Fourteen Weeks

(written January 19th)

how far along: 14 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: a big lemon (FYI, I use the What to Expect app, and that’s where the sizes come from)

maternity clothes: my first maternity clothes came in! unfortunately, most of the stuff I ordered is spring and summer-y since that’s when I’ll get bigger. it’s been the coldest it’s ever been here this week, so I haven’t gotten to wear them. BUT because I live in Mississippi (classic southern state that can experience all four seasons in a week), though the high was in the 20s earlier this week and we had snow and ice, the high for Sunday is 70. so I’ll be wearing them soon! I tried them all on, and they fit and are so soft and cozy. also, I tried to wear my normal jeans last weekend… I got them on and buttoned, and they fit, but they were VERY uncomfortable and tight, and I only lasted about 2 hours (long enough to see the movie we were seeing, Darkest Hour, which was really great by the way!) pregnancy jeans are next on the purchase list for sure!

symptoms: tooth brushing has been better! if I put less toothpaste on the brush and spit often (tmi gross?) and rinse out my mouth halfway between brushing and rinse my toothbrush before I brush my tongue (and just do that very briefly), it’s better! this week’s new symptom is round ligament pain. my fellow pregnant friend asked me Sunday if I was experiencing it. at the time I wasn’t and then all of a sudden two days later it hit! it happened late at night first, and I was worried. I made William pray for the baby before bed. then the next morning I remember how my friend described the round ligament pain and googled it and was certain that was what it was. I called the triage nurse at my doctor’s office to verify, and she agreed. NOT FUN! hurts super low and when I cough, sneeze, move certain ways, AND when I used the bathroom.

cravings/aversions: greasy pizza continues to be an aversion. and I normally like cabbage, but after cooking it last week and the smell, I can’t do cabbage right now. funny/embarrassing craving story… I have been reading the What to Expect book on and off. I finally picked it back up last week and was reading about what is best to eat and the daily dozen categories pregnant women should eat from. of course it says we should eat fish weekly, omega 3s, etc. well, after that for some crazy reason I couldn’t stop thinking about fish sticks… I probably haven’t had fish sticks in 10 years. not to mention, I’m 100% certain fish sticks don’t count as the fish they were suggesting I consume haha. but I bought fish sticks and William was a trooper and ate them too (and actually prepared them for us). they weren’t bad, but they weren’t as amazing as I thought they sounded haha.

movement: none yet, SO READY! my friend four weeks ahead of me said she just started feeling movement last week and most people say around 18 weeks or so. maybe, hopefully in a few weeks!

sleep: no issues other than coughing. I can go a whole day without coughing but somehow when it’s time for bed it comes back! therefore, I have to sit pretty much straight up to actually fall asleep.

gender: no hunches or feelings, still hoping for a boy for William, but just ready to know! SO SOON (10 days!).

looking forward to: knowing if our little he or she is a he or she! and getting the nursery going.

worries: worries have been calmer this week. and even though the round ligament pains had me worried something was wrong at first, they also brought me some weird comfort knowing experiencing a typical pregnancy symptom probably meant everything was going well. also worried they won’t be able to see the baby’s gender at the early gender scan. hoping!

milestones: BYE FIRST TRIMESTER! being 14 weeks means I’m officially in the second trimester! just crossing that milestone brings another level of comfort too.

best moment this week: can 1 ½ snow days + MLK day holiday count?? lots of relaxing and resting and quality time and British royals (we finished The Crown season 2 and then decided to watch documentaries on the royals). it was lovely.

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Thirteen Weeks

written January 11th

how far along: 13 weeks and 4 days

size of baby: peach

maternity clothes: not-so-patiently awaiting the arrival of my first maternity clothes ordered from Pink Blush! they were supposed to be here yesterday. tracking info says it’s been in jackson since yesterday. we’ll see…  

symptoms: just toothbrushing annoyances. and supersonic smell of all the bad things (why doesn’t supersonic smell the good things?!)

cravings/aversions: all the king cake! a friend mentioned spaghetti and then I really wanted that but was invited over for lasagna and it hit the spot! also, I’m not normally an ice cream/milkshake person. especially milkshakes, I rarely want them. I’ve wanted them a lot the last couple of months. the last two mornings I’ve made a healthy fake milkshake (2 frozen bananas + 1 ¼ cup of vanilla almond milk + 1 tablespoon of vanilla blended in the blender) and it really hit the spot! free and WAY less calories!

