Twenty-Nine Weeks

written May 4th

gestational diabetes updates: 

as requested, I sent my high-risk doctor my blood sugar numbers and food log after a week of tracking. she called me on Tuesday and said my daytime numbers were looking great and I was doing a great job of controlling it with diet. BUT… my morning fasting blood sugar number was consistently high and there was nothing I could do to fix or help it.

she put me on a medicine to take half of the smallest dose possible at 9pm at night with a snack and instructed me to wake up at 2 or 3 to test my blood sugar. if it was under 70 I was to eat a snack, then test it again in the morning, hoping it would be under 100. I started this on Tuesday and for my middle of the night testing, it was 106 (so no snack) then 125 for morning fasting numbers. I sent her those numbers and then she upped me to the whole dose vs. half and said to just have milk or a protein only snack. since then numbers have been better, so I’m hoping soon I won’t have to do the middle of the night checks.

y’all, I will admit, I was not/am not happy about this new adventure in gestational diabetes. nighttime testing is what it is. I’m hopeful we’ll figure out the right dose and I can stop night testing. even if we don’t it’s not terrible. I get up around then to pee anyway AND I look at it as newborn prep. however, the worst part if it is scheduling! to take medicine and eat a snack at 9 means I have to have done my dinner testing prior to that which means that I have to be FINISHED eating dinner by 7 at the latest… this means going to dinner with friends is pretty much impossible and that meal prep/cooking has to be quick and has to happen right after work or the window is messed up. THAT. IS. STRESSFUL!

And I feel high maintenance with all my eating restrictions and like a hassle to eat with/around/etc.

I’ve cried a little, pouted often, and complained A LOT.

here’s an example of my dramatics:

one morning this week after a day of all day bad numbers (and nothing indulgent!) William asked if the green beans I left out were for our lunches.

I said yes.

he assumed we’d cook them.

I sulkily said, “it doesn’t matter anymore, just put them in my lunch. flavor doesn’t matter. food isn’t fun anymore. I just need to eat it.”

because he’s basically a saint, he cooked them anyway with Tony’s and butter and said I deserved to eat tasty green beans.

this was after unloading and reloading the dishwasher, packing my lunch, making my eggs, filling my water bottles, and being sweet and encouraging to me all morning.

I’m telling y’all, he’s a saint.




so yes, I’m dramatic and complain-y and frustrated sometimes.

BUT, every single day I’m reminded that this precious gift from God known as our baby girl is worth it.

and I’m also compiling a list of all the things I will eat once she’s born and contemplating telling anyone who wants to visit us after her arrival at the hospital or at home that having some sort of dessert in hand is mandatory haha.

some “fun” things I’ve learned so far: 

  • my body HATES potatoes. I’m supposed to be able to have 1/2 a baked potato or 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes or a small portion of french fries, but anytime I’ve had any of those things my sugar levels were way up.
  • sweet potato fries are my friend! no blood sugar spikes at all so they are a nice side to have instead of salad at restaurants.
  • burgers without buns and lots of toppings aren’t too bad and can be ordered at almost any restaurant.
  • traditional bone-in wings are totally low carb and feel like an indulgent cheat.
  • cottage cheese is cool. helps fruit cups (in coconut water, no syrup) work for snacks. helps spaghetti sauce with just a tiny bit of whole wheat noodles feel bulked up and have more protein so numbers aren’t too terrible. blends together with frozen fruit and a little stevia for a nice sweet treat.

on to the normal updates! 

outfit: non-maternity swing dress from one of Belk’s plus brands. 

how far along: 29 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: big.

maternity clothes: yep yep yep.

symptoms: carpel tunnel like whoa. swollen ankles. so tired. pregnancy brain. belly growing pains. gestational diabetes. walking hurts. getting out of bed, off of couched, etc is not easy.

cravings/aversions: craving everything on the list of things I’m going to eat after birth.

movement: she’s a wiggle worm late at night and after I eat.

sleep: in between bathroom breaks and blood sugar testing I sleep great, just never enough because I could literally sleep all day.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: babymoon! less than 10 days away.

