31 Lists: Weekend Recap & Christmas Worship

WEEKEND RECAP! I always love knowing what people did on their weekends, even if all they did was stay at home. Weekends are LIFE! Or for life to be lived well and to the fullest. Sometimes the fullest is literally staying in your

I always love knowing what people did on their weekends, even if all they did was stay at home. Weekends are LIFE! Or for life to be lived well and to the fullest. Work is a part of life, but it shouldn’t BE life. You can love your job and still not let it be your life. And weekends are usually the time in the week where there is no work and we just get to live life to the fullest. Sometimes the fullest is literally staying in your pjs all weekend. Sometimes to fullest is having friends over. Sometimes the fullest is deep cleaning. Sometimes the fullest is yard work. Sometimes the fullest is going to weddings. And sometimes the fullest is a weekend road trip to Nashville!

I have a fall break day off on Monday and so does my sis-in-law, so the four of us decided to do a long weekend trip to Nashville. We left on Friday after we all got off work, got here late, and will head home tomorrow. We are staying with and visiting William’s best friend Jay. William lived here for 7 years, so he loves visiting and going to all his favorite places. Naturally, Emily visited a lot and has favorite places too! William and I have been once since we got married, and so, of course, I have a favorite place or two now too.

So far here’s what we’ve done:

We stopped in Memphis on our way to Nashville and had Rendezvous! It just feels wrong not to. I had bbq chicken nachos and they were delish!

We slept in a tad Saturday since we didn’t get in until past midnight. We attempted to go to the famous Biscuit Love, were gonna have to stand outside in the rain for over and hour and we said no. But there was a super cute flower truck next to it!

We decided to try the place across the street, The Pub. It was an awesome British themed pub with imported chairs! I had the Welsh dip and it was delicious.

After that we decided to go to the Nashville farmer’s market and it was so cute and there were SO many pumpkins! See yesterday’s post for more of those pics.

After that, we went to my favorite place to stop in Nashville, The Loving Pie Company! I had chocolate coconut custard and William had the great pumpkin (pecan chocolate pumpkin) and we both had frozen hot chocolate. It was also Show Tunes Saturday and all they played were show tunes!

We rested for a bit after that and then went to a magical store that had a Christmas open house!

For dinner we had Pei Wei, which is a chain, but not one we have. Then we went to bed early so we could attempt Biscuit Love again.

Today we got to Biscuit Love at opening, and didn’t have to wait in line! However, we were not super impressed and thought it didn’t live up to the hype. I mean it was a super cute place with a fun atmosphere, but I LOVE biscuits and try them pretty much everywhere and it was good but not amazing. But I’m glad we went once! I got the East Nasty, which was a biscuit with a fried chicken thigh, sausage gravy, and white cheddar and I added an egg on top (duh!).

We decided we needed [more] coffee and visited the Frothy Monkey. My fav Christian author/blogger frequents there, so I wasn’t sad about making a stop.

Since we got up way too early, we went back to rest for a bit, played a round of Settlers of Catania, and then went to McKay’s used book store. Another favorite place! And then for lunch it was everyone’s must eat place, SATCO.

We’ve officially eaten at all of our must eat places, so I’m not sure what we will do tonight. More Settlers of Catan for now, and then tomorrow on the way home another stop in Memphis for IKEA!

What did YOU do this weekend?

And just for fun, another list for the day!

Spoiler alert: I love Christmas as much or more than I love fall. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since this summer and I am not ashamed in the least. I have two ever-growing Spotify Christmas playlists. is just all the Christmas songs I can find that I like. It’s called Christmas Cheer and it 1,044 songs and counting on it. You can follow it here –

The first is just all the Christmas songs I can find that I like. It’s called Christmas Cheer and it 1,044 songs and counting on it. You can follow it here.

The other one is my favorite, Christmas worship. Christmas songs about Jesus just stir my affections! It is more selective on the songs allowed on the list and has 104 songs. You can follow it here.

Of those 104, I’ll share my favorites. (This is kind of a cheat list because I recently sent this list to two of our church ministers who are heading up our music ministry right now, but worthy of a share!)

