31 People(s) I Love

Once upon a time (two years ago), I attempted to do the #Write31Days challenge. I failed miserably. I made it maybe through the single digits of October if that. For several days I’ve been feeling the overwhelming need to write again and have been overwhelmed in a good way with so much thankfulness for all the people in my life that I love.

Last night at missional community, we picked a new life rhythm to focus on for the upcoming week. Bless was the pick – intentionally blessing others through words, gifts, and actions. I left excited, a million thoughts running around my head on how I could bless the people in my life. Words are probably one of my favorite ways to bless others. As blessing thoughts, the love for my people thoughts, and wanting/needing to write thoughts collided, I decided I wanted to write about my people or people groups. 31 of them. For 31 days.

I made a new note in my iPhone and way more quickly than I thought I could had a list of 31 people/peoples. The #Write31Days challenge starts today. Today I officially decided to try. I’m admitting I might fail, I might quit, I might be late, and blah blah blah. But? I don’t care. My people are great and worthy of a little intentionality on my part for them to be the subject of my longing to write + bless.

Join me as I adoringly talk about the people(s) I love for 31 days!


my people:

day 1 // Jesus

day 2 // Micki

day 3 // Molly

day 4 // Sara

day 5 // Lindsey

day 6 // Anna

day 7 // Brother

day 8 // Aunt Sandy

day 9 // Marissa

day 10 // Imaginary Friends

day 11 // The Friendgroup

day 12 // Brittany

day 13 // Gospel Family Part 1

day 14 // Gospel Family Part 2

day 15 // Total Woman U

day 16 // WACOHs

day 17 // Starbucks Lovers

day 18 // The Guild

day 19 // Coworkers

day 20 // RDs

day 21 // RAs

day 22 // KT

day 23 // OWLs

day 24 // Bloggers

day 25 // The Palmers

day 26 // Roe and The Ogeas

Day 27 // Lifesavers

day 28 // Other Family

day 29 // Daddy

day 30 // Future Husband

day 31 // Et Cetera

final thoughts

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