worries: I’m feeling all nesty and like I need to pack our hospital bags and have ALL the things done because in the last two months I’ve known babies born at 32 weeks, 35 weeks, and 36 weeks.

milestones: surviving 2 weeks with gestational diabetes? oh also, I got the TDAP shot. my arm currently feels like it is going to fall off.

best moment this week: the best moment of this week is not a moment, but lots of them, and a person really. my husband is wonderful. we fight, we have flaws, and we aren’t perfect and neither is our marriage. but he really is amazing and wonderful. the patience he has with me in all my pregnant-ness is astounding. the way he serves me and helps me and never complains about it makes me want to cry. the list of things he does for our home and family far outweighs my list right now. even though I feel huge, he makes me feel pretty and cute on a daily basis with his genuine compliments. pregnancy, and all of its good and bad glory, really takes your marriage to the next level. I love him so much more now than I did in the honeymoon stage of marriage and I know that my love is only going to increase more and more as I get to see him be a daddy.

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Twenty-Eight Weeks

(written April 30th at 29 weeks and 1 day but for the 28th week)

outfit: non-maternity chambray shirt from one of Belk’s plus brands, maternity white jeans from motherhood maternity plus, striped nursing talk from motherhood maternity plus.

another late post! I usually write/post these on Fridays, but this past Friday we were on our way to Georgia for a weekend visit to a friend and I didn’t get to do it! so all this info will be for the 28th week even though I’m currently in week 29.

week 28 was a big one. my first week in the 3rd trimester and my first week figuring out the ins and outs of gestational diabetes. as I mentioned last week, I failed the first test so badly they went ahead and diagnosed me and said to keep seeing the high-risk doctor. I saw her on Monday of last week and the nutritionist on Tuesday of last week. high-risk doc/nutritionist said to check my blood sugar four times a day, once in the morning and once 2 hours after each meal, eat low carb, keep a food log, etc. doctor wants me to send numbers in after a week and then she’ll decide if I need medicine.

it hasn’t been as terrible as I thought, but it has had its moments. the first time it was my turn to prick my finger it took me four tries to get it right and I wasted 4 test strips (which are expensive!). eating out, which we did a lot of this weekend, is a challenge. wanting sweets while pregnant and not being able to have them is a challenge. figuring out the scheduling of it all (have to test two hours after eating and eat snacks after testing and eat early enough to not have to stay up til midnight to wait to test, etc) is a challenge. but all in all, it has not been as terrible as I thought, even though I have shed a few tears over the frustrations.

also, I cannot say enough how amazing my husband has been through all of this. eating easy things for breakfast is no more! and every single morning he’s gotten up and made me eggs and filled my water bottles with lemon water and been SO supportive. when he indulges in the things I can’t eat (which is rare, he’s trying too!), he doesn’t do it in front of me and always reminds me this is temporary, will fly by, and is worth it for our baby girl. he just really is the best!

now on with the normal updates!

how far along: writing for the 28th week, which ended on Saturday, but currently 29 weeks and 1 day.

size of baby: 3 lbs and 6 ounces according to the high-risk doctor (aka ahead of schedule!). I gave up on the veggie/fruit comparisons since MJ is obviously bigger than those comparisons.

maternity clothes: yep.

symptoms: gestational diabetes and all its quirks. swollen ankles. carpal tunnel. TIRED.

cravings/aversions: this doesn’t even matter anymore as I can’t have most of the things I want haha. just eating for nutrients these days, not enjoyment or pleasure. I do happen to like meat and most veggies, so that’s helpful! but NO sweets allowed.

movement: kicks and rolls and flips galore.

sleep: sleeping good, just can’t get enough!

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: the list of things I plan to eat after she is born, most of which are desserts haha.

worries: none to speak of. having to see doctors more often brings extra comfort. I was worried about not being able to drink juice or soda to make her move if I wasn’t feeling her move, but cold water seems to work just as well.

milestones: THIRD TRIMESTER! time is winding down.

best moment this week: technically this didn’t happen this week or last, but it has happened since I last wrote so it counts! the first two showers were so fun and sweet! I definitely felt all the feels about the sweet gifts, generosity, and kindness people showered us with for our baby girl.

