Eighteen Weeks

written February 16th

how far along: 18 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: sweet potato. 5.5 inches and 5 ounces. (according to the What to Expect app)

maternity clothes: having to force myself not to wear only the super soft and comfy maternity stuff haha, because again, plenty of my other shirts fit!

my one complaint about maternity clothes is that the plus size women jeans only come in 3 sizes. one is too small for me and one is too big. so I feel frumpy in my jeans sometimes and have to wash them to shrink them everytime I wear them (and who washes jeans everything they were them??).

symptoms: I’ve been warned many times about coughing and accidentally peeing but it hadn’t happened to me yet. well, it finally did (tmi I’m sure, but whatevs). and the cough is back, so this is unfortunate and I’m scared every time I cough haha.

also my back is hurting more and more. I think a chiropractor might be in my future.

cravings/aversions: seafood, especially shrimp, always sounds good. and who can afford to eat shrimp often? haha.

I also can’t stop thinking of Hawaiian pizza, which I haven’t had in years. 

movement: I really really think I felt her, but I just can’t be sure! I’m going to pay attention at the next ultrasound to when she moves and see if I feel it so I know what it feels like (sister-in-law suggestion).

sleep: not terrible, just harder to fall back asleep after bathroom breaks. and I don’t always feel rested when I wake up.

gender: GIRL. our sweet Magnolia Joyce.  

looking forward to: anatomy scan! it’s Monday. since we are going to a specialist (since I’m almost 35) the equipment is the best of the best and we should get a better picture of her! and again, ready to start feeling the kicks.

worries: I’m going to be mildly worried until after that scan, but again no reason to be worried.

milestones: we bought our first girl specific purchase! William picked out a unicorn book that was sweet and I saw a little unicorn headband + tutu that just made sense to get. we also bought the paint for the nursery!

best moment this week: our video continues to be viral which is just insane! it finally slowed down in the last two days, but 3.5 MILLION views. CRAZY! and people have been so sweet for the most part. it just makes us feel like our little girl is so special.

also, on the night that we bought the book, William read it to her. the app told us she can finally hear this week, and we’ve been saying when she can we want to start reading to her. it was such a sweet, special moment.

ALSO, we got FOUR boxes of hand me downs from my sister-in-law and brother-in-law from our niece’s baby stuff! it was so fun to go through the boxes with them and hear all the stories about stuff.

and I forgot to mention previously that at the gender reveal we got some hand me downs from my cousin and her baby Maddie!

Magnolia Joyce already has a TON of clothes and all we’ve bought her is the unicorn accessories!


outfit: maternity dress from PinkBlush Maternity Plus. 


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