Twenty-Eight Weeks

(written April 30th at 29 weeks and 1 day but for the 28th week)

outfit: non-maternity chambray shirt from one of Belk’s plus brands, maternity white jeans from motherhood maternity plus, striped nursing talk from motherhood maternity plus.

another late post! I usually write/post these on Fridays, but this past Friday we were on our way to Georgia for a weekend visit to a friend and I didn’t get to do it! so all this info will be for the 28th week even though I’m currently in week 29.

week 28 was a big one. my first week in the 3rd trimester and my first week figuring out the ins and outs of gestational diabetes. as I mentioned last week, I failed the first test so badly they went ahead and diagnosed me and said to keep seeing the high-risk doctor. I saw her on Monday of last week and the nutritionist on Tuesday of last week. high-risk doc/nutritionist said to check my blood sugar four times a day, once in the morning and once 2 hours after each meal, eat low carb, keep a food log, etc. doctor wants me to send numbers in after a week and then she’ll decide if I need medicine.

it hasn’t been as terrible as I thought, but it has had its moments. the first time it was my turn to prick my finger it took me four tries to get it right and I wasted 4 test strips (which are expensive!). eating out, which we did a lot of this weekend, is a challenge. wanting sweets while pregnant and not being able to have them is a challenge. figuring out the scheduling of it all (have to test two hours after eating and eat snacks after testing and eat early enough to not have to stay up til midnight to wait to test, etc) is a challenge. but all in all, it has not been as terrible as I thought, even though I have shed a few tears over the frustrations.

also, I cannot say enough how amazing my husband has been through all of this. eating easy things for breakfast is no more! and every single morning he’s gotten up and made me eggs and filled my water bottles with lemon water and been SO supportive. when he indulges in the things I can’t eat (which is rare, he’s trying too!), he doesn’t do it in front of me and always reminds me this is temporary, will fly by, and is worth it for our baby girl. he just really is the best!

now on with the normal updates!

how far along: writing for the 28th week, which ended on Saturday, but currently 29 weeks and 1 day.

size of baby: 3 lbs and 6 ounces according to the high-risk doctor (aka ahead of schedule!). I gave up on the veggie/fruit comparisons since MJ is obviously bigger than those comparisons.

maternity clothes: yep.

symptoms: gestational diabetes and all its quirks. swollen ankles. carpal tunnel. TIRED.

cravings/aversions: this doesn’t even matter anymore as I can’t have most of the things I want haha. just eating for nutrients these days, not enjoyment or pleasure. I do happen to like meat and most veggies, so that’s helpful! but NO sweets allowed.

movement: kicks and rolls and flips galore.

sleep: sleeping good, just can’t get enough!

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: the list of things I plan to eat after she is born, most of which are desserts haha.

worries: none to speak of. having to see doctors more often brings extra comfort. I was worried about not being able to drink juice or soda to make her move if I wasn’t feeling her move, but cold water seems to work just as well.

milestones: THIRD TRIMESTER! time is winding down.

best moment this week: technically this didn’t happen this week or last, but it has happened since I last wrote so it counts! the first two showers were so fun and sweet! I definitely felt all the feels about the sweet gifts, generosity, and kindness people showered us with for our baby girl.

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