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Twenty-Seven Weeks

written April 19th

before we get to the normal updates, let’s go ahead and get the big one out of the way… I had my glucose test today and MAJORLY failed. so badly that I don’t even have to do the second test… I officially have gestational diabetes. 

my doctor was super nice and encouraging. I also have several friends who have had gestational diabetes and had perfectly healthy babies. I was slightly discouraged at first, but I’m feeling much better now and definitely am not defeated by this!

the details:

I’ll continue seeing my normal OB, every two weeks now due to being in third trimester.

in addition, I’ll keep seeing the high-risk doctor. not sure how often yet. I already had what was going to be my final appointment with her scheduled for Monday, so I’ll know more then (and obviously it won’t be my final appointment with her).

the high-risk doctor will be managing my gestational diabetes and will report info to my doctor, who will still be the one who delivers our baby.

the baby will for sure come early, the latest they will keep her in is 38 weeks.

she wants me to try and manage it with diet first, and then later I may have to do medicine. she wants me to see if the high-risk doctor has a dietician on Monday, if not she will set me up with theirs.

she said until I meet with the dietician, just try to stick to a low carb/no refined sugars diet. HOWEVER, she did say I could enjoy my two showers this weekend haha.

she assured me that this happens often, that it isn’t my fault, that I didn’t do anything wrong, and that the baby and I will be fine.

William is a champ and ready to dive in head first into the new diet with me.

one of my cousins has had it with both of hers and been super helpful (I suspected I might have it because she did and we are both predisposed due to our grandfathers having diabetes).

I have three very close friends who also had it with their babies and have been encouraging and full of tips.


a. it’s only for 10 weeks. I can do anything for 10 weeks!

b. we both wanted to start some sort of better eating plan after the baby came, and we’re just looking at this as a head start.


now on with the normal updates. 


outfit: maternity plus maxi dress from PinkBlush.

how far along: 27 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: according to apps – fennec fox, a bunch of bananas, eggplant. BUT, probably bigger thanks to the gestational diabetes. 

maternity clothes: yep. can’t wait for the weather to stop switching seasons so I can wear the maternity swimsuit!

also, since we’re talking about clothes, I went to Belk to see if I could find a cute shirt to wear to the crawfish bowl shower and scored THREE dresses for less than the price of one shirt! they aren’t maternity, but they all will work as maternity dresses.

all shower outfits are officially planned!  

symptoms: my blood pressure went back up for a couple days, but finally went back down Wednesday night.

my belly is feeling and getting huge and as a result getting up from the couch and/or putting on pants is not the easiest!

I’ve been off steroids for the rash for two weeks and the itch is manageable, but it sure is pretty visible all over my neck which is somewhat annoying, but also manageable. after seeing the rash again today, my doctor wants to put me on topical steroids. 

I’m getting to the stage that the only thing I like about pregnancy is feeling her move. my back hurts, my belly hurts, my hands hurt, my face is broken out and ratchet, I’m covered in a rash, walking hurts, other parts hurt…, I waddle.

BUT, I know she is worth it all!

cravings/aversions: because I was afraid I might not be able to eat sugar anymore, I wanted ALL the desserts all week. I mainly, sort of resisted, which was good practice since my fears were correct! 

movement: she moves A LOT! for the most part, she stays pretty low though.

sleep: I’ve mostly slept well all week, but my hands have been hurting and that has started waking me up. 

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: third trimester! just a couple of days from that milestone. but I’m only looking forward to just knowing I’m it. I’ve heard it’s the worst, but it means I’m closer to meeting my baby girl!

even though I wish I didn’t have to keep seeing the specialist, I really do enjoy that doctor though and how much time she spends looking at our baby and I’m looking forward to seeing her AND our baby again on Monday. 

and I know I’ve said it every week for the last few, but showers! one today and one tomorrow.

worries: with the third trimester being right around the corner, it makes labor and all that closer, and I’m all kinds of worried about that haha.

milestones: this is my last week of the 2nd trimester! that feels like a milestone for sure.

we also had our breastfeeding class this week.