Favorite Christmas Worship Songs:

The links provide a little snippet of each song and cords and notes and such (beneficial when recommending to your music ministers/directors/organizers). BUT, all songs can be listened to on Spotify obviously, via my playlist or your own searching.

Unto Us by Hillsong – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/23125/unto-us-sheet-music/

Unto Us by North Point – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/24493/unto-us-sheet-music

I Heard the Bells by North Point – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/24495/i-heard-the-bells-sheet-music

Our King Has Come by Hillsong – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/23127/our-king-has-come-sheet-music

We Have a Savior by Hillsong – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/23122/we-have-a-savior-sheet-music

He Shall Reign Forevermore by Chris Tomlin- https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/27390/he-shall-reign-forevermore-sheet-music/

A Christmas Alleluia by Chris Tomlin – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/27397/a-christmas-alleluia-sheet-music

Midnight Clear (Love Song) by Chris Tomlin – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/27391/midnight-clear-love-song-sheet-music

Hymn of Joy by Chris Tomlin – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/27392/hymn-of-joy-sheet-music

It’s Christmas Medley by Chris Tomlin (Away in a Manger + an extra chorus/bridge) – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/27395/its-christmas-sheet-music

A King Like This by Chris Tomlin – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/27400/a-king-like-this-sheet-music

Evermore by Phil Wickham – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/22163/evermore-sheet-music

O Holy Night by Phil Wickham – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/22162/o-holy-night-sheet-music

The First Noel by Phil Wickham – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/22159/the-first-noel-sheet-music

O Come O Come Emmanuel by Phil Wickham – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/22161/o-come-o-come-emmanuel-sheet-music

Silent Night by Phil Wickham – https://www.praisecharts.com/songs/details/22160/silent-night-sheet-music


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31 Lists: October

If you know me in real life or have been around this space at all, you probably know fall is my FAVORITE. Technically, November and December have more consistent fall temps in my neck of the woods (I can remember sweating in my Halloween costume more times than not), BUT October feels like a special kind of fall magic. It’s when everything starts to be full on fallish – the stores, the restaurants, the decorations, marketing, the feeling in the air, the happiness. IT JUST FEELS RIGHT! I’m going to attempt to list all the reasons I love fall/October.

1. Firstly, my love for October has probably existed forever, but for sure it began 15 years ago when I discovered that October 14th was my favorite day of the year. I wrote a cheesy blog post about that day – you can read it here. AND THEN, my wonderful husband insisted that we get married on my favorite day! So OBVIOUSLY the #1 reason October is my favorite is October 14th and all it’s glory. (Also, I got married on the 14th annual celebration of October 14th!)

2. The Stages of Fall are in full force in October.

The Stages of Fall According to Me

1. It’s still summer and we’re not happy about the heat or being unable to wear fall plaids or scarves, but the stores sale candy corn, fall flavors, and fall decor galore and we can be happy because fall is coming. 2. When Starbucks gives us the pumpkin spice latte back. 3. The technical first day of fall. 4. It gets cooler and the leaves start falling. 5. October 14th. 6. Bliss, bliss, and more bliss with lots of boot wearing, leaf crunching, pumpkin baking, and scarf wearing.

3. The weather is glorious.

4. Leaves swirling through the air feels magical.

5. Walking through crunchy fallen leaves is the best.

6. Stepping on fallen acorns is strangely enjoyable to me.

7. Pumpkin spice lattes and  pumpkin spice chai tea lattes are abundantly available.

8. Canned pumpkin goes on sale. (80 cents at Wal-mart right now).

9. I can officially start wearing call colors and clothes (in layers, because sometimes it’s still hot in the ‘Sip).

10. String lights seem prettier.

11. It gets dark earlier and something about that feels good.

12. Schools have Homecomings and Homecomings and traditions feel so nostalgic to me.


14. PUMPKINS and PUMPKIN flavored things are everywhere.

15. The colors are gorgeous. The leaves. The sunsets. The fall clothes. The pumpkins. The mums.

16. Sometimes when it’s a little on the cooler side SCARVES can be worn.

15. BOOTS and BOOTIES come back out.

17. Mornings and evenings are crisp and cool.

18. We get to start thinking about and planning holidays! Who is bringing what to Thanksgiving? Where is Christmas going to be? What are we buying them for Christmas? When can we decorate for Christmas? Where are we going for Thanksgiving? FAMILY!

