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Hi! I’m Kasia. Welcome to my kitchen – my favorite place to be! I cook. I bake. I plan meals. I organize things. Occasionally I craft and attempt to DIY stuff. I talk about the details of my life often here – intermingled with yummy food (and sometimes forget to talk about food at all).  I collect aprons, owls, cookbooks, days of the week notepads, and recipe cards. I’m head over heels in love with autumn and all the wonders the season beholds (ALL THINGS PUMPKIN ALL THE TIME!). I tend to mildly obsess over fictional characters, particularly ones found in book series (strong #HarryPotterForever love fills my heart) or tv shows. I have the best group of friends in the entire world. I love my gospel family more than words can capture. I love Jesus a whole lot and we’re doing this life thing together. Sometimes I try to do it myself, but it never works out and He always reminds me that I can’t do it without Him. I’m on a lifelong journey to always chase my best life, which often involves eating healthy. Most of my recipes are healthy, but every once in a while splurges are totally welcomed (and always indicated). Welcome to my life and journey! Pull up a chair and stay for a while.


When I’m not cooking, baking, planning meals, or dreaming about having a bakery that serves lunch, does catering, and sells jarred things (jams, jellies and pickles, not weird things like body parts), I work as a higher education professional in Mississippi. I am passionate about ministry with women young and old and doing real life together with all the messiness it holds. I have the privilege of serving on a non-profit ministry team for women called Total Woman U; I get to blog for them too! I LOVE writing. Life gets in the way and I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like, but one day I hope to be brave enough and have the resources to write a book that mixes my two passions: cooking and transparency about real life and its struggles. I wear sparkly shoes more than any adult should. I drink my coffee with ice year round. I have nine tattoos. If I could pick one emoji to describe me it would be the heart eyes emoji because I obsessively and/or excitedly love everything (except summer, deep dislike for summers in Mississippi). I think it’s totally okay if you laugh when I fall (which happens often). And, I’m glad you’re here!


Once upon a time, I wrote a silly Seuss-like poem about myself…

There once was a girl who had a rather tragic beginning.
She was meant to be born when the leaves do their spinning.
Instead she was born on the very wrong day.
She was born in the very muggy month of May.
And some people think she was born in the wrong region.
For Asian she is not, and not Polish, nor Norwegian.
But her name is rather odd and rhymes with Asia.
And this is not where she’s from, this silly girl named Kasia.
She laughs like an old lady, emphysema-like and wheezy.
And the wiggling of toes makes her very uneasy.
A collector of odd things, like owls and super sticky post-its.
She organizes other people’s refrigerators and cabinets.
She likes to smile, but it usually make her cheeks hot.
The love of her friends, make her smile quite a lot.
A dreamer, procrastinator, silly, quirky, child of God, and friend,
The life she has been given, is not tragic at all, beginning, middle, or end.


Want more glimpses into my life and journey? Occasionally I have some blogging moments where I allow myself to be transparent and real, opening my heart and allowing others in a tiny bit. Feel free to read along and get to know me a little better.

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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Heavenlyburton says:

    I love your blog and my mom do to and she love to read more about you I was at school just looking up stuff and then that when I seen you blog that when m and my mom starting to read about you


  2. Laura Hendrickson says:

    Hi Kasia! Your blog is SO fun to read – I feel like we are kindred spirits in a dozen ways, like the fact that my mom grew up in Mississippi and I absolutely ADORE it there. 😉 Hope you’ve been getting lots of notifications from me reading allllll of your posts!! Have a sweet day, and congratulations on your pregnancy!


  3. Lori Cohn says:

    I would really like to know the specific “potion” in real life terms for the gender reveal? I’m trying to do this for my daughter and feel very lost. The specifics would be very helpful.


    • kasialindsay says:

      Logistics of the gender reveal “potion”: We ordered bath bomb fizzy powder in both colors. We used the color we didn’t need to practice. We also got a bag of white fizzy powder. In the cauldron (purchased on Amazon), we poured the appropriate color and then covered it with the white powder so no one could look in and spoil the surprise. Liquid Luck and Love Potion were just water. The water activated the fizz and it eventually bubbled over the more we poured.


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