Thirty-Four Weeks

written on June 7th

WE HAVE A DATE!! today’s weekly appointment was an eventful one. I was just expecting another quick scan and biophysical profile update followed by the doctor saying see you next week.


my appointment was at 10:30. I didn’t get to have a sonogram until 11:40, so LOTS of waiting, in three different waiting rooms. one woman in the third waiting room started crying because it wasn’t her turn yet and I didn’t judge her at all. I was feeling it too.

when it was finally ultrasound time, the scan was pretty quick and great. she got 8 out of 8 on the bpp again. she’s measuring 6 lbs and 5 ounces this week. gaining about 1/2 lb a week which is average.

on to the doctor’s office for more waiting, except not!

the nurse came in quick and said my doctor was going to be checking my cervix (wasn’t expecting that to start for a few more weeks) and would be doing the group b strep test (also wasn’t expecting that yet).

the test was less scary than I thought, cervix check was quick and everything looked good (no dilation yet).

she told me my amniotic fluid was a little high but it wasn’t something to worry about yet. she said she’d talk to the high-risk doctor about it and we’d just check it again next week. (high-risk doctor wasn’t concerned either.)

and then she started talking about scheduling!

she has vaguely mentioned 38 weeks, but then less vaguely moved back to somewhere between 38 or 39, but didn’t seem interested in scheduling any time soon as of last week.

she said she for sure do 38 weeks since it looks like she’ll be over 8 lbs by then, but said she wanted to check with the high-risk doctor first and make sure labor and delivery was available for the potential date she wanted (July 2nd). she said she’d call me and let me know when it was officially scheduled.

about 30 minutes later she called! she said my high-risk doctor said between 37 and 38 weeks, the 2nd was booked, and so she officially scheduled it for Thursday, June 28th.



It definitely feels very surreal and like a whole different level of real now.


Okay, on with the normal updates. I just obviously had to share that huge update.

how far along: 34 weeks and 4 days.

size of baby: 6 lbs and 5 ounces as of today’s scan.

maternity clothes: YEP. I just keep getting bigger. I don’t think my belly button is going to pop out ( I feel like that only happens with skinny people?), however, it is definitely getting smaller and smaller.

symptoms: achy, tired, swollen, carpal tunnel woes, etc.

cravings/aversions: can’t wait to use my Buttermilk Pie Sky Shop gift card on one of their new peach pies after the baby arrives!

movement: sporadic! one day she moves more than she ever has, the next she’s chill, but I always feel her moving.

sleep: more and more sleep time spent in the recliner. I still really can’t complain about sleep though. I’ve slept well.

gender: baby girl (they reconfirm it each week at the scan haha).

looking forward to: the birth of our baby girl!

worries: all the birth process stuff haha.

milestones: WE HAVE A DATE!

best moment this week: WE HAVE A DATE!

overkill? haha. it’s just so exciting!

other best moment of the week was our church shower! it was beautiful as are all of the showers my sister-in-law plans, but it was so sweet and special. this is the church family who has prayed so much for her, who will be there her first time at church and the day she gets dedicated, and the ones who will teach her and guide her. AND some of my best friends came! one from Texas, one from Georgia, one from 3 hours away on the coast, and some of my local besties too. it was a special day for sure.

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