Twenty-Seven Weeks

written April 19th

before we get to the normal updates, let’s go ahead and get the big one out of the way… I had my glucose test today and MAJORLY failed. so badly that I don’t even have to do the second test… I officially have gestational diabetes. 

my doctor was super nice and encouraging. I also have several friends who have had gestational diabetes and had perfectly healthy babies. I was slightly discouraged at first, but I’m feeling much better now and definitely am not defeated by this!

the details:

I’ll continue seeing my normal OB, every two weeks now due to being in third trimester.

in addition, I’ll keep seeing the high-risk doctor. not sure how often yet. I already had what was going to be my final appointment with her scheduled for Monday, so I’ll know more then (and obviously it won’t be my final appointment with her).

the high-risk doctor will be managing my gestational diabetes and will report info to my doctor, who will still be the one who delivers our baby.

the baby will for sure come early, the latest they will keep her in is 38 weeks.

she wants me to try and manage it with diet first, and then later I may have to do medicine. she wants me to see if the high-risk doctor has a dietician on Monday, if not she will set me up with theirs.

she said until I meet with the dietician, just try to stick to a low carb/no refined sugars diet. HOWEVER, she did say I could enjoy my two showers this weekend haha.

she assured me that this happens often, that it isn’t my fault, that I didn’t do anything wrong, and that the baby and I will be fine.

William is a champ and ready to dive in head first into the new diet with me.

one of my cousins has had it with both of hers and been super helpful (I suspected I might have it because she did and we are both predisposed due to our grandfathers having diabetes).

I have three very close friends who also had it with their babies and have been encouraging and full of tips.


a. it’s only for 10 weeks. I can do anything for 10 weeks!

b. we both wanted to start some sort of better eating plan after the baby came, and we’re just looking at this as a head start.


now on with the normal updates. 


outfit: maternity plus maxi dress from PinkBlush.

how far along: 27 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: according to apps – fennec fox, a bunch of bananas, eggplant. BUT, probably bigger thanks to the gestational diabetes. 

maternity clothes: yep. can’t wait for the weather to stop switching seasons so I can wear the maternity swimsuit!

also, since we’re talking about clothes, I went to Belk to see if I could find a cute shirt to wear to the crawfish bowl shower and scored THREE dresses for less than the price of one shirt! they aren’t maternity, but they all will work as maternity dresses.

all shower outfits are officially planned!  

symptoms: my blood pressure went back up for a couple days, but finally went back down Wednesday night.

my belly is feeling and getting huge and as a result getting up from the couch and/or putting on pants is not the easiest!

I’ve been off steroids for the rash for two weeks and the itch is manageable, but it sure is pretty visible all over my neck which is somewhat annoying, but also manageable. after seeing the rash again today, my doctor wants to put me on topical steroids. 

I’m getting to the stage that the only thing I like about pregnancy is feeling her move. my back hurts, my belly hurts, my hands hurt, my face is broken out and ratchet, I’m covered in a rash, walking hurts, other parts hurt…, I waddle.

BUT, I know she is worth it all!

cravings/aversions: because I was afraid I might not be able to eat sugar anymore, I wanted ALL the desserts all week. I mainly, sort of resisted, which was good practice since my fears were correct! 

movement: she moves A LOT! for the most part, she stays pretty low though.

sleep: I’ve mostly slept well all week, but my hands have been hurting and that has started waking me up. 

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: third trimester! just a couple of days from that milestone. but I’m only looking forward to just knowing I’m it. I’ve heard it’s the worst, but it means I’m closer to meeting my baby girl!

even though I wish I didn’t have to keep seeing the specialist, I really do enjoy that doctor though and how much time she spends looking at our baby and I’m looking forward to seeing her AND our baby again on Monday. 

and I know I’ve said it every week for the last few, but showers! one today and one tomorrow.

worries: with the third trimester being right around the corner, it makes labor and all that closer, and I’m all kinds of worried about that haha.

milestones: this is my last week of the 2nd trimester! that feels like a milestone for sure.

we also had our breastfeeding class this week.

AND the dreaded glucose test is behind me! even though the results aren’t ideal, IT’S DONE! 

best moment this week: I felt the baby have hiccups for the first time this week! that was such a fun feeling and made me a little teary-eyed.

I made pregnancy progress collages!

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