movement: I thought I felt something one night but I think I just imagined it.

sleep: mostly good but was kind of restless for seemingly no reason the night before last.

gender: literally zero hunches. I don’t know what people “feel” when they have a feeling that they know what it is, but whatever it is I don’t feel it.

looking forward to: seeing the baby again! and feeling movement. and making the room that will be the nursery an actual nursery. we have a long way to go: painting the room, painting furniture, finding new places for all the stuff in the closet that had become the home for everything that didn’t have a home, and getting a crib and all that fun stuff.

worries: fears have jumped back up this week. I think it’s mainly a lack of consistent Jesus time. having that intimate set apart time keeps me grounded and hopeful and trusting and filled with faith. so irrationally worried about miscarriage and pregnancy complications and delivery complications and the like this week! Trying to take my thoughts captive, fill my ears with praise music, and pray often. (also not helpful is the fact that I read way too far into a miscarriage blog post a blogger I like posted.)

milestones: I created our registries this week! that was fun and important. I had been keeping a list of stuff people don’t me we’d need (and stuff people said we wouldn’t actually need) and decided why not use the list to go ahead and start registries. Target, Babies R Us, and Amazon. same stuff on all three basically. (thank you Jesus for the ability to register online, doing that in the store would have been stressful.) also, I’ve gotten better at drinking water this week! (I wasn’t drinking unhealthy things either, just wasn’t really drinking enough period.)

best moment this week: we decided to do the early gender ultrasound! so hopefully we will know what Baby T is by the end of this month!

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Twelve Weeks

(written January 5th)

how far along: 12 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: plum

maternity clothes: scared to try the jeans on again… pregnancy jeans are definitely in the near future. also, an online boutique that has plus maternity had a huge sale yesterday and William said I could buy some AND my mother-in-law bought me some too! so I have no officially bought (not worn) my first maternity clothes. stay tuned.

symptoms: I joked with my doctor at our appointment this week that I was glad I was in the 1/3rd of women who don’t experience sickness, but sometimes wished I actually felt pregnant. I TAKE IT BACK! the last two days I have definitely felt pregnant. the toothbrushing nausea is at another level. my supersonic smell came in and I smell things I don’t want to smell and it’s terrible! I have almost thrown up twice in the last two days, but some miraculously was able to calm myself down from it both times. NO food sounds appetizing. Hubs and I had a sam’s lunch date (usually one of my favs) and all I could stomach was 1 ½ soft pretzels.

cravings/aversions: can everything be an aversion? I want nothing. well, nothing except king cake (a normal January craving for me even when I’m not pregnant).

movement: not yet, but soon? It’s crazy to me that the baby is moving (saw it on sonogram!) but I can’t feel it yet.

sleep: sleeping good!

gender: still no hunches, but we should know the last week in february and announce/have a gender reveal on March 4th.

looking forward to: this sickness spell to go away! second trimester, so close! knowing if he or she is a he or she.

worries: none currently! doctor said everything looked great.

milestones: we made our happy news public on social media! 12 week appointment. First non-internal sonogram. no more progesterone or baby aspirin (she didn’t say I had to take it, but I asked about it and she said it wouldn’t hurt anything to take it). a big week!

best moment this week: we saw our little baby’s arm move during the sonogram! and he or she looked like a baby!

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Eleven Weeks

(written December 29th)

how far along: 11 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: lime

maternity clothes: I might have to upgrade to maternity jeans soon… the jeans are getting a little tighter. yoga pants and ponte pants to the rescue! but lets me real, over Christmas break I’ve worn baggy sweatpants almost every day.

symptoms: if I get hot or heat blows directly on me I feel nauseous like whoa! and the teeth brushing still. but can’t complain.

cravings/aversions: I survived a Christmas-food style dinner! and discovered the main thing I have a major aversion to is dressing. can’t. do. it. kinda over soups momentarily too but only because there have been a lot of soup themed gatherings over the holidays.

movement: still too soon. boo!