19. I get to decorate my house! Our collection of fall decor is ever growing AND I LOVE IT.

20. Mosquitoes start to go away as do other bugs and outside and nature seems more inviting and pleasant.

21. Halloween, seeing kids dressed up, seeing adults dress up (the classy ones at least), and seeing pictures of people’s kids dressed on on social media.

22. Hot cocoa starts seeming appealing.

23. As does apple cider.

24. SOUPS! ALL THE SOUPS! Our October meal plan is PACKED full of soups: white chicken chili, William’s chili, potato soup, vegetable beef soup, chicken pot pie (same category as soup).

25. Fall festivals and carnivals and markets and all sorts of fun things that towns do because it’s finally not hot!

26. New to this year – wedding and honeymoon memories! I keep reliving everything in my head and it’s so fun.


28. Freeform’s (formerly ABC Family) 13 Days of Halloween.

29. Hocus Pocus.

30. Outdoor movies on the brick streets.

31. Caramel apples.

32. Caramel apple suckers.

33. Baking pumpkin flavored things and apple pies.

34. Everyone seems happier.


36. Fall rain is the best rain.

37. Potlucks happen more frequently.

38. Bath and Body works fall candles!

39. All the fall scents from everywhere really.

40. Every store feels like a magical fall wonderland. Or at least an aisle or two of the store does.

41. Smores.

42. Fires and fire pit nights.

43. Any TV shows that were taking a break are back on.

44. Hayrides.

45. Pumpkin patches.

46. To quote this thing I posted on Instagram once: candy corn, crisp mornings, knitted sweater, scarecrows, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, hayrides, scarves, leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, tall boots, pumpkin patch, cornucopias, cider, pine cones, apples, FALL!

47. To quote our letter board (inspired by a really expensive etsy painting): sparkly fires, pretty pumpkins, crisp air, sweet cider, crunchy leaves, cozy blankets, hayrides, WE LOVE YOU FALL!

48. To quote this other piece of art I want that I found on etsy that’s also too expensive: sweaters, boots, bonfires, leaves, scarves, hot chocolate, cuddling, jeans, pumpkins,. tea, apples, hoodies, crisp air, late night, plaid, football, FALL!

49. To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

50. To quote Anne of Green Gables, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”



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31 Lists: Movies

William suggested favorite childhood movies as a list idea, but since I can’t remember most of my childhood and am pretty sure my movie lists consisted of all the Disney Princess ones, I decided to go with favorite movies in general.

Once upon a time, I had a note saved in my phone with my favorite movies, but it has disappeared! I will try to recreate it with as much accuracy as possible.

Top 10 Favorite Movies

A List of Movies I Never Get Tired of Watching

  • Harry Potter (Yes I know there are eight, but I love them all so they get to count as one.)
  • Remember the Titans
  • Blindside
  • Frozen/Tangled
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • Sleepless in Seatle
  • Good Will Hunting
  • The Dead Poet’s Society
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Beauty and the Beast (new and old)
  • The Holiday
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Love Actually
  • The Proposal
  • 27 Dresses
  • Hocus Pocus
  • and too many Christmas movies to name


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31 Lists: FREE Things

So… I forgot to mention this, but because I’m a dork and love organization and alliteration and work well under pressure, on Tuesday when I was finalizing my list of lists for this challenge, I realized most of them fit into categories. Then I thought if I put them into categories, I could post similar lists on certain days of the week. AND THEN I realized alliteration would work and I was in heaven.

Marriage Monday

Toss-Up Tuesday

What-To-Eat Wednesday

Thrifty Thursday

Favorites Friday

Savoring Saturday (I love Saturdays! They’ve been a precious commodity our first year of marriage as William had to work most of them. Now that he has a job where he has them off, one thing we are most excited about is just ENJOYING Saturdays at home together. Saturday posts will fit that them, savoring the moments and enjoying)

Succinct Sunday (I just really wanted an SU word. Sundays will be for weekend recaps and easy/short things I can post. Succinct means concise. The tie-in works for me!)

