Twenty-Four Weeks

written March 29th


outfit: non-maternity swing dress from one of Belk’s plus lines. 


how far along: 24 weeks and 4 days

size of baby: she’s big! apps say she should be around 1 pound and 5 ounces or the size of corn on the cob/Atlantic puffin/garden eggplant/demi-baguette/papaya/small pizza/cantaloupe/head of cauliflower. which all sound quite impressive. HOWEVER, according to my scan at the specialist this week, she’s 1 pound and 12 ounces!

maternity clothes: pregnancy wardrobe = swing dresses, swing tops, maternity jeans, sized up yoga leggings, flip-flops.

symptoms: RASH. growing belly, frequent bathroom breaks, etc.

cravings/aversions: the taquitos from last week hit the spot and I’m making coconut cake this weekend so cravings are happy and fulfilled.

movement: moving more and more! however, she wouldn’t move the way they wanted her to in the scan. stubborn little girl doesn’t like to have her picture taken.

sleep: other than bathroom breaks sleep still hasn’t been an issue yet.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: this may sound selfish even though I don’t mean it selfishly, but I’m really getting excited about our baby showers! they were all finalized this week and I just love hanging out with my people and seeing them be excited about meeting our baby and it makes me all teary eyed to imagine her wearing, covered up in, or playing in the gifts people give her! it just makes me even more excited about her arrival and makes her feel more and more real. two in April, one in May, and one in June. she is one loved little girl already.  

worries: I have the glucose test on my next visit in April and a little nervous about it considering that she’s measuring big and that can be a sign of gestational (which I CANNOT say, like why is that word so hard for me to say) diabetes.

milestones: 24 weeks is when the baby reaches the “threshold of viability” which means even though it would she’d spend lots of time in the NICU, she could actually survive outside the womb now. DO NOT WANT HER TO COME NOW, haha. but that’s an exciting milestone!

best moment this week: other than seeing her in the scan, always a favorite moment, the best moment this week was SETTING UP THE NURSERY!

I just can’t even describe how good it feels and had no idea it would feel that good to get it set up. I mean, we aren’t done! but we made some major progress.

previously all we had done was acquire stuff for the nursery, have the furniture painted, and paint the walls. and then… even though we picked out two different shades of grey for walls and furniture they came out looking the same color!

we debated repainting it again, but our friend suggested we just break up the grey on grey by putting stuff on the wall above the piece that will be grey on grey. once we agreed to just go with that, we dove in this weekend to get it set up!

all the furniture is placed where it will be. we made the decision to keep the big bed in there and got a throw quilt, pillows, sheets, and throw pillows to tie it into the crib bedding. we bought stuff for the collage wall that will break up the grey on grey, mainly a few baskets that we can put books, frames, and knick-knacks on. we put the crib bedding on (and will wash it when it’s a little closer to the due date). we got a lamp and lampshade to match the colors. we will order the rug soon – we picked out one online but want to check a few places here first. we’ll get a chair in there in April. we know what art will go above the chair (but need to get frames for it), what stuff/art will go on changing table grey on grey wall, we need a mirror for the big bed wall, and I want to make a big floral M made out of one of those paper mache letters, flower foam, fake flowers to go above the crib. WE LOVE IT! we go in there often just to talk about how much we love it haha.

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