Thirty-Three Weeks

written on June 1st

outfit: decided to wear this 4th of July maternity shirt that I got on sale for $8 at Motherhood Maternity for Memorial Day just in case I’m not still with child on July 4th. maternity jeans also from Motherhood Maternity. classy swiffer mop in the backgroud. also featuring mirror that needs to be cleaned. #keepingit real. baby shower outfit below: non-maternity Torrid dress from Belk + non-maternity cacoon cardigan from Target.

how far along: 33 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: 5 lbs and 11 ounces as of yesterday’s checkup.

maternity clothes: all the yep. HUGE.

symptoms: on Sunday morning I woke up with a mild headache and feeling a little extra swollen. I decided to check my blood pressure, which I don’t do often because it has been great. it was pretty high, the highest it has been since pregnant. I sat, rested, waited, and it lowered but was still high/borderline. I called the on-call doctor and they wanted me to come in just to run some tests and check on the baby. long story short – everything was fine! it was still borderline high when I arrived, but as I laid on the bed to be monitored it lowered and was actually great. we were there FOREVER because the hospitalist had two emergencies and we couldn’t be released without him signing off, but all tests (including the awful one involving a catheter) came back fine and they got a couple hours worth of good bp readings. he told me it seemed like it was elevated by activity and emotional stress, so told me to stay calm and be a couch potato as much as possible.

other than that little scare, the normal symptoms – tired, swollen (the labor and delivery nurse called my swollen feet hamburger feet…), achy, carpal tunnel.

cravings/aversions: everything gestational diabetes says I can’t have – coke, fancy coffee, sweets. but making it!

movement: I think she’s starting to get crowded because movement is a little more sparse, but I still feel her and she always gets to the proper fetal movement count before time is up anytime I do a check.

sleep: definitely sleeping more in the recliner this week than the bed.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: meeting her! we have our church shower this weekend and I know that will be sweet and special.

worries: WHEN. that’s all. haha.

milestones: the hospital scare pushes us to finally get the hospital bags packed and nursery finished!

best moment this week: I have a few! first, at this week’s appointment, she FINALLY passed the breathing test! since week 30, each week they have to do a biophysical profile test (bpp) on me. the bpp measures four things – fetal breathing, fetal movement, amniotic fluid, and fetal muscle tone. You can get 0-2 points in each category. the last two times she didn’t pass the fetal breathing part (there has to be one episode of rhythmic breathing for 30 seconds or more within a 30-minute window) which resulted in having to do a non-stress test, which she did pass both times. but this week she passed and got a score of 8 out of 8!

another definite best moment – our family shower! it was so sweet, fun, and beautiful! we felt so loved and celebrated! our baby girl is blessed with a wonderful family who already loves her dearly.

a finale favorite moment was when we were watching our neice and nephew so their parents could have a date. since the nursery is done and has a rocker in it now, I took my sleepy 3-month-old as of today nephew back there to rock him. something about rocking a baby in her room brought on all kinds of emotions! I can’t believe we will have a baby soon to rock and sing over and pray over. I didn’t even tell William about the moment, but an hour or so later when he went to go rock our nephew he had a similar moment! he said as he was singing worship songs over him he got emotional thinking about getting to have those moments so soon with our baby girl.

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