sleep: sleeping good and A LOT over Christmas break! going back to work is going to stink. definitely used to two naps a day.

gender: still no hunches. some of my family think/hope girl. we still hope boy (and by we I mean William, but I hope for him too).

looking forward to: January 2nd! our 12 week visit when a. the baby should look like a baby and b. we announce our news on social media!

worries: I always get worried before the appointments that something isn’t going to be right.

milestones: William cleaned out his old dresser that will be the baby’s dresser. so that’s report worthy I guess.

best moment this week: exchanging gifts with William for our last Christmas as just us! we both got each other parent ornaments. also, all my college friends were in town (at our house) for our annual Christmas party and it was the first time I had seen them as a pregnant woman. they all knew, but it was fun to get hugs and see their excitement in person about baby T.

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Ten Weeks

(written December 19th)

how far along: 10 weeks and 2 days

size of baby: cherry

maternity clothes: still can fit into my jeans so far (they are obviously my measuring tool). I prefer yoga pants, but I can still fit.

symptoms: now everytime I brush my teeth I get nauseous, but other than that nothing major. finally not coughing as much!

cravings/aversions: the thought of eating Christmas food (which I’ll be doing soon) makes me feel sick. but no other cravings or aversions to report this week. still don’t love sweets or candy (except tootsie rolls oddly).

movement: too early still, come on 2nd trimester!

sleep: slept great away and sleeping much better with less coughing!

gender: still no clue, no feelings or hunches.

looking forward to: Christmas! and our next doctor’s visit because they we get to social media announce.

worries: fears are surprisingly calm right now.

milestones: we bought our first baby purchase! we went to a baby consignment store this weekend while celebrating Christmas with William’s mom and sister and bought a pack n play for $65! and it’s a really nice one. we also bought a couple of gender neutral outfits. it was a fun feeling buying baby stuff for our baby and not someone else’s!

best moment this week: Christmas weekend at William’s mom’s! His mom and sister and brother-in-law got a lot of stuff for baby Twiner and it was so sweet and fun! Emily and Donald got us really adorable mom and dad ornaments and his mom got us a sonogram frame ornament that was sweet as well (we love ornaments). and all the little baby clothes and blankets just make me melt.


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Nine Weeks

(written December 12th)

how far along: 9 weeks and 2 days

size of baby: olive

maternity clothes: not yet! still can comfortably fit in jeans.

symptoms: I was able to get an appointment with the on-call doctor at my doctors office and have medicine now! they gave me an antibiotic and cough pills. they said since I had had the cough for so long and it wasn’t a productive cough it was time to intervene. the cough was causing aches and lack of sleep! and the cough in excess made me gag and feel nauseous. but other than that (weakened immune system woes) and fatigue no other symptoms. hopefully the meds will kick in and help soon!

cravings/aversions: I made some rotel with deer sausage for my student workers and it tasted amazing and I wanted more. but then I didn’t like it the next day. nothing else to report.

movement: too soon still. ready though!

sleep: the cough is majorly messing with my sleep!

gender: no idea, hoping for boy for hubs, happy with either, no feelings of what it might be either way.

looking forward to: NOT COUGHING!

worries: sleeping at someone else’s house this weekend and worried I might not sleep well or cough all night, but most worries and fears about the baby are calm for now.

milestones: pretty uneventful week, but the baby is still healthy and growing and that’s always a milestone to me!

best moment this week: we told our church family on Sunday! it was our pastor’s idea. we lit the advent candle and William worked it into his speech. it was a very sweet moment that I’ll never forget! also, SNOW DAY! like real snow, not Mississippi snow!

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Eight Weeks

(written December 5th)


how far along: 8 weeks and 2 days

size of baby: raspberry

maternity clothes: I can still wear jeans, but definitely prefer stretchy pants.

symptoms: still battling a cold so the weakened immune system is in full force. fatigue has been

less this week and so have bathroom issues. still no throwing up or morning sickness!

cravings/aversions: pickles! I want a million McAlister’s pickles. And mexican food. no major aversions, but not crazy about sweets.

movement: too early

sleep: better this week, less potty breaks it seems.

gender: still hoping for a boy for william. some wives tales point to boy, some point to girl.

looking forward to: being out of the most risky trimester! and knowing the gender.

worries: currently none other than worrying that William will be disappointed if it is a girl.

milestones: we had our follow up ultrasound and the baby’s heartbeat was 179! from 89 to 179 and the doctor was ecstatic. the baby also looks sort of human-ish now!

best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat, knowing that the heart rate is good and baby seems good, and seeing it look like more than a grain of rice! it felt a little more real.

