Thirty Weeks

written May 11th

gestational diabetes update:

first I would like to say, the motherhood community is AMAZING!

if you have ever had gestational diabetes, you probably had a moment where you blamed yourself or something of the sort. at the very least, you were probably disappointed.

all the fellow mamas out there have been SO encouraging and supportive. you hear a lot about moms judging other moms, but all the moms I know are so full of encouragement, support, and love that it makes me even happier to be getting the title of mama soon.

biggest gestational diabetes update is… NO MORE 2 AM CHECKS! we finally got the night medicine figured out, from 1/2 pill, to 1 pill, to 1 1/2 pills, to 2. but we finally figured out the proper dose and no more 2 am checks!

everything else is as normal. just counting down the days until I don’t have to prick my fingers anymore.

on to the normal updates.


outfit: non-maternity maxi hi-low dress from one of Belk’s plus brands (acquired on clearance for $9!) + non-maternity cacoon cardigan from Target. 


how far along: 30 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: big. we have two new appointments next week, so we’ll have an update on how big then, but we already know she’s definitely ahead in the size department.

maternity clothes: as per usual, I can wear swing/empire dresses and shirts that aren’t maternity, but anything else has to be maternity.

symptoms: rash is pretty much gone! however, carpel tunnel, swollenness, growing belly, gestational diabetes, tiredness, soreness and achiness, etc. remain. I’m also starting to have some braxton hicks.

cravings/aversions: I want a hot brownie with molten fudge sauce and ice cream so stinking bad. that is all.

movement: every time I think she’s not moving a lot, well, first I pray. usually, she moves pretty quickly after that. if not, I use a fetal movement tracker and without fail she gets to 10 movements way before an hour ends.

sleep: starting to get woken up by kicks. and braxton hicks. but when I sleep, I sleep GOOD. especially not having to wake up a 2 am to prick my finger.

gender: sweet baby girl.

looking forward to: meeting my baby! and also birthday cheat meal…

worries: I saw a doctor who wasn’t mine recently who mentioned that I have a small cervix. his exact word was “tiny.” small cervix + big baby sounds scary. ready to see my doctors next week to ask them about this.

milestones: not a baby milestone, but a mom milestone… I FINISHED MY CLASS! AND RESEARCH PAPER! I haven’t written a research paper in 9ish years, and when I did write the last one I was a full-time student. I definitely was NOT working full time, pregnant, married, etc. I’m pretty proud of myself AND happy to be done until next spring!

best moment this week: not having to do school work has been pretty spectacular.

other life updates: my birthday is in 3 days and I’ll be 35! that doesn’t feel super exciting. also, we decided to cancel our babymoon the best part of vacation is eating and I can’t eat all the stuff I want to eat. and saving money isn’t a bad idea since unpaid maternity leave is on the horizon.

bring it on week 31!

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One thought on “Thirty Weeks

  1. Traci says:

    Yes! I thought the same thing! It’s wonderful to find so many mothers who are supportive and know how each other truly feel. When I finally had my baby, I felt like I joined an elite group; motherhood. I love it. Still feel that way and wouldn’t change it for anything. So glad everything is going well. Follow me on IG for GD meal ideas.


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