If you know me, you know I love a deal. I’m always sharing about deals I find because THE PEOPLE HAVE TO KNOW! I made so many thrifty/deal themed lists, I actually had to combine some of them to fit them just on Thursdays.

You know what I love even more than a deal? FREE THINGS! Especially when they come from Kroger.

Most Wednesdays when the Kroger ad is released I share a list of what I deem the best deals for the week. People have often joked that Kroger should pay me for advertising for them. Well, they kind of are now!

I got an email invite a while back to join My Magazine Sharing Network  through Kroger. They send you free samples or coupons for free things and you share what they sent you and your thoughts about it on social media and other platforms. OBVI, I was like SIGN ME UP NOW!

They give you a “mission” and if you accept they send you the free goods and in order to get the mission badge and therefore receive more free stuff, you share the info.

I’ve gotten lots of samples and several free things, but this last mission has been my fav! They sent me NINE coupons for FREE freezer items.

I received the following coupons, all for FREE items: 1. SmartMade frozen meal by Smart Ones (I got the chicken with spinach fettuccine). 2. Eggo waffles (I got brown sugar cinnamon waffle sticks). 3. MorningStar Farms meatless meat product (I used it on the Grillers Crumbles). 4. Farm Rich appetizers (This is the only one I haven’t used yet! They were out of the cheese sticks, the item I wanted.) 5. Wicked Kitchen hand pie or side (I got the buffalo chicken hand pie). 6. Frontera bowl (I got the fajita chicken one). 7. Lean Cuisine frozen meal (I got the roasted turkey breast). 8. FitKitchen frozen meal by Stouffer’s (I got rotisserie seasoned turkey). 9. Freschetta Artisan Crust pizza (I got chicken and fire roasted veggie pizza). I loaded all my items in my Kroger Clicklist order as soon as I got them! I picked up my groceries this Sunday and our freezer is currently STOCKED!

I mean so much stuff for FREE! I’ve never been so happy to pick up groceries. William is loving the waffle sticks for breakfast. I can’t wait to bring some of these for work lunch! A little nervous about trying the meatless meat, but I’ll try most things once, especially if it’s FREE!

Fun fact about the Twiners, WE LOVE FROZEN PIZZA! I always get a few when they are on sale so we can eat them if we don’t have time to cook or on a lazy Friday night. The two most repeated meals in our home (because I like to switch things up a lot) are frozen pizza and nachos.

Stay tuned for future Thrifty Thursday ways to save money! 


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31 Lists: Pumpkin Recipes

The list that started it all!

As mentioned in my intro post, one of the factors that played a part in me decided to do the #write31days challenge and on what topic came from a Facebook post!

A friend wrote on my wall and said, “Kasia, what are your top 3 pumpkin recipes? I know it might be difficult to narrow down. There are just so many dishes/treats out there and I want to try some new recipes. #ExpertOnAllThingsAutumn”

I don’t know anyone who loves pumpkin things or fall things as much as me, so clearly I jumped at the chance to share! I ended up giving him my six favorites, and now I shall share them with you (plus one extra)!

1. favorite pumpkin cookie recipe – http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/best-pumpkin-cookies-185445 

These soft, fluffy pumpkin spice cookies with penuche glaze were probably my favorite pumpkin recipe to make. I forget to make these cookies some years, but they are THE BEST. The glaze gets a little hard on top of the soft cookie and they are just perfect.

2. favorite pumpkin cake recipe – http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/pumpkin-sheet-cake/

I LOVE SHEET CAKES! Ever since I was first introduced to the pampered chef stoneware sheet pan, sheet cakes have been my go-to dessert to make for a group of people. I’ve made lemon, strawberry, Texas sheet cake, white Texas sheet cake, funfetti, cookies and cream, key lime, and more! By far my most used sheet cake recipe is the classic – chocolate texas sheet cake. I use Pioneer Woman’s recipe and it’s foolproof and perfect and EASY. Well, when I discovered she made a PUMPKIN version modeled after her easy chocolate version. SOLD! Best pumpkin dessert to feed a crowd.

