Logo Contest!

I’m having a contest! I’d like a Kasia’s Kitchen logo that I can use for things. I’m good at making things on my phone with amazing apps, but not gifted in logo creating/branding. You  know what else I’m good at? Making cookies and cupcakes! So I decided, why not have a contest for people who are good at doodling/designing/branding to submit logos and I can reward the winner with what I’m good at, dessert! Logos can be submitted to me via email (kasialindsay@gmail.com) up until March 17th (I posted the original post on February 17th, so that’s one full month!). If I have a lot that I can’t decided between, I’ll post all the submissions for readers, friends, and family to vote on!

Again, not a designer and don’t know the lingo, but these are the things I’d like for a logo: Something I can use as a Facebook Page profile picture. Something I can upload to a website to order a custom stamp to stamp my food boxes. Something high resolution that I can send to people who request to use my recipes for something. As far as text it only needs to say Kasia’s Kitchen and my website link (kasiaskitchen.com). I’d like for it to have the look and feel of a hand sketched doodle. I’d like for it to incorporate cute hand written looking font, a rolling pin, and a cupcake. It can also include (but not as necessary) a whisk, an arrow, and apron, and/or an owl.

The winner will get TWO DOZEN custom sugar cookies or cupcakes. For cookies they’d get to decide the shape and colors. For cupcakes they’d get to decide the flavor. Note: If not in Slidell or Mississippi, cookies will probably be the best option because they ship better! For a list of flavors and shapes see this post. You can redeem the “win” at any time! Hello party that you are hosting soon! Or, party you haven’t planned yet. OR party for just you and a whole lot of Netflix.

If you have any questions for me or thoughts that you want to run  by me before creating your design, email me!

The Bake Sale!

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Since starting this food blogging adventure, it turns out that people like my cooking and baking. Sometimes people even pay me to bake things for other people, parties, or events! As you know, I love baking, so it’s never a hassle. By word of mouth I’ve started getting orders for baking. I decided I’d come up with a price list and selection of things I can make. These are a few of the things I make often, but I can make more. If you need something, ask! If I can’t do it, I’ll be honest about it. Send me a FB message or email me (kasialindsay@gmail.com) if you’d like t place an order or have any questions!

The Mississippi cookie! This is my most requested cookie. I can do almost any color. I do solids, dots, and hearts. I’m more than willing to try other requested doodles. Solid cookies are $12 a dozen. Designs are $15 a dozen.

I have an ongoing collection of cookie cutters, but so far this is what I have for the large iced sugar cookies, like the Mississippi cookie. Shapes: alphabet A-Z, numbers, bear, circle, square, Mississippi, heart, star, teapot, cupcake, teacup, mustache, fleur de li, engagement ring, baby bottle, foot (baby shower cookies or flip flops), bikini (or bra and panties for lingerie shower cookies), bird, owl, bunny, elephant, Mickey mouse, mouse, pumpkins, Thanksgiving shapes, woodland creatures, squirrels, deer, princess crown, football, football helmet, football jersey, pennant flag, tshirt, arrowhead, wedding cake, baby onsie, formal/princess/wedding dress, fashion dress, high heel shoe, conversation bubble, daisy, and flower.

I can also do Mississippi College tribe cookies! Or sorority cookies for that matter. I can do any color. Tribe/sorority letters are $1 each / $12 a dozen. Tribe/sorority mascots are 75¢ each / $9 a dozen. 

As mentioned, I have the entire alphabet. I can do any colors to suit your tailgating needs. $1 each / $12 a dozen. I also have a football cookie cutter set. 

Large iced Christmas cookies (top shapes) $1 each / $12 a dozen. Mini iced holiday cookies (bottom shapes, Christmas and Thanksgiving shapes) 50¢ each, $6 a dozen. Looking for big leaves and fall shapes I like!
These were an even bigger hit at my first catering event than the sugar cookies! 

In addition to cookies, I can also do cupcakes. I can do other requested flavors. I usually decorate with pearl sprinkles or sparkle sprinkles. I can do cupcakes in almost any flavor you can imagine or help you come up with flavors to suit your needs. I can also do three layer cakes in any of the flavors listed (and more) for $25-$30.

The Week Baking Took Over

I promise I haven’t forgotten my vow to come back! I have the pictures taken and in folders ready to be edited for so many things! Crock Pot Apple BBQ Chicken, Make Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches, Peach Cobbler Trifle, Fake Fried Okra, Single Serving Blueberry Cobbler, Pumpkin Blondies, Pumpkin Fluff, THE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies in the world, Pumpkin Bread Pudding & Homemade Caramel Sauce, and Philly Cheese steak Sloppy Joes. I even have some DIY project pictures and how to posts lined up (magnetic chalkboard memo boards with DIY chalkboard paint). I promise! I haven’t forgotten. August 1st until about mid to late September is the busiest, most hectic, craziest time of my job/life EVER. In addition to nearly 4 weeks of training, school starting, students moving in, training and working out the kinks with RAs, and more, the non profit women’s ministry team I am on has our big two day event in September every year.

Okay, okay. You get it. I’ve been busy. But I always make time for a meal plan even in the midst of business right? So why not last week. Well… in the name of baking, I boycotted cooking. I only ate frozen things. From last Sunday to this Sunday I baked Pumpkin Butterscotch Blondies, Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes, Mamaw’s Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Cupcakes filled with White Chocolate Strawberry Ganache topped with Strawberry Cream Cheese Icing and adorned with candy pearls, AND 150 Strawberry White Chocolate Cake Truffles. Seriously.

The cake was devoured before I could take a picture, but it existed too! And though I’m not eating quite as healthy as I should, don’t think I made all of these things for myself! The blondies were for a fall picnic with friends. The cinnamon roll cupcakes were part of a cheer up gift for an RA. The cake was for an RA’s birthday. The strawberry cupcakes were part of teaching my best friend to make fancy cupcake, per her request. Let me interject to say, they were my most favorite cupcake ever! They had a vintage antique look. She iced them all! I was quite impressed with her first time icing skills which are already better than mine. I adorned them with pearls and it was fun! The never ending cake truffles are for my former social tribe (for non-MC folk – think sorority. Their big rush part (aka KT Coke Party) is tonight. Their colors are pink and silver so I made strawberry cake, white chocolate coating, pink drizzle, and silver gem sprinkles. Later today I will post a meal plan and then hopefully a few recipes posts this week!

Adding this picture just for fun and because seeing my Macy, her little sister Ellie, their parents, the ladies who I get to serve on Total Woman U with, and my Slidell church family was the highlight of my month and so good for my soul!

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