31 Lists: Currently

Anticipating… wearing sweaters!! I know I know, it’s going to be a while. But every day when I pick out my outfit I look longingly at my sweater collection.

Appreciating… my coworkers and work family! William and I both have prayed that I’d have work friends for a while, and God abundantly answered that this semester!

Believing… God is going to let us get pregnant. (But knowing that He’s still good and enough and has abundantly blessed us even if we don’t get pregnant.)

Baking… nothing sadly! It’s been too long! I need to bake something asap. Canned pumpkin is on sale for 80 cents at Wal-mart though and I have at least 6 cans in my online grocery order cart. So never fear, pumpkin baking is coming (said with Starks of the North dramatics).

Buying… On Sunday we made an unplanned trip to Belk because William needed a black belt for starting his new job (and for life?). I helped him pick out two shirts and he picked out a vest. AND THEN we went to my section. While in Belk we usually go our separate ways, so he’s never helped me shop, but it was fun! We both picked out things for me to try on, he realized girl clothes/clothes shopping are/is nothing like the guy versions. I got two shirts, including William’s favorite pic, and a dress.

Celebrating… William’s new job! He started it on Monday and is loving it so far.

Cooking…Copy Cat Krystal Burgers (used frozen chopped onions and sauteed them first, used ground turkey, used whole wheat slider buns, halved the recipe) and spicy sweet potato wedges last night. Tomorrow night eggs benedict, cheese grits, and potatoes.

Drinking… In the mornings, iced coffee made with my Ninja Coffee Bar with a splash of half and half and a squeeze of DIY pumpkin spice sauce. All day water with cinnamon sticks in it (a PCOS blog told me to intake cinnamon every day while trying to get pregnant, and just in general, to help lower sugar levels or something, and I decided to try cinnamon sticks in my water and actually love it!). Sometimes cream soda Zevia or a La Croix.

Eating… out at Seafood Revolution tonight! Excited! Meanwhile, I had leftover frozen pizza for lunch.

Enjoying… cooler temps!! Still a little too warm, but much better.

Feeling… GREAT. I love Jesus. I love being married. I love my job. I love our house. I love life!


Loving… my husband’s new schedule! 8:30 – 5:00, no more late shifts, no more Saturdays!!

Ordering… groceries online ALWAYS AND FOREVER! Oh also preordered our Advent books.

Organizing… my list for these posts. All 31 days planned and the days of the week have alliteration categories! Marriage Monday, Toss-Up Tuesday, What-to-eat Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday, Favorites Friday, Savoring Saturday, Succinct Sunday.

Planning… a women’s retreat for my church with the women’s ministry team. It’s this month. CAN’T WAIT!

Reading… Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas, Dance Stand Run by Jess Connoly, The Heir of the Selection Series, Joel, and 1 John.

Scheduling… student meetings. Registration is coming up!  And a vet visit for the pups for their heartworm test.

Sharing… ALL THE THINGS with YOU!

Starting… seminary (again)… Long story short, I finally stop ignoring God’s subtle tug to finish seminary. I reapplied for admission yesterday. Eek!

Thinking… about our Halloween costumes and how to make them happen. We’re going to be David and Lisa the Gnomes.

Traveling… to Nashville this weekend with the fam (hubs, sis-in-law, and bro-in-law) to Nashville!

Waiting… to receive our movie cards! Card deliveries are delayed due to the massive interest. Ugh!

Wanting… a Christmas comforter. I can’t justify it, but man on man I want our bed to have a Christmas comforter for the Christmas season! #mrandmrsclausintraining

Watching… THIS IS US! So glad it’s back on. Also glad to have American Housewife, Speechless, and Designated Survivor back. Also slowly going through Doctor Who with hubs (his fav show) and loving it. Also… MUST WATCH HOCUS POCUS ASAP! It is time.

Wearing… the aforementioned new dress! It’s not quite as long as midi, but longer than knee length, navy blue, has a baby doll dress fit, flowy bottom, peasant sleeves with some floral embroidery. Also, booties! Cognac brown colored ones to be exact. The cooler temps officially usher in bootie season for me.


This is part of my 31 Days of List series. Click here to see the other lists in this series.

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