AND the dreaded glucose test is behind me! even though the results aren’t ideal, IT’S DONE! 

best moment this week: I felt the baby have hiccups for the first time this week! that was such a fun feeling and made me a little teary-eyed.

I made pregnancy progress collages!

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Twenty-Six Weeks

written April 16th

how far along: I’m writing this post [late] about the 26th week which ended on Saturday. currently, I am 27 weeks and 1 day, but all the responses below will be about the 26th week. 

size of baby: head of lettuce or cauliflower OR a pack of oreos (obvi went with that for the pic).

maternity clothes: the white maternity jeans arrived and I wore those this week. they are baggier than I’d like, but it’s fun to be able to wear a classic seasonal item. ALSO, the maternity plus swimsuit came in and I LOVE it!

symptoms: my blood pressure and swelling were up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and didn’t get any better until this morning. I called the nurse this morning to report the blood pressure issues. she consulted with my doctor who said I didn’t need to come in yet since it seemed to be going down on its own, but she wants me to monitor it this week and write down everything I eat so we can try to figure out why it’s spiking when I come in for my appointment this week on Friday.

cravings/aversions: loving fresh fruit right now, especially grapes and strawberries. also loving ham sandwiches (with microwaved ham of course).

movement: SO MUCH. I actually was a little worried this weekend because she didn’t move a ton (our house was full of people and noises). but last night after things were calm again, she kicked me so hard she bounced my phone off my belly! and she kept wiggling for a while. William got to feel a lot of it!

sleep: we picked up our rocker recliner this week for our bedroom! I’ve still been trying to do most of my sleeping in the bed because I like being close to hubs, but if I woke up and felt back aches or restless, I’ve been getting in the recliner to sleep and it has helped!

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: being done with the glucose test! it’s happening Friday. also, two showers this week! William’s work shower is on Friday and a crawfish boil shower on Saturday!    

worries: slightly worried that the blood pressure/swelling issue and writing down my food is about to result in a bland diet… and also slightly worried that I might fail the glucose test and will also end up on a no sugar or carbs diet… dear Lord please no?!

milestones: we got nursery stuff hung on the walls and bought a rocker recliner and a changing pad. not huge milestones, but nursery progress! 

best moment this week: seeing my phone bounce off my belly from a baby kick was pretty fantastic! also, my family was at our house all weekend for a Harry Potter marathon to introduce my brother to our obsession. it was a blast! 10 adults, 2 toddlers, 4 dogs, 6 bags of doritos (which we didn’t even eat half of), and 8 movies. my home and heart were full!


outfit: way too flippy hear curtsey of pulling it down from the messy bun I slept in and trying to look a little less ratchet + non-maternity sized up Danskin yoga pant leggings from + non-maternity blue swing top from one of Belk’s plus brands.

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Mornings, Marriage, Mondays, & Maternity Woes

I interrupt the flow of weekly pregnancy posts to share this post that was going to be a WAY too wordy Instagram post.


This is probably too share-y and TMI or whatever, but I saw someone post this morning on Instagram about not just sharing the pretty parts and polished glimpses of our lives but the hard parts too.

So here’s a real-life moment from today:

Sometimes things are hard.

Mornings, marriage, Mondays, maternity woes (aka pregnancy but I felt like I needed to continue with the M theme).

I didn’t sleep well or enough (#pregnancy).

I had unrealistic expectations for the morning.

I was grumpy and just not kind.

I forgot to submit an assignment yesterday for my class that was already done and didn’t remember until this morning which was going to result in getting a slightly docked grade for a late assignment (it’s since been submitted).

We fought. I cried. We didn’t part ways on good terms. I cried more.

It was just a BAD morning!

We talked it out and apologized and made up and were good!

Monday kept being all Monday-y, but we were good and things were resolved.

And then my wonderful husband showed up at my work on his lunch break with flowers and pie and Starbucks!


