31 Lists: FREE Things

So… I forgot to mention this, but because I’m a dork and love organization and alliteration and work well under pressure, on Tuesday when I was finalizing my list of lists for this challenge, I realized most of them fit into categories. Then I thought if I put them into categories, I could post similar lists on certain days of the week. AND THEN I realized alliteration would work and I was in heaven.

Marriage Monday

Toss-Up Tuesday

What-To-Eat Wednesday

Thrifty Thursday

Favorites Friday

Savoring Saturday (I love Saturdays! They’ve been a precious commodity our first year of marriage as William had to work most of them. Now that he has a job where he has them off, one thing we are most excited about is just ENJOYING Saturdays at home together. Saturday posts will fit that them, savoring the moments and enjoying)

Succinct Sunday (I just really wanted an SU word. Sundays will be for weekend recaps and easy/short things I can post. Succinct means concise. The tie-in works for me!)

If you know me, you know I love a deal. I’m always sharing about deals I find because THE PEOPLE HAVE TO KNOW! I made so many thrifty/deal themed lists, I actually had to combine some of them to fit them just on Thursdays.

You know what I love even more than a deal? FREE THINGS! Especially when they come from Kroger.

Most Wednesdays when the Kroger ad is released I share a list of what I deem the best deals for the week. People have often joked that Kroger should pay me for advertising for them. Well, they kind of are now!

I got an email invite a while back to join My Magazine Sharing Network  through Kroger. They send you free samples or coupons for free things and you share what they sent you and your thoughts about it on social media and other platforms. OBVI, I was like SIGN ME UP NOW!

They give you a “mission” and if you accept they send you the free goods and in order to get the mission badge and therefore receive more free stuff, you share the info.

I’ve gotten lots of samples and several free things, but this last mission has been my fav! They sent me NINE coupons for FREE freezer items.

I received the following coupons, all for FREE items: 1. SmartMade frozen meal by Smart Ones (I got the chicken with spinach fettuccine). 2. Eggo waffles (I got brown sugar cinnamon waffle sticks). 3. MorningStar Farms meatless meat product (I used it on the Grillers Crumbles). 4. Farm Rich appetizers (This is the only one I haven’t used yet! They were out of the cheese sticks, the item I wanted.) 5