Five Weeks

(written November 15th)

how far along: 5 weeks and 3 days

size of baby: orange seed

maternity clothes: not yet! and my pants feel looser this week thank goodness. I guess some of the initial bloating went down. last week I did order some “fat” pants haha. but I think I’ll be able to wear my real pants a little longer.

symptoms: SO FREAKING TIRED! like want to go to bed at 8 o’clock, fall asleep at my desk, more than once a day tired. felt a little queasy this morning and once before but both times were mostly fleeting, hand tingling at night, tender parts, oh the hormonal moodiness! mainly irritability but also emotional.

cravings/aversions: nothing to speak of yet.

movement: too early for that.

sleep: lots of tossing and turning. finally started propping both arms and that helped with arm/hand tingling.

gender: no idea or guesses, just want a healthy baby! hubs is hoping for a boy.

looking forward to: first appointment and seeing that heartbeat! less than a week away.

worries: still worried about miscarriage, but no signs of that so far.

milestones: we started talking about the nursery for the first time and are both on the same page with colors and style. I also started reading the newest version of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

best moment this week: sweet friends and family who know checking on me is so thoughtful and gives me the warm fuzzies. also, William is just so incredible and patient and kind and serving and just wonderful. he handles the moodiness like a champ and does anything and everything I ask from rubbing my back to getting me a ginger ale to things I don’t ask or expect like driving to the next town to hunt down Christmas Cookies icecream.


outfit: non-maternity striped floral long sleeve swing top from from the MOA brand (sold on Walmart’s website, but not a Walmart brand). non-maternity distressed jeggings from JCPenney’s ANA brand.


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