3. favorite pumpkin breakfast recipe – https://kasiaskitchen.com/2012/05/30/pumpkin-french-toast-casserole-with-coffee-whipped-topping/

I created this recipe back when I was doing Weight Watchers. Now when I make it I’m usually making it for a brunch or party or Christmas breakfast and go all out with the ingredients. I use Texas toast, real eggs, real butter, evaporated milk/whole milk/half and half/whatever I have, AND homemade caramel sauce instead of the coffee whipped cream. Also, when using Texas toast, I use the whole can of pumpkin, half on the first layer of bread and half on the second. William LOVES this and claims to not love pumpkin. I brought it to a brunch recently and it was devoured. Another fun tip – if you need to make a non-pumpkin breakfast to go alongside this for any pumpkin haters, this recipe is customizable! I’ve used apple butter or Nutella in place of pumpkin before. Obviously, since they are sweetened you’d want to do a smaller layer that you would of the pumpkin and nix the brown sugar and spices for the Nutella version. But it makes a good base recipe!

4. favorite pumpkin dish to bring to Thanksgiving celebrations – https://www.tasteandtellblog.com/pumpkin-cobbler/

I actually don’t love pumpkin pie. But I do LOVE this pumpkin cobbler. I bring it to most Thanksgiving potlucks and to any Thanksgiving meal where I get assigned dessert.

5. favorite savory pumpkin dish – http://www.skinnytaste.com/crockpot-turkey-white-bean-pumpkin/

Okay, so in the name of loving pumpkin I’ve tried a few savory pumpkin dishes. One major fail – pumpkin chicken alfredo… Just say no! However, this savory pumpkin dish was NOT a fail! This pumpkin chili is absolutely delicious.

6. favorite pumpkin sauce for coffee – https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/starbucks/

I linked to this in yesterday’s post, but it’s worth mentioning again. This is the only DIY pumpkin spice latte that’s ever come close to the Starbucks one in my opinion! Most recipes create a syrup, not a sauce, and Starbucks uses pumpkin SAUCE with actually pumpkin in it. I have been keeping a squeeze bottle of this and just squeezing a little in my iced coffee each morning. The sauce is INDULGENT if you use it in the amounts listed. But just a squeeze adds a subtle pumpkiny sweetness to your coffee.

7. favorite unexpected pumpkin recipe – http://www.bhg.com/recipe/pumpkin-corn-bread/

THIS CORNBREAD IS SO GOOD! My cornbread rankings would be 1. southern, salty, buttery, buttermilk cornbread 2. this pumpkin cornbread 3. Cracker Barrelcornbreadd 4. jiffy/other sweet cornbreads 4. all other cornbreads. Two of my former roommates also loved it. It’s so good with chili and soups.

Basically, if it’s pumpkin flavored, I’ve tried it. And these are my top picks! 


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31 Lists: Currently

Anticipating… wearing sweaters!! I know I know, it’s going to be a while. But every day when I pick out my outfit I look longingly at my sweater collection.

Appreciating… my coworkers and work family! William and I both have prayed that I’d have work friends for a while, and God abundantly answered that this semester!

Believing… God is going to let us get pregnant. (But knowing that He’s still good and enough and has abundantly blessed us even if we don’t get pregnant.)

Baking… nothing sadly! It’s been too long! I need to bake something asap. Canned pumpkin is on sale for 80 cents at Wal-mart though and I have at least 6 cans in my online grocery order cart. So never fear, pumpkin baking is coming (said with Starks of the North dramatics).

Buying… On Sunday we made an unplanned trip to Belk because William needed a black belt for starting his new job (and for life?). I helped him pick out two shirts and he picked out a vest. AND THEN we went to my section. While in Belk we usually go our separate ways, so he’s never helped me shop, but it was fun! We both picked out things for me to try on, he realized girl clothes/clothes shopping are/is nothing like the guy versions. I got two shirts, including William’s favorite pic, and a dress.

