Eight Weeks

(written December 5th)


outfit: non-maternity short sleeve swing top from Belk’s Eyeshadow plus brand. non-maternity cardigan from Target. non-maternity ponte pants from Belk’s Crown and Ivy brand. 



how far along: 8 weeks and 2 days

size of baby: raspberry

maternity clothes: I can still wear jeans, but definitely prefer stretchy pants.

symptoms: still battling a cold so the weakened immune system is in full force. fatigue has been

less this week and so have bathroom issues. still no throwing up or morning sickness!

cravings/aversions: pickles! I want a million McAlister’s pickles. And mexican food. no major aversions, but not crazy about sweets.

movement: too early

sleep: better this week, less potty breaks it seems.

gender: still hoping for a boy for william. some wives tales point to boy, some point to girl.

looking forward to: being out of the most risky trimester! and knowing the gender.

worries: currently none other than worrying that William will be disappointed if it is a girl.

milestones: we had our follow up ultrasound and the baby’s heartbeat was 179! from 89 to 179 and the doctor was ecstatic. the baby also looks sort of human-ish now!

best moment this week: hearing the heartbeat, knowing that the heart rate is good and baby seems good, and seeing it look like more than a grain of rice! it felt a little more real.

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