Nine Weeks

(written December 12th)

how far along: 9 weeks and 2 days

size of baby: olive

maternity clothes: not yet! still can comfortably fit in jeans.

symptoms: I was able to get an appointment with the on-call doctor at my doctors office and have medicine now! they gave me an antibiotic and cough pills. they said since I had had the cough for so long and it wasn’t a productive cough it was time to intervene. the cough was causing aches and lack of sleep! and the cough in excess made me gag and feel nauseous. but other than that (weakened immune system woes) and fatigue no other symptoms. hopefully the meds will kick in and help soon!

cravings/aversions: I made some rotel with deer sausage for my student workers and it tasted amazing and I wanted more. but then I didn’t like it the next day. nothing else to report.

movement: too soon still. ready though!

sleep: the cough is majorly messing with my sleep!

gender: no idea, hoping for boy for hubs, happy with either, no feelings of what it might be either way.

looking forward to: NOT COUGHING!

worries: sleeping at someone else’s house this weekend and worried I might not sleep well or cough all night, but most worries and fears about the baby are calm for now.

milestones: pretty uneventful week, but the baby is still healthy and growing and that’s always a milestone to me!

best moment this week: we told our church family on Sunday! it was our pastor’s idea. we lit the advent candle and William worked it into his speech. it was a very sweet moment that I’ll never forget! also, SNOW DAY! like real snow, not Mississippi snow!

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