Celebrating… William’s new job! He started it on Monday and is loving it so far.

Cooking…Copy Cat Krystal Burgers (used frozen chopped onions and sauteed them first, used ground turkey, used whole wheat slider buns, halved the recipe) and spicy sweet potato wedges last night. Tomorrow night eggs benedict, cheese grits, and potatoes.

Drinking… In the mornings, iced coffee made with my Ninja Coffee Bar with a splash of half and half and a squeeze of DIY pumpkin spice sauce. All day water with cinnamon sticks in it (a PCOS blog told me to intake cinnamon every day while trying to get pregnant, and just in general, to help lower sugar levels or something, and I decided to try cinnamon sticks in my water and actually love it!). Sometimes cream soda Zevia or a La Croix.

Eating… out at Seafood Revolution tonight! Excited! Meanwhile, I had leftover frozen pizza for lunch.

Enjoying… cooler temps!! Still a little too warm, but much better.

Feeling… GREAT. I love Jesus. I love being married. I love my job. I love our house. I love life!


Loving… my husband’s new schedule! 8:30 – 5:00, no more late shifts, no more Saturdays!!

Ordering… groceries online ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Oh also preordered our Advent books.

Organizing… my list for these posts. All 31 days planned and the days of the week have alliteration categories! Marriage Monday, Toss-Up Tuesday, What-to-eat Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday, Favorites Friday, Savoring Saturday, Succinct Sunday.

Planning… a women’s retreat for my church with the women’s ministry team. It’s this month. CAN’T WAIT!

Reading… Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas, Dance Stand Run by Jess Connoly, The Heir of the Selection Series, Joel, and 1 John.

Scheduling… student meetings. Registration is coming up!  And a vet visit for the pups for their heartworm test.

Sharing… ALL THE THINGS with YOU!

Starting… seminary (again)… Long story short, I finally stop ignoring God’s subtle tug to finish seminary. I reapplied for admission yesterday. Eek!

Thinking… about our Halloween costumes and how to make them happen. We’re going to be David and Lisa the Gnomes.

Traveling… to Nashville this weekend with the fam (hubs, sis-in-law, and bro-in-law) to Nashville!

Waiting… to receive our movie cards! Card deliveries are delayed due to the massive interest. Ugh!

Wanting… a Christmas comforter. I can’t justify it, but man on man I want our bed to have a Christmas comforter for the Christmas season! #mrandmrsclausintraining

Watching… THIS IS US! So glad it’s back on. Also glad to have American Housewife, Speechless, and Designated Survivor back. Also slowly going through Doctor Who with hubs (his fav show) and loving it. Also… MUST WATCH HOCUS POCUS ASAP! It is time.

Wearing… the aforementioned new dress! It’s not quite as long as midi, but longer than knee length, navy blue, has a baby doll dress fit, flowy bottom, peasant sleeves with some floral embroidery. Also, booties! Cognac brown colored ones to be exact. The cooler temps officially usher in bootie season for me.


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31 Lists: Prayers

I never shared my 2017 goals this year. I used Powersheets for the first time and LOVED it, but since it’s an ongoing goal setting guide I never sat down to type up a concise list. My word for the year has been invest. I set goals that focused on investing in my spiritual growth, my marriage, my home, my church, my friendships, my family, my self, my dreams, and my future.

I decided to pick a different group of people each day to pray for. This served many purposes. 1. What better way to invest in people than to really pray for them on a regular basis, not just pray sporadically when prayer requests come up? 2. My prayer life was inconsistent. 3. The idea of praying for every person I could think of all at once was a little overwhelming.  So choosing to invest in other by praying for people was also investing in my spiritual growth, my marriage, my family, my friendships, and my self. As a result, prayer has very much been a theme for this year.

