31 Lists: Pumpkin Recipes

The list that started it all!

As mentioned in my intro post, one of the factors that played a part in me decided to do the #write31days challenge and on what topic came from a Facebook post!

A friend wrote on my wall and said, “Kasia, what are your top 3 pumpkin recipes? I know it might be difficult to narrow down. There are just so many dishes/treats out there and I want to try some new recipes. #ExpertOnAllThingsAutumn”

I don’t know anyone who loves pumpkin things or fall things as much as me, so clearly I jumped at the chance to share! I ended up giving him my six favorites, and now I shall share them with you (plus one extra)!

1. favorite pumpkin cookie recipe – http://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/best-pumpkin-cookies-185445 

These soft, fluffy pumpkin spice cookies with penuche glaze were probably my favorite pumpkin recipe to make. I forget to make these cookies some years, but they are THE BEST. The glaze gets a little hard on top of the soft cookie and they are just perfect.

2. favorite pumpkin cake recipe – http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/pumpkin-sheet-cake/

I LOVE SHEET CAKES! Ever since I was first introduced to the pampered chef stoneware sheet pan, sheet cakes have been my go-to dessert to make for a group of people. I’ve made lemon, strawberry, Texas sheet cake, white Texas sheet cake, funfetti, cookies and cream, key lime, and more! By far my most used sheet cake recipe is the classic – chocolate texas sheet cake. I use Pioneer Woman’s recipe and it’s foolproof and perfect and EASY. Well, when I discovered she made a PUMPKIN version modeled after her easy chocolate version. SOLD! Best pumpkin dessert to feed a crowd.

3. favorite pumpkin breakfast recipe – https://kasiaskitchen.com/2012/05/30/pumpkin-french-toast-casserole-with-coffee-whipped-topping/

I created this recipe back when I was doing Weight Watchers. Now when I make it I’m usually making it for a brunch or party or Christmas breakfast and go all out with the ingredients. I use Texas toast, real eggs, real butter, evaporated milk/whole milk/half and half/whatever I have, AND homemade caramel sauce instead of the coffee whipped cream. Also, when using Texas toast, I use the whole can of pumpkin, half on the first layer of bread and half on the second. William LOVES this and claims to not love pumpkin. I brought it to a brunch recently and it was devoured. Another fun tip – if you need to make a non-pumpkin breakfast to go alongside this for any pumpkin haters, this recipe is customizable! I’ve used apple butter or Nutella in place of pumpkin before. Obviously, since they are sweetened you’d want to do a smaller layer that you would of the pumpkin and nix the brown sugar and spices for the Nutella version. But it makes a good base recipe!

4. favorite pumpkin dish to bring to Thanksgiving celebrations – https://www.tasteandtellblog.com/pumpkin-cobbler/

I actually don’t love pumpkin pie. But I do LOVE this pumpkin cobbler. I bring it to most Thanksgiving potlucks and to any Thanksgiving meal where I get assigned dessert.

5. favorite savory pumpkin dish – http://www.skinnytaste.com/crockpot-turkey-white-bean-pumpkin/

Okay, so in the name of loving pumpkin I’ve tried a few savory pumpkin dishes. One major fail – pumpkin chicken alfredo… Just say no! However, this savory pumpkin dish was NOT a fail! This pumpkin chili is absolutely delicious.

6. favorite pumpkin sauce for coffee – https://www.theartofdoingstuff.com/starbucks/

I linked to this in yesterday’s post, but it’s worth mentioning again. This is the only DIY pumpkin spice latte that’s ever come close to the Starbucks one in my opinion! Most recipes create a syrup, not a sauce, and Starbucks uses pumpkin SAUCE with actually pumpkin in it. I have been keeping a squeeze bottle of this and just squeezing a little in my iced coffee each morning. The sauce is INDULGENT if you use it in the amounts listed. But just a squeeze adds a subtle pumpkiny sweetness to your coffee.

7. favorite unexpected pumpkin recipe – http://www.bhg.com/recipe/pumpkin-corn-bread/

THIS CORNBREAD IS SO GOOD! My cornbread rankings would be 1. southern, salty, buttery, buttermilk cornbread 2. this pumpkin cornbread 3. Cracker Barrelcornbreadd 4. jiffy/other sweet cornbreads 4. all other cornbreads. Two of my former roommates also loved it. It’s so good with chili and soups.

Basically, if it’s pumpkin flavored, I’ve tried it. And these are my top picks! 


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