Thirty-Six Weeks

written on June 22nd

most important stuff: we had our last visit with the at-risk doctor this week as well as another weekly checkup/bpp with my doctor (next to the last one, what?!).

the baby DID move and is no longer in a breech position, BUT my doctor wants to keep the c-section due to her size (and that she still has over a week of growing to do) and due to me having gestational diabetes. (and again, we are 100% okay with that decision.)

she did great on the bpp and scored another 8 out of 8 and is looking good.

c-section is still scheduled for July 2nd. we have the first one of the day at 7:00 am and will get to the hospital at 5:30 that morning.

less than two weeks to go y’all! two more Saturdays and Sundays, one more Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. nine more days total (today is in full swing and is a work day so it doesn’t count) and ten more sleeps (if we actually manage to sleep the night before go day)!

now to the normal updates.


outfit: non-maternity Easter dress from Burke’s Outlet that I realized was a little too snug now after I put it on but changing felt like too much work. 


how far along: 36 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: we had two scans this week, one with my doctor and one with the at-risk doctor. my doctor’s office said 8 lbs and 6 ozs. the high-risk doctor’s office said 7 lbs and 1 oz. so somewhere between and/or around one of those numbers. hoping for the smaller number just so she can wear the small collection of newborn clothes we have at least once haha.

maternity clothes: this update is just pointless at this point but I’m keeping it for consistency. can’t deal with pants. pants are too hard. just rotating through all the dresses that fit(ish). the non-maternity dress I am wearing in the picture above was my Easter dress. I just thought I had a bump then.

symptoms: the usual. carpal tunnel, aches and pains, waddles, and now random spurts of insomnia. oh and the hormonal emotions have been taken up a notch. pray for william haha. I cried at least four times on wednesday.

cravings/aversions: because I saw some churro dog treats on a social media pet account I follow, my taste buds decided I HAD to have churros (the real kind, not the dog treat kind). like major BAD craving, had to have craving.

a. as you know I have gestational diabetes and shouldn’t eat a churro anyway.

b. churros, seriously?!

c. I had to cave into the crave. no argumental logic would quiet the craving.

I searched the WaitrApp and no local restaurants served churros. I remembered the cafe at Sam’s used to have churros sometimes so I called to see if they still served them. they did. after work william and I headed to Sam’s to give into this random craving.

as soon as we walked through the door guess who I see? my high-risk doctor who manages my gestational diabetes.

this should have made me leave, but it didn’t. needless to say, I acquired a churro (or two) and I’m not sad I did. I chased it with some protein and my numbers weren’t too bad.

movement: lots. and they hurt a little sometimes and make my belly look contorted and like there is an alien in there.

sleep: as previously mentioned, experiencing random episodes of insomnia every other night or so.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: JULY 2ND! so ready to hold and kiss my baby. and for the third trimester to be over! it’s a struggle y’all. but she is worth it! also, the hubs and I are having a last date night before baby arrives tonight. excited about that!

worries: no major worries. just hoping/praying nothing happens before July 2nd. also, william has a second sleep study next week. this one will require him to spend the night at their clinic. they assured him that if I happen to go into labor and call, he’ll be able to answer his phone. we’re both slightly worried about something happening that night. but again, hoping/praying we make it smooth sailing to the 2nd.

milestones: I guess the baby moving into the position she’s supposed to be in is a milestone even if it doesn’t change our birth plan.

best moment this week: it just keeps feeling more and more real in the best ways. I cannot wait!

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