and frustrated sometimes.

BUT, every single day I’m reminded that this precious gift from God known as our baby girl is worth it.

and I’m also compiling a list of all the things I will eat once she’s born and contemplating telling anyone who wants to visit us after her arrival at the hospital or at home that having some sort of dessert in hand is mandatory haha.

some “fun” things I’ve learned so far: 

  • my body HATES potatoes. I’m supposed to be able to have 1/2 a baked potato or 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes or a small portion of french fries, but anytime I’ve had any of those things my sugar levels were way up.
  • sweet potato fries are my friend! no blood sugar spikes at all so they are a nice side to have instead of salad at restaurants.
  • burgers without buns and lots of toppings aren’t too bad and can be ordered at almost any restaurant.
  • traditional bone-in wings are totally low carb and feel like an indulgent cheat.
  • cottage cheese is cool. helps fruit cups (in coconut water, no syrup) work for snacks. helps spaghetti sauce with just a tiny bit of whole wheat noodles feel bulked up and have more protein so numbers aren’t too terrible. blends together with frozen fruit and a little stevia for a nice sweet treat.

on to the normal updates! 

outfit: non-maternity swing dress from one of Belk’s plus brands. 

how far along: 29 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: big.

maternity clothes: yep yep yep.

symptoms: carpel tunnel like whoa. swollen ankles. so tired. pregnancy brain. belly growing pains. gestational diabetes. walking hurts. getting out of bed, off of couched, etc is not easy.

cravings/aversions: craving everything on the list of things I’m going to eat after birth.

movement: she’s a wiggle worm late at night and after I eat.

sleep: in between bathroom breaks and blood sugar testing I sleep great, just never enough because I could literally sleep all day.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: babymoon! less than 10 days away.

worries: I’m feeling all nesty and like I need to pack our hospital bags and have ALL the things done because in the last two months I’ve known babies born at 32 weeks, 35 weeks, and 36 weeks.

milestones: surviving 2 weeks with gestational diabetes? oh also, I got the TDAP shot. my arm currently feels like it is going to fall off.

best moment this week: the best moment of this week is not a moment, but lots of them, and a person really. my husband is wonderful. we fight, we have flaws, and we aren’t perfect and neither is our marriage. but he really is amazing and wonderful. the patience he has with me in all my pregnant-ness is astounding. the way he serves me and helps me and never complains about it makes me want to cry. the list of things he does for our home and family far outweighs my list right now. even though I feel huge, he makes me feel pretty and cute on a daily basis with his genuine compliments. pregnancy, and all of its good and bad glory, really takes your marriage to the next level. I love him so much more now than I did in the honeymoon stage of marriage and I know that my love is only going to increase more and more as I get to see him be a daddy.

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One thought on “Twenty-Nine Weeks

  1. tgdcooking says:

    GD isn’t pleasant but don’t let it dampen the experience! There are FB support groups if you didn’t know. There was just a person who went undiagnosed and the baby was born large and with extremely low sugars and broken shoulders :(.l


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