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Seven Weeks

(written November 29th)

how far along: 7 weeks and 3 days

size of baby: blueberry

maternity clothes: no, jeans still fit, but again definitely prefer the loose stretchy pants.

symptoms: sick this week! just a cold, but can’t take meds. prunes and prune juice are helping other issues. feeling queasy every now and then but peppermints or a snack help. smells haven’t really bothered me, but today the smell of my own HAIR made me want to throw up… weird!

cravings/aversions: I meal planned yesterday and all I wanted on the menu was mexican food. I also HAD to have taco bell for lunch today. I mean I normally love mexican food anyway, but now it seems to be one of the only things I think about and want vs. just tolerating. Also, I have ALWAYS hated pepperoni pizza and sausage pizza. I tried them both this week and it turns out the pregnant me like both!

movement: still too early! ready for some though.

sleep: a little better this week, but still lots of night bathroom breaks.

gender: no idea, hoping/praying for a boy for William’s sake.

looking forward to: the follow up sonogram in less than a week!

worries: having irrational fears for the first time about miscarriage, particularly about “silent miscarriage,” which I didn’t know existed. thanks what to expect app community boards… swearing those off now!

milestones: I got an applicator for my progesterone (doctor didn’t say I needed it, but I asked and she said it won’t hurt anything to take it, so I said yes) and now that nightly ritual is much easier!

best moment this week: the dad ornament I got for William came in! can’t wait to give it to him.

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Six Weeks

(written November 24th)

how far along: 6 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: sweet pea

maternity clothes: nope. and I can still fit in my jeans! however, my “fat pants” are much more comfy.

symptoms: still very sleepy, and tmi, but major constipation issues.

cravings/aversions: reheated leftover thanksgiving turkey wasn’t my favorite, and not all thanksgiving food was appealing.

movement: too soon!

sleep: lots of middle of the night using the bathroom.

gender: no idea, but my skin is dry and some people say boy and I’m not sick which also points to boy, but I don’t think all those rules really work.

looking forward to: being done with the first trimester!

worries: ready for my next appointment to know the heartbeat is higher.

milestones: we had our first appointment! baby looks like a grain of rice. doctor said everything looks good. heartbeat was 89 and she would like it to be higher so going back in 2 weeks.

best moment this week: SO MANY! seeing the baby and tiny heart thump, finally realizing we’re pregnant, telling family over thanksgiving, SO GREAT!

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Five Weeks

(written November 15th)

how far along: 5 weeks and 3 days

size of baby: orange seed

maternity clothes: not yet! and my pants feel looser this week thank goodness. I guess some of the initial bloating went down. last week I did order some “fat” pants haha. but I think I’ll be able to wear my real pants a little longer.

symptoms: SO FREAKING TIRED! like want to go to bed at 8 o’clock, fall asleep at my desk, more than once a day tired. felt a little queasy this morning and once before but both times were mostly fleeting, hand tingling at night, tender parts, oh the hormonal moodiness! mainly irritability but also emotional.

cravings/aversions: nothing to speak of yet.

movement: too early for that.

sleep: lots of tossing and turning. finally started propping both arms and that helped with arm/hand tingling.

gender: no idea or guesses, just want a healthy baby! hubs is hoping for a boy.

looking forward to: first appointment and seeing that heartbeat! less than a week away.

worries: still worried about miscarriage, but no signs of that so far.

milestones: we started talking about the nursery for the first time and are both on the same page with colors and style. I also started reading the newest version of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

best moment this week: sweet friends and family who know checking on me is so thoughtful and gives me the warm fuzzies. also, William is just so incredible and patient and kind and serving and just wonderful. he handles the moodiness like a champ and does anything and everything I ask from rubbing my back to getting me a ginger ale to things I don’t ask or expect like driving to the next town to hunt down Christmas Cookies icecream.

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