Fourteen Weeks

(written January 19th)


outfit: non-maternity tunic top from James & Leight. non-maternity ponte pants from Belk’s Crown & Ivy plus brand. leopard scarf from James & Leigh. 


how far along: 14 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: a big lemon (FYI, I use the What to Expect app, and that’s where the sizes come from)

maternity clothes: my first maternity clothes came in! unfortunately, most of the stuff I ordered is spring and summer-y since that’s when I’ll get bigger. it’s been the coldest it’s ever been here this week, so I haven’t gotten to wear them. BUT because I live in Mississippi (classic southern state that can experience all four seasons in a week), though the high was in the 20s earlier this week and we had snow and ice, the high for Sunday is 70. so I’ll be wearing them soon! I tried them all on, and they fit and are so soft and cozy. also, I tried to wear my normal jeans last weekend… I got them on and buttoned, and they fit, but they were VERY uncomfortable and tight, and I only lasted about 2 hours (long enough to see the movie we were seeing, Darkest Hour, which was really great by the way!) pregnancy jeans are next on the purchase list for sure!

symptoms: tooth brushing has been better! if I put less toothpaste on the brush and spit often (tmi gross?) and rinse out my mouth halfway between brushing and rinse my toothbrush before I brush my tongue (and just do that very briefly), it’s better! this week’s new symptom is round ligament pain. my fellow pregnant friend asked me Sunday if I was experiencing it. at the time I wasn’t and then all of a sudden two days later it hit! it happened late at night first, and I was worried. I made William pray for the baby before bed. then the next morning I remember how my friend described the round ligament pain and googled it and was certain that was what it was. I called the triage nurse at my doctor’s office to verify, and she agreed. NOT FUN! hurts super low and when I cough, sneeze, move certain ways, AND when I used the bathroom.

cravings/aversions: greasy pizza continues to be an aversion. and I normally like cabbage, but after cooking it last week and the smell, I can’t do cabbage right now. funny/embarrassing craving story… I have been reading the What to Expect book on and off. I finally picked it back up last week and was reading about what is best to eat and the daily dozen categories pregnant women should eat from. of course it says we should eat fish weekly, omega 3s, etc. well, after that for some crazy reason I couldn’t stop thinking about fish sticks… I probably haven’t had fish sticks in 10 years. not to mention, I’m 100% certain fish sticks don’t count as the fish they were suggesting I consume haha. but I bought fish sticks and William was a trooper and ate them too (and actually prepared them for us). they weren’t bad, but they weren’t as amazing as I thought they sounded haha.

movement: none yet, SO READY! my friend four weeks ahead of me said she just started feeling movement last week and most people say around 18 weeks or so. maybe, hopefully in a few weeks!

sleep: no issues other than coughing. I can go a whole day without coughing but somehow when it’s time for bed it comes back! therefore, I have to sit pretty much straight up to actually fall asleep.

gender: no hunches or feelings, still hoping for a boy for William, but just ready to know! SO SOON (10 days!).

looking forward to: knowing if our little he or she is a he or she! and getting the nursery going.

worries: worries have been calmer this week. and even though the round ligament pains had me worried something was wrong at first, they also brought me some weird comfort knowing experiencing a typical pregnancy symptom probably meant everything was going well. also worried they won’t be able to see the baby’s gender at the early gender scan. hoping!

milestones: BYE FIRST TRIMESTER! being 14 weeks means I’m officially in the second trimester! just crossing that milestone brings another level of comfort too.

best moment this week: can 1 ½ snow days + MLK day holiday count?? lots of relaxing and resting and quality time and British royals (we finished The Crown season 2 and then decided to watch documentaries on the royals). it was lovely.

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