Twenty-Six Weeks

written April 16th

how far along: I’m writing this post [late] about the 26th week which ended on Saturday. currently, I am 27 weeks and 1 day, but all the responses below will be about the 26th week. 

size of baby: head of lettuce or cauliflower OR a pack of oreos (obvi went with that for the pic).

maternity clothes: the white maternity jeans arrived and I wore those this week. they are baggier than I’d like, but it’s fun to be able to wear a classic seasonal item. ALSO, the maternity plus swimsuit came in and I LOVE it!

symptoms: my blood pressure and swelling were up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and didn’t get any better until this morning. I called the nurse this morning to report the blood pressure issues. she consulted with my doctor who said I didn’t need to come in yet since it seemed to be going down on its own, but she wants me to monitor it this week and write down everything I eat so we can try to figure out why it’s spiking when I come in for my appointment this week on Friday.

cravings/aversions: loving fresh fruit right now, especially grapes and strawberries. also loving ham sandwiches (with microwaved ham of course).

movement: SO MUCH. I actually was a little worried this weekend because she didn’t move a ton (our house was full of people and noises). but last night after things were calm again, she kicked me so hard she bounced my phone off my belly! and she kept wiggling for a while. William got to feel a lot of it!

sleep: we picked up our rocker recliner this week for our bedroom! I’ve still been trying to do most of my sleeping in the bed because I like being close to hubs, but if I woke up and felt back aches or restless, I’ve been getting in the recliner to sleep and it has helped!

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: being done with the glucose test! it’s happening Friday. also, two showers this week! William’s work shower is on Friday and a crawfish boil shower on Saturday!    

worries: slightly worried that the blood pressure/swelling issue and writing down my food is about to result in a bland diet… and also slightly worried that I might fail the glucose test and will also end up on a no sugar or carbs diet… dear Lord please no?!

milestones: we got nursery stuff hung on the walls and bought a rocker recliner and a changing pad. not huge milestones, but nursery progress! 

best moment this week: seeing my phone bounce off my belly from a baby kick was pretty fantastic! also, my family was at our house all weekend for a Harry Potter marathon to introduce my brother to our obsession. it was a blast! 10 adults, 2 toddlers, 4 dogs, 6 bags of doritos (which we didn’t even eat half of), and 8 movies. my home and heart were full!


outfit: way too flippy hear curtsey of pulling it down from the messy bun I slept in and trying to look a little less ratchet + non-maternity sized up Danskin yoga pant leggings from + non-maternity blue swing top from one of Belk’s plus brands.

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