Here’s my category list:

Married Family Monday

Traceridge Tuesday (my current church)

Arise and Friends Wednesday (my former church and the people I met through that church)

Born Family Thursday 

Friendgroup Friday (my college friend group and their families)

Sisters Saturday (women’s ministry related things and other women or groups of women I’m connected to)

Depending on what’s going on or how the holy spirit leads, obviously I pray for people more than just on these days often. BUT, it’s been a great tool to keep me accountable to actually praying for the people in my life. It truly has become an honor and privilege to pray for and with my people. When I’ve been consistent, which I’m happy to report has been way more weeks than not, it’s also very humbling. And it takes my mind off of self-absorbed things and focuses it on others and the Lord. It also has resulted in prayer being on my mind more and prayer being my default more. It’s been a beautiful journey and I never want to stop doing it like this!

Today, my heart has been heavy and burdened for so many things. Here’s a list of things and people I’m praying for today. If you are the praying type, join me.
  • Las Vegas. SENSELESS tragedy. My heart aches for the city and the people and the families.
  • A family who thought their daughter was missing since Thursday, but she was found today and is okay and alive!
  • Someone who lost a job.
  • Someone who just lost their mom last week.
  • A family balancing all sorts of complicated things.
  • Someone who is awaiting scary test results.
  • Multiple couple friends who are trying to get pregnant.
  • Marriages filled with hurts.
  • Babies in utero! (So many precious babies due in the Spring months.)
  • That mine and William’s prayers that we will get pregnant will always push us closer to Jesus and never outweigh our desires to know and be known by God.
Verses we’ve been clinging to as we pray for our needs and desires and the needs and desires of others:

“Beloved, if our heart does not condemn us, we have confidence before God; and whatever we ask we receive from him, because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him.” 1 John 3:21-22

“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” Hebrews 11:6

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” Mark 11:24


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31 Lists: Why #write31days

Reasons why I like the #write31days challenge and why I want to do it again: 

1. I love writing and want to do it more but often lack inspiration and motivation. This challenge inspires me and motivates me. I like for things to have a due date. Blogging isn’t school or work (for me at least). Blogging is fun. Fun doesn’t have a due date. Due dates motivate me.

2. The people who created it and organize it are good people! And the people who participate are as well. I always find a few new blogs to follow each year, even the years I don’t participate.

3. I would like to spend more of my free time doing productive, creative things and less of it scrolling through social media.

4. I love lists and providing any sort of helpful list of things/suggestions to people! Some of the lists will be short, and I suspect some will go deeper and be paragraph “lists.”

5. As with any craft, the more you practice it/do it the better you get and the easier it gets. I hope doing this inspires me to start writing again. I haven’t found my writing voice/angle in this new (wonderful) stage of life I’m in.img_0127


This is part of my 31 Days of List series. Click here to see the other lists in this series.

31 Days of Lists

Today, on October 2nd, I decided to do the #write31days challenge again. Well, truth be told it’s been tentatively on my to-do list since September 26th. It’s been floating around in my mind since September 21st when a friend wrote on my Facebook wall and asked me for my 3 favorite pumpkin recipes (I provided 6 favorites). The same day, or the day after, my husband said, “You need to do a writing challenge or something. You haven’t blogged in a while.” Love him! And so, a day late, I accepted the challenge (again).

Two years ago I sort of completed the challenge. Sort of meaning I wrote 31 posts, but the last of the posts got posted in January. Oops! Like I said last time when I did this – “I’m admitting I might fail, I might quit, I might be late, and blah blah blah.” But, let’s do this! Because I love lists and lists can be about absolutely ANYTHING, I’m going to attempt to give you 31 lists. I have about 17 planned, so if you have any requests or suggestions, send them my way.

day 1 // Why #write31days

day 2 // Prayers

day 3 // Currently

day 4 // Pumpkin Recipes

day 5 // FREE THINGS

day 6 // Favorite Movies

day 7 // October

day 8 // Weekend Recap & Christmas Worship

day 9 // Marriage Favorites

day 10 //

day 11 //

day 12 //

day 13 //

day 14 //

day 15 //

day 16 //

day 17 //

day 18 //

day 19 //

day 20 //

day 21 //

day 22 //

day 23 //

day 24 //

day 25 //

day 26 //

day 27 //

day 28 //

day 29 //

day 30 //

day 31 //