Twenty-One Weeks

written March 9th

I feel chatty today so I’m gonna chat a little extra okay?

We can blame it on the non-drowsy Claritin + steroid that I’ll tell you about in a minute.

This week has been a doozy y’all!

Our house and laundry were a wreck which has been an ongoing project all week (mostly William’s, he’s a saint).

Pregnancy is weird and though I’m still VERY thankful mine has been relatively easy with no “morning” sickness, I apparently have a “rare pregnancy rash.”

After trying two medicines that didn’t work, I’m now on a steroid, Claritin in the daytime, Benadryl at night, and also seeing a dermatologist today to see if there is anything else I can do.

That makes for two doctors appointments and three triage nurse calls this week.

Sleep hasn’t been great between my itching, worries, fears, and tears and William’s reflux (new-ish development).

We also had our first birth class last night. Slightly overwhelmed, but excited to meet our baby girl!

A busy roller coaster week!


We did manage to have some great Jesus time this week on our deck outside in lovely morning temps AND get in lots of puppy cuddles.

We fought like married couples do, but made up and loved and supported each other well.

Before we realized one of the medicines wasn’t working, William was helping me apply the topical medicine twice a day! He was even more wonderful and handsome to me in those moments than on our wedding day. I can’t help it but to keep loving him more and more.

Also, FRIDAY! Praise Jesus.

And the weekend is looking bright (other than losing an hour of sleep)!

We’re having friends over tonight that happen to parent two of my favorite kiddos to build our own naan pizzas and fruit dessert pizzas.

And hubs planned a date day for tomorrow!

We’re FINALLY seeing Black Panther and FINALLY getting to experience the Tinseltown reclining chairs.

Then we’re going to Fat Cat Art Cafe to each paint something for Magnolia Joyce’s room (all William’s idea!).

AND THEN we’re finally using our Ameristar Casino gift certificates we won from the City of Clinton OVER A YEAR AGO! Bring on the boiled shrimp and crab legs!!

Have I mentioned seafood has been my number 1 pregnancy craving?? Excited doesn’t even begin to express how I feel about eating seafood tomorrow.

Now on with the normal pregnancy update!


outfit: non-maternity plus dress from ross worn as a tunic over non-maternity leggings from Old Navy. 


how far along: 21 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: What to Expect says banana, all the picture apps says carrot or pomegranate.

maternity clothes: we had a little cold front this week which took away my ability to wear my dresses! swing style t-shirt dresses are currently my favorite thing and all I want to wear. currently comfortably rocking maternity jeans today.

symptoms: I bought fresh lemons and drink lemon in all my water now, which has seemed to help with the swelling. I definitely noticed a difference in bottled lemon juice and fresh. also swelling could be better because it’s less hot and humid? but let’s hope it’s the lemon since hot and humid will be back. also, the aforementioned “rare pregnancy rash.” oh and round ligament pains came back fiercely this week.

cravings/aversions: this week I craved McDonald’s french fries but they weren’t as great as I thought they would be. SO EXCITED ABOUT FEEDING THE SEAFOOD CRAVING ON DATE DAY!

movement: maybe? ugh. haha. so ready to feel her moving and kicking and flipping.

sleep: as mentioned, not the greatest this week. lots of itching, bathroom breaks, hubby reflux attacks, irrational worries/fears/tears, bad dreams, etc.

gender: sweet baby girl

looking forward to: eating seafood? feeling baby girl move. getting the nursery finished.

worries: Satan’s attacks were strong this week. thankful for a patient husband, that prayer really does squash panic, for wise friends who speak truth, and for a God who delivers peace and comfort that surpasses understanding.

milestones: nothing major to speak of, but was glad to have an extra time hear baby girl’s heartbeat for my unplanned doctor visit. hearing her heartbeat always feels like a milestone to me! a friend added me to a smocked resale group and I scored a fall and christmas smocked dress! also, I guess going to the birth class was a milestone too!  

best moment this week: I know this is weird, but honestly the best moment of this week was seeing my husband help me put medicine all over this crazy rash and knowing this is what loving someone for better or worse, in good times and in bad, and in sickness and in health looks like. additionally, having him tell me that he loves me more than the day he married me and thinks I’m beautiful and a gift the morning after I had a crazy irrational panic attack. this is love and I’m blessed to love and be loved by the best man I know and can’t wait to watch him love our daughter. (I’m not crying, you’re crying, okay?!)


That’s my belly. I’m plus sized, so yes, it was already big, but it’s huge now. And I really haven’t gained very much weight! Grow baby grow!

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One thought on “Twenty-One Weeks

  1. mrskristywallace says:

    Is it PUPS? Stacey had that.
    You should check out the Ovia app! I discovered it during my third pregnancy when I got tired of my old ones but still wanted updates. You can choose the category for size comparisons, and I loved the weird but cute animals option. You’ll like it too. 😉


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