Ten Weeks

(written December 19th)

how far along: 10 weeks and 2 days

size of baby: cherry

maternity clothes: still can fit into my jeans so far (they are obviously my measuring tool). I prefer yoga pants, but I can still fit.

symptoms: now everytime I brush my teeth I get nauseous, but other than that nothing major. finally not coughing as much!

cravings/aversions: the thought of eating Christmas food (which I’ll be doing soon) makes me feel sick. but no other cravings or aversions to report this week. still don’t love sweets or candy (except tootsie rolls oddly).

movement: too early still, come on 2nd trimester!

sleep: slept great away and sleeping much better with less coughing!

gender: still no clue, no feelings or hunches.

looking forward to: Christmas! and our next doctor’s visit because they we get to social media announce.

worries: fears are surprisingly calm right now.

milestones: we bought our first baby purchase! we went to a baby consignment store this weekend while celebrating Christmas with William’s mom and sister and bought a pack n play for $65! and it’s a really nice one. we also bought a couple of gender neutral outfits. it was a fun feeling buying baby stuff for our baby and not someone else’s!

best moment this week: Christmas weekend at William’s mom’s! His mom and sister and brother-in-law got a lot of stuff for baby Twiner and it was so sweet and fun! Emily and Donald got us really adorable mom and dad ornaments and his mom got us a sonogram frame ornament that was sweet as well (we love ornaments). and all the little baby clothes and blankets just make me melt.


outfit: non-maternity long sleeve swing top from Torrid for Belk. non-maternity Danskin yoga legging pants from Walmart. blanket scarf from Forever 21.



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