Deciding whose fault a fight is in marriage isn’t a good habit, but if we’re deciding whose fault it was it was DEFINITELY mine.

I am definitely NOT the one who should have received all this above and beyond kindness.

I, of course, cried more, and he said, “I love you and I’ll love you forever. I’m thankful that you are my forever wife.” (Or something like that, I was crying and have pregnancy brain. I can’t be trusted to remember word for word right now.)

Again, I cried more, but I also felt Jesus in this moment too.

Even though I felt forgetful, irresponsible, like a failure, like a not so great wife, and like I didn’t have my stuff (putting it nicely) together AT ALL, Jesus loves me right now (at NOT my best) and forever too, and gave me a husband to tangibly show me that kind of undeserving love as well.

And He loves us all this way!

In our mess and on our bad days and forever.

Twenty-Five Weeks

written April 6th


outfit: non-maternity dress that I bought to wear to wedding showers that’s way too short to be a dress with this belly so I wore it with some brown leggings that you can’t really see in these pics. 


how far along: 25 weeks and 5 days

size of baby: rutabaga, prairie dog, napa cabbage, sweet potato, cantaloupe, cauliflower

maternity clothes: I basically just have all the dresses that fit me in 2-week rotation. And now that it’s officially white jean/seersucker season, I’ve been a little sad that I can’t fit in my white jeans, seersucker shorts, and seersucker skirt. BUT… I happened upon a Motherhood Maternity warehouse sale and scored a pair of white maternity jeans for $15! can’t wait for those to come in. also, the swimsuit saga continues. I upsized ordered from Lane Bryant and the top was HUGE and the bottoms too snug for comfort. so I returned it and am trying one from Motherhood. It will arrive with the white jeans, so we’ll see. If it doesn’t work I’m just totally going to wear one of William’s finishing shirts as my swimsuit on our babymoon.

symptoms: growing belly which has me getting deeper and deeper into that uncomfortable stage. today was my last steroid for the rash. so we’ll see how that goes.

cravings/aversions: nothing major to speak of. I thought I liked artichokes but ordered a chicken and artichoke pizza and realized I don’t. But I probably didn’t really love them before either.

movement: as I type this she’s turning flips or something! She moves a good bit, but she’s so low and moves low, so it’s hard for William to feel it, and I don’t really offer feeling that low to anyone else haha.

sleep: literally wake up every two hours to use the bathroom. I don’t know if I’ve pavlov dog trained myself, or if it’s just prep for nightly breastfeeding that’s coming soon. and like I mentioned above, I’m getting to that uncomfortable no matter how I sit, stand, or lay stage.

gender: baby girl

looking forward to: being done with the glucose test, two more weeks. and a fun looking forward to… baby showers! we have one April 20th and one April 21st, soon!

worries: still worried I’m going to fail the glucose test. hoping not!

milestones: we got to tour our hospital last night! seeing the labor and delivery rooms and recovery rooms made it feel more real! and both rooms are really nice and big! the recovery rooms have mini fridges, awesome big bathrooms, and seating room for at least 6.

best moment this week: on Easter Sunday after we hosted a potluck, we all (william, pups, and myself) laid in bed for a few minutes to rest and William ended up reading books to our baby. it was so sweet and fun. I can’t wait to parent with him!

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Twenty-Four Weeks

written March 29th


outfit: non-maternity swing dress from one of Belk’s plus lines. 


how far along: 24 weeks and 4 days

size of baby: she’s big! apps say she should be around 1 pound and 5 ounces or the size of corn on the cob/Atlantic puffin/garden eggplant/demi-baguette/papaya/small pizza/cantaloupe/head of cauliflower. which all sound quite impressive. HOWEVER, according to my scan at the specialist this week, she’s 1 pound and 12 ounces!

maternity clothes: pregnancy wardrobe = swing dresses, swing tops, maternity jeans, sized up yoga leggings, flip-flops.

symptoms: RASH. growing belly, frequent bathroom breaks, etc.

