Thirty-Five Weeks

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important date update:

not very long after posting about our June 28th date last week, the doctor called us back and changed everything!

she didn’t realize that baby girl is in a breech position. since she’s big, the chances of her turning are unlikely. so our doctor wanted to schedule a c-section instead if we were okay with that.

(note: we are okay with a c-section! I’ve been mentally prepared for the idea of a c-section from the beginning. I know genetics plays a part and my mom had to have them with both of us and many of the women in my family have also had to have them. AND gestational diabetes babies are often section babies.)

she said we’d keep checking her and if she moved or didn’t get too big we might reconsider the induction, but she wanted to have an operating room booked since it seems like c-section will probably be our best option. and as you will see below in the normal updates, she keeps getting bigger!

so the new date is July 2nd! 

outfit: non-maternity Torrid dress from Belk. 

how far along: 35 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: 7 lbs and 14 ounces says the ultrasound lady from this week..

maternity clothes: yep.

symptoms: I had a crazy night of braxton hicks one night this week! literally, I had them all night and didn’t sleep at all. I haven’t had any since thank goodness. and then the normal stuff – exhausted, crazy carpal tunnel, swollen, etc. amniotic fluid is back to a normal level and everything is looking great as far as the babe goes though.

cravings/aversions: ALL THE BREAKFAST FOODS THAT I CAN’T HAVE! seriously, the things on my list of things I must eat after baby and before we go back to healthy eating are mostly breakfast related: banana bread, chocolate chocolate chip muffins, blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy, french toast, pancakes, waffles, cheese grits, egg in a basket, sausage cream cheese crescent roll casserole. I want it all!

movement: she moves from one breech position to the next. literally her head flips from above my belly button on my right side to above my belly button on my left side. and her feet dangle and play soccer with my bladder. she has no interest whatsoever in going head down thus far haha.

sleep: other than the braxton hicks night, I’ve slept great this week. I usually sleep in the bed until my first or second potty break, decide getting out of bed for said potty break is too difficult and move to the chair so it is easier, have third or fourth or fifth potty break way too close to when the alarm goes off, and get back in bed for the last few minutes of sleep to cuddle with hubs.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: holding my baby!

worries: currently I’m not experiencing any major worries to speak of. judge me if you want, but finding out we were having a c-section actually made me feel a bit relieved about some of my worries.

milestones: the nursery is officially finished!

best moment this week: a few stand out. it has been a good week!

first, some of my forever gospel family even if I don’t see them on Sundays anymore had us over on wednesday night. in general it was just so good to be with them, but they also took intentional time to ask us everything we were worried about and stressed about regarding birth and life with a newborn (and didn’t just let us give a “we’re fine” answer). then we prayed. I always love prayer, but there is something so special and powerful about hearing a room full of people pray over you and your baby and your life. I cherish moments like that! and then they let us ask all the questions we wanted about bringing a baby into the world and imparted lots of practical wisdom. it was a special night. AND there were some very much appreciated gifts! including her door hanger from one of my besties that I’m so in love with!

second, two girls nights! one last Friday and one last night. I know I’ll get to have girls nights after the babe gets here too, but it felt important and special to have one (or a few) girl nights before she gets here.

third, in general I’m a VERY emotional person. I was kind of scared I was going to be a complete basket case while pregnant, but I really haven’t been! I mean sure, I’ve cried about some irrational things, but I haven’t been that much more emotional than I normally am. this week, the reality that I’m about to be a mom and have a baby has hit me in the emotions like crazy! and it’s been a good feeling. I’ve cried more happy, overwhelmed with goodness tears this week than I have the whole pregnancy. I can’t believe we’re about to have a baby!

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