Twenty-Two Weeks

written March 16th

how far along: 22 weeks and 5 days, less than 18 weeks left, eek!

size of baby: small spaghetti squash (what to expect), American guinea pig (ovia), corn on cob (ovia), tomato (baby story), burger (little nugget), papaya (baby pics). I picked burger from this week’s plethora of options.

maternity clothes: I feel like my belly suddenly got HUGE this week. still have only gained 8 lbs, but definitely looking and feeling pregnant and wearing all the loose dresses I can.

symptoms: “rare pregnancy rash” doesn’t itch anymore and the spots are fading but not gone. meds seem to be helping! growing belly, round ligament pains, lots of bathroom breaks.

cravings/aversions: a coworker recently talked about coconut cake and I want coconut cake BAD!

movement: FINALLY! on Monday night at dinner I told a friend I still wasn’t sure if I had felt her and that same night right after getting in bed she went crazy! I KNEW it was her and now I feel her ALL THE TIME! and now that I’ve felt it I know I was feeling it some before too. AND William can even feel her now too.

sleep: daylight savings time. that’s all I have to say.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: getting the nursery done! it feels like we’re running out of time now.

worries: none to speak of this week. feeling her move makes a huge difference.

milestones: ALL THE MOVEMENT!

best moment this week: definitely definitely feeling her move! it feels so sweet and special to know she’s wiggling around in there and growing strong. when William felt her it felt extra special too. I find myself talking to her a lot more now that I can feel her move. 


outfit: non-maternity top from one of Belk’s plus brands, non-maternity up-sized Danskin yoga pant leggings from 


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