It’s a…

We found out what our baby was on 1/29 and had a gender reveal for our family and close friends on 2/3! If you know us, you know we are pretty obsessed with Harry Potter. A Harry Potter gender reveal was the only option!


In anticipation of the event, we did a few social media polls. The results were pretty even.

I gathered all of our Harry Potter paraphernalia to decorate the table and kept it simple with just some cupcakes with our house flags. The only thing we had to purchase was cupcakes, cupcake flags, and a cauldron.

The potion ingredients were generously donated by my friend who makes Betty Pearl’s bath bombs.


(Logistics of the gender reveal “potion”: She gave us bath bomb fizzy powder in both colors. We used the color we didn’t need to practice. She also gave us a bag of white fizzy powder. In the cauldron (purchased on Amazon), we poured the appropriate color and then covered it with the white powder so no one could look in and spoil the surprise. Liquid Luck and Love Potion were just water. The water activated the fizz and it eventually bubbled over the more we poured.)

Pause and CLICK HERE before you keep scrolling to watch this amazing video that my cousin Zack and his wife Alyssa made for us for the big reveal!








It’s a GIRL!! We can’t wait to meet our sweet Magnolia Joyce!


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2 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. Patti says:

    We are expecting our first grandchild and the nursery theme is Harry Potter. Grandpa is in charge of the reveal!!! We don’t live near my daughter so will be having to ship this to them so we didn’t want to do “liquids” for the gender announcement, so this would work great!! So, you just used the fizzy powder? How much? What size was your pot? Thank you for any other help you can give!!! Congrats on your little girl!!!!


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