Twenty Weeks

written March 2nd

how far along: 20 weeks and 5 days! over halfway there!

size of baby: the What to Expect app says as big as a mango. none of the photo apps had that option, so I went with can of soda haha.

maternity clothes: living in them and dresses.

symptoms: stuff that comes with a growing belly (can’t bend over, swelling, barely making it to the bathroom on time)

cravings/aversions: I’ve been wanting fresh, non-heavy things. and Hawaiian pizza (the opposite of fresh and non-heavy haha). Hawaiian pizza was finally acquired!  

movement: NO! had an appointment with my doctor and she said it’s totally normal. said she didn’t feel hers until 22 weeks, bff said 21, the friend who felt hers at 18 said lots of her coworkers didn’t feel it until 25.

sleep: can’t get enough, want more.

gender: girl

looking forward to: MOVEMENT. I know I keep saying it, but READY. also ready to see the doctor more regularly. recent happenings have me wanting all the assurance I can get.  

worries: I slipped down a hill on Wednesday and scraped my knees up pretty bad and just jarred my body a little. I was panicked that it hurt the baby, but when I called the on-call doctor he assured me that as long as I didn’t hit my stomach and wasn’t experiencing bleeding or abdominal pain that I was okay. everything seems fine!

milestones: 20 WEEKS! we are over half way there which is CRAZY!

best moment this week: OUR NEPHEW WAS BORN! he came 4 weeks early, but he and mom are doing GREAT! it was very surreal being in the delivery room with my sister-in-law and realizing I’d be doing the same thing in a few short months!


outfit: non-maternity swing tee from Belk’s New Directions plus brand. non-maternity Danskin plus yoga legging pants from 


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