cravings/aversions: the taquitos from last week hit the spot and I’m making coconut cake this weekend so cravings are happy and fulfilled.

movement: moving more and more! however, she wouldn’t move the way they wanted her to in the scan. stubborn little girl doesn’t like to have her picture taken.

sleep: other than bathroom breaks sleep still hasn’t been an issue yet.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: this may sound selfish even though I don’t mean it selfishly, but I’m really getting excited about our baby showers! they were all finalized this week and I just love hanging out with my people and seeing them be excited about meeting our baby and it makes me all teary eyed to imagine her wearing, covered up in, or playing in the gifts people give her! it just makes me even more excited about her arrival and makes her feel more and more real. two in April, one in May, and one in June. she is one loved little girl already.  

worries: I have the glucose test on my next visit in April and a little nervous about it considering that she’s measuring big and that can be a sign of gestational (which I CANNOT say, like why is that word so hard for me to say) diabetes.

milestones: 24 weeks is when the baby reaches the “threshold of viability” which means even though it would she’d spend lots of time in the NICU, she could actually survive outside the womb now. DO NOT WANT HER TO COME NOW, haha. but that’s an exciting milestone!

best moment this week: other than seeing her in the scan, always a favorite moment, the best moment this week was SETTING UP THE NURSERY!

I just can’t even describe how good it feels and had no idea it would feel that good to get it set up. I mean, we aren’t done! but we made some major progress.

previously all we had done was acquire stuff for the nursery, have the furniture painted, and paint the walls. and then… even though we picked out two different shades of grey for walls and furniture they came out looking the same color!

we debated repainting it again, but our friend suggested we just break up the grey on grey by putting stuff on the wall above the piece that will be grey on grey. once we agreed to just go with that, we dove in this weekend to get it set up!

all the furniture is placed where it will be. we made the decision to keep the big bed in there and got a throw quilt, pillows, sheets, and throw pillows to tie it into the crib bedding. we bought stuff for the collage wall that will break up the grey on grey, mainly a few baskets that we can put books, frames, and knick-knacks on. we put the crib bedding on (and will wash it when it’s a little closer to the due date). we got a lamp and lampshade to match the colors. we will order the rug soon – we picked out one online but want to check a few places here first. we’ll get a chair in there in April. we know what art will go above the chair (but need to get frames for it), what stuff/art will go on changing table grey on grey wall, we need a mirror for the big bed wall, and I want to make a big floral M made out of one of those paper mache letters, flower foam, fake flowers to go above the crib. WE LOVE IT! we go in there often just to talk about how much we love it haha.

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Twenty-Three Weeks

written March 23rd

Before I get to the normal stuff, allow me to share two crazy pregnant lady stories.

Story #1: Today at work I couldn’t find my Reese’s. I was furious because someone stole them. Then I found them in my desk drawer…. I forgot that I hid them in the drawer so no one could steal them.

Story #2: Earlier this week in a foodie Facebook group I’m in, someone asked what they could do with leftover prime rib. Growing up, we always made beef taquitos with leftover roast, so I suggested that. Then of course I couldn’t stop thinking about beef taquitos and had to have them.

I put a roast in the crockpot this morning so I could make them tonight for William’s first night back home after his work trip in Chicago. I made guac for me, queso for him, and rolled and fried some perfect golden brown taquitos. I pilled my plate high with four taquitos and lots of guac.

Half way through the first one, I exclaimed that the taquitos were all I’d hoped they would be (which was important because William was convinced I wouldn’t like them like the one time I craved fish sticks and hated them and the one time I craved McDonalds and didn’t like it).

Two bites into my second one I somewhat aggressively put it back on the plate and said, “I’m getting full and I’m really mad about it!”

William looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Why do you look like you’re about to cry??”

“I’m mad because it’s so good and I want to keep eating but I can’t!”

And then he just laughed at me for a while.

Pregnancy in a nutshell! Crave things, get mad about things, forget things, repeat.

