Eleven Weeks

(written December 29th)

how far along: 11 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: lime

maternity clothes: I might have to upgrade to maternity jeans soon… the jeans are getting a little tighter. yoga pants and ponte pants to the rescue! but lets me real, over Christmas break I’ve worn baggy sweatpants almost every day.

symptoms: if I get hot or heat blows directly on me I feel nauseous like whoa! and the teeth brushing still. but can’t complain.

cravings/aversions: I survived a Christmas-food style dinner! and discovered the main thing I have a major aversion to is dressing. can’t. do. it. kinda over soups momentarily too but only because there have been a lot of soup themed gatherings over the holidays.

movement: still too soon. boo!

sleep: sleeping good and A LOT over Christmas break! going back to work is going to stink. definitely used to two naps a day.

gender: still no hunches. some of my family think/hope girl. we still hope boy (and by we I mean William, but I hope for him too).

looking forward to: January 2nd! our 12 week visit when a. the baby should look like a baby and b. we announce our news on social media!

worries: I always get worried before the appointments that something isn’t going to be right.

milestones: William cleaned out his old dresser that will be the baby’s dresser. so that’s report worthy I guess.

best moment this week: exchanging gifts with William for our last Christmas as just us! we both got each other parent ornaments. also, all my college friends were in town (at our house) for our annual Christmas party and it was the first time I had seen them as a pregnant woman. they all knew, but it was fun to get hugs and see their excitement in person about baby T.


outfit: non-maternity oversized sweater from Target’s Ava and Viv plus line. non-maternity ponte pants from Belk’s Crown & Ivy plus brand. 


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