Four Weeks

So, when I told a coworker I was pregnant she was over-the-moon excited and immediately told me about a friend of hers who blogged/journaled each week of her pregnancy. She encouraged me to do it. The friend wrote each week for each of her pregnancies and made the posts private until the information was public and then set them all to public. I checked out her friend’s blog, as I promised I would, and decided to do it! I was nervous about actually posting them though and that someone could somehow see it before I was ready for them to, so I did it all in a Google Doc and transferred them over. I decided to use the same questions she answered (minus the weight gain one, no need to talk about that haha).

The same friend also encouraged me to take pictures. I was reluctant because as a plus size women I already felt like I looked pregnant before a baby was even a discussion. BUT, I talked myself into it because I want to celebrate my baby! I don’t want looking or feeling fat or fatter or whatever to keep me from celebrating the life inside me. So am I aware that my belly already looked big before I was pregnant and probably won’t look much different and just big or bigger in each pic? Yes. Do I care? No! And does this baby (and my body for growing it) deserve to be celebrated no matter what? YES! So let’s just deal with my awkward mirror selfies.

(written November 10th)


outfit: non-maternity long sleeve plaid swing tunic top from from MOA brand (sold on Walmart’s website but not their brand). non-maternity black jeggings from JCPenney’s ANA brand.


how far along: 4 weeks and 4 days

size of baby: poppy seed, teeny tiny

maternity clothes: nope, but my pants already feel snug, assuming from the bloating according to apps, and I mean most shirts these days are kinda all maternity-ish

symptoms: SO TIRED, have to pee a lot, bloated, tender parts

cravings/aversions: I read that I needed daily dairy intake, so I remembered I had chocolate milk powder and currently loving chocolate milk every morning. fried chicken also seemed unappealing to me for the first time on fried chicken Thursday.

movement: nope

sleep: pretty good, just can’t get enough

gender: obviously no idea or guesses yet

looking forward to: having a baby! still in such shock. also looking forward to our first appointment and seeing a heartbeat and picture.

worries: naturally worried about miscarriage, but feeling supernaturally at peace and like God gave us this miracle baby

milestones: WE’RE PREGNANT!

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