Mornings, Marriage, Mondays, & Maternity Woes

I interrupt the flow of weekly pregnancy posts to share this post that was going to be a WAY too wordy Instagram post.


This is probably too share-y and TMI or whatever, but I saw someone post this morning on Instagram about not just sharing the pretty parts and polished glimpses of our lives but the hard parts too.

So here’s a real-life moment from today:

Sometimes things are hard.

Mornings, marriage, Mondays, maternity woes (aka pregnancy but I felt like I needed to continue with the M theme).

I didn’t sleep well or enough (#pregnancy).

I had unrealistic expectations for the morning.

I was grumpy and just not kind.

I forgot to submit an assignment yesterday for my class that was already done and didn’t remember until this morning which was going to result in getting a slightly docked grade for a late assignment (it’s since been submitted).

We fought. I cried. We didn’t part ways on good terms. I cried more.

It was just a BAD morning!

We talked it out and apologized and made up and were good!

Monday kept being all Monday-y, but we were good and things were resolved.

And then my wonderful husband showed up at my work on his lunch break with flowers and pie and Starbucks!


Deciding whose fault a fight is in marriage isn’t a good habit, but if we’re deciding whose fault it was it was DEFINITELY mine.

I am definitely NOT the one who should have received all this above and beyond kindness.

I, of course, cried more, and he said, “I love you and I’ll love you forever. I’m thankful that you are my forever wife.” (Or something like that, I was crying and have pregnancy brain. I can’t be trusted to remember word for word right now.)

Again, I cried more, but I also felt Jesus in this moment too.

Even though I felt forgetful, irresponsible, like a failure, like a not so great wife, and like I didn’t have my stuff (putting it nicely) together AT ALL, Jesus loves me right now (at NOT my best) and forever too, and gave me a husband to tangibly show me that kind of undeserving love as well.

And He loves us all this way!

In our mess and on our bad days and forever.

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