Seven Weeks

(written November 29th)

how far along: 7 weeks and 3 days

size of baby: blueberry

maternity clothes: no, jeans still fit, but again definitely prefer the loose stretchy pants.

symptoms: sick this week! just a cold, but can’t take meds. prunes and prune juice are helping other issues. feeling queasy every now and then but peppermints or a snack help. smells haven’t really bothered me, but today the smell of my own HAIR made me want to throw up… weird!

cravings/aversions: I meal planned yesterday and all I wanted on the menu was mexican food. I also HAD to have taco bell for lunch today. I mean I normally love mexican food anyway, but now it seems to be one of the only things I think about and want vs. just tolerating. Also, I have ALWAYS hated pepperoni pizza and sausage pizza. I tried them both this week and it turns out the pregnant me like both!

movement: still too early! ready for some though.

sleep: a little better this week, but still lots of night bathroom breaks.

gender: no idea, hoping/praying for a boy for William’s sake.

looking forward to: the follow up sonogram in less than a week!

worries: having irrational fears for the first time about miscarriage, particularly about “silent miscarriage,” which I didn’t know existed. thanks what to expect app community boards… swearing those off now!

milestones: I got an applicator for my progesterone (doctor didn’t say I needed it, but I asked and she said it won’t hurt anything to take it, so I said yes) and now that nightly ritual is much easier!

best moment this week: the dad ornament I got for William came in! can’t wait to give it to him.


outfit: non-maternity 3/4 sleeve swing tunic top from WetSeal plus. non-maternity work pants from Belk’s Kim Rogers plus brand.

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