Sixteen Weeks

written February 2nd

how far along: 16 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: avocado! my fav. 4-5 inches. 3-5 ounces.

maternity clothes: maternity jeans are life! I now have another pair (and a dress and a few other things) thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law treating me to more maternity clothes last weekend!

symptoms: this week has been fantastic in comparison to last. my belly is ever growing though (but so far I’ve only gained 2 lbs, woohoo!)

cravings/aversions: it took a little bit to like/want food again after that bug! appetite is normal now but been craving the taste of coffee A LOT this week. must buy decaf this weekend!

movement: still nothing! visibly saw our little bit moving on the ultrasound though. so I know there is movement, I just don’t feel it yet.

sleep: still not having issues with sleep other than always wanting more than I get haha.

gender: we found out this week (Monday 1/29)! but my lips are sealed until after our gender reveal Saturday and after William’s work gender reveal on Tuesday.

looking forward to: the gender reveal! and feeling the baby move.

worries: worries are mostly squashed for now since we saw our baby this week and they said all looked good. they scheduled our anatomy scan for 2/19, so I’m anxious about that but have peace.

milestones: WE GOT LOTS OF BABY STUFF! last weekend my sister-in-law and brother-in-law gave us a very generous amount of money to spend on the baby. we all (plus in-laws) went to a discount store and we were able to get so much! the car seat stroller combo, lots of crib sheets, boppy covers, a nursing cover, and much more!

best moment this week: KNOWING OUR BABY’S NAME! it just made everything feel so much more real to know if he or she was a he or she.

outfit: maternity dress from Motherhood Maternity plus. my wonderful mother-in-law bought me a few more maternity clothes last weekend too, including this dress!

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