Now on to the normal stuff!

how far along: 23 weeks and 5 days, almost 6 months

size of baby: chinchilla (ovia), papaya (what to expect), bunch of grapes (ovia), yule log (ovia), pear (baby story), grapefruit (baby pics), banana (baby story). chinchilla or yule log are my favs, but those don’t come in the picture apps so went with grapefruit.

maternity clothes: the only non-maternity things I can wear are swing dresses, swing tops, and sized up yoga pants. so yes.

symptoms: I accidentally didn’t take my steroid for 1.5 days and my rash flared up. oops! I had an OB appointment this week and she wants to start weaning me off so it’s out of my system by glucose test (apparently steroids spike blood sugar). I’ve been on 40 mg for two weeks, now 20 for a week, then 10 for a week, then off. fingers crossed! she’s keeping me on Benadryl at night and Claritin during the day and adding Zantac (which apparently helps with allergies too, not just reflux). other than that just the normal stuff – growing belly, winded easily, lots of bathroom breaks. oh and I did have leg cramps one night this week.

cravings/aversions: nothing major to speak of.

movement: YES!! she moves all the time and I love feeling it.

sleep: no complaints other than my hubby was out of town this week and I missed him in our bed.

gender: baby girl.  

looking forward to: working on the nursery this weekend with hubs! and our first baby shower is less than a month away, so that’s fun and exciting.

worries: mildly worried the rash is going to spread and go crazy when I’m off of the steroid fully.

milestones: nothing major. as mentioned, I had an OB visit this week. they gave me the stuff to drink for the glucose test in 4 weeks, and then we move to appointments every 2 weeks! excited to be able to hear or see her more often.

best moment this week: hearing her heartbeat during appointments is always a high point! I got to hang out with some friends this week I haven’t spent a lot of time with lately and their excitement about meeting the baby and that I actually look pregnant now was fun!


outfit: non-maternity dress bought on but the brand is Maurice’s. non-maternity up-sized Danskin yoga pant leggings from


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Twenty-Two Weeks

written March 16th

how far along: 22 weeks and 5 days, less than 18 weeks left, eek!

size of baby: small spaghetti squash (what to expect), American guinea pig (ovia), corn on cob (ovia), tomato (baby story), burger (little nugget), papaya (baby pics). I picked burger from this week’s plethora of options.

maternity clothes: I feel like my belly suddenly got HUGE this week. still have only gained 8 lbs, but definitely looking and feeling pregnant and wearing all the loose dresses I can.

symptoms: “rare pregnancy rash” doesn’t itch anymore and the spots are fading but not gone. meds seem to be helping! growing belly, round ligament pains, lots of bathroom breaks.

cravings/aversions: a coworker recently talked about coconut cake and I want coconut cake BAD!

movement: FINALLY! on Monday night at dinner I told a friend I still wasn’t sure if I had felt her and that same night right after getting in bed she went crazy! I KNEW it was her and now I feel her ALL THE TIME! and now that I’ve felt it I know I was feeling it some before too. AND William can even feel her now too.

sleep: daylight savings time. that’s all I have to say.

gender: baby girl.

looking forward to: getting the nursery done! it feels like we’re running out of time now.

worries: none to speak of this week. feeling her move makes a huge difference.

milestones: ALL THE MOVEMENT!

best moment this week: definitely definitely feeling her move! it feels so sweet and special to know she’s wiggling around in there and growing strong. when William felt her it felt extra special too. I find myself talking to her a lot more now that I can feel her move. 


outfit: non-maternity top from one of Belk’s plus brands, non-maternity up-sized Danskin yoga pant leggings from 


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Twenty-One Weeks

written March 9th

I feel chatty today so I’m gonna chat a little extra okay?

We can blame it on the non-drowsy Claritin + steroid that I’ll tell you about in a minute.

This week has been a doozy y’all!

Our house and laundry were a wreck which has been an ongoing project all week (mostly William’s, he’s a saint).

Pregnancy is weird and though I’m still VERY thankful mine has been relatively easy with no “morning” sickness, I apparently have a “rare pregnancy rash.”

After trying two medicines that didn’t work, I’m now on a steroid, Claritin in the daytime, Benadryl at night, and also seeing a dermatologist today to see if there is anything else I can do.

That makes for two doctors appointments and three triage nurse calls this week.

Sleep hasn’t been great between my itching, worries, fears, and tears and William’s reflux (new-ish development).

We also had our first birth class last night. Slightly overwhelmed, but excited to meet our baby girl!

A busy roller coaster week!


We did manage to have some great Jesus time this week on our deck outside in lovely morning temps AND get in lots of puppy cuddles.

We fought like married couples do, but made up and loved and supported each other well.

Before we realized one of the medicines wasn’t working, William was helping me apply the topical medicine twice a day! He was even more wonderful and handsome to me in those moments than on our wedding day. I can’t help it but to keep loving him more and more.

Also, FRIDAY! Praise Jesus.

And the weekend is looking bright (other than losing an hour of sleep)!

We’re having friends over tonight that happen to parent two of my favorite kiddos to build our own naan pizzas and fruit dessert pizzas.

And hubs planned a date day for tomorrow!

We’re FINALLY seeing Black Panther and FINALLY getting to experience the Tinseltown reclining chairs.

Then we’re going to Fat Cat Art Cafe to each paint something for Magnolia Joyce’s room (all William’s idea!).

AND THEN we’re finally using our Ameristar Casino gift certificates we won from the City of Clinton OVER A YEAR AGO! Bring on the boiled shrimp and crab legs!!

Have I mentioned seafood has been my number 1 pregnancy craving?? Excited doesn’t even begin to express how I feel about eating seafood tomorrow.

Now on with the normal pregnancy update!


outfit: non-maternity plus dress from ross worn as a tunic over non-maternity leggings from Old Navy. 


how far along: 21 weeks and 5 days.

size of baby: What to Expect says banana, all the picture apps says carrot or pomegranate.

maternity clothes: we had a little cold front this week which took away my ability to wear my dresses! swing style t-shirt dresses are currently my favorite thing and all I want to wear. currently comfortably rocking maternity jeans today.

symptoms: I bought fresh lemons and drink lemon in all my water now, which has seemed to help with the swelling. I definitely noticed a difference in bottled lemon juice and fresh. also swelling could be better because it’s less hot and humid? but let’s hope it’s the lemon since hot and humid will be back. also, the aforementioned “rare pregnancy rash.” oh and round ligament pains came back fiercely this week.

cravings/aversions: this week I craved McDonald’s french fries but they weren’t as great as I thought they would be. SO EXCITED ABOUT FEEDING THE SEAFOOD CRAVING ON DATE DAY!

movement: maybe? ugh. haha. so ready to feel her moving and kicking and flipping.

sleep: as mentioned, not the greatest this week. lots of itching, bathroom breaks, hubby reflux attacks, irrational worries/fears/tears, bad dreams, etc.

gender: sweet baby girl

looking forward to: eating seafood? feeling baby girl move. getting the nursery finished.

worries: Satan’s attacks were strong this week. thankful for a patient husband, that prayer really does squash panic, for wise friends who speak truth, and for a God who delivers peace and comfort that surpasses understanding.

milestones: nothing major to speak of, but was glad to have an extra time hear baby girl’s heartbeat for my unplanned doctor visit. hearing her heartbeat always feels like a milestone to me! a friend added me to a smocked resale group and I scored a fall and christmas smocked dress! also, I guess going to the birth class was a milestone too!  

best moment this week: I know this is weird, but honestly the best moment of this week was seeing my husband help me put medicine all over this crazy rash and knowing this is what loving someone for better or worse, in good times and in bad, and in sickness and in health looks like. additionally, having him tell me that he loves me more than the day he married me and thinks I’m beautiful and a gift the morning after I had a crazy irrational panic attack. this is love and I’m blessed to love and be loved by the best man I know and can’t wait to watch him love our daughter. (I’m not crying, you’re crying, okay?!)


That’s my belly. I’m plus sized, so yes, it was already big, but it’s huge now. And I really haven’t gained very much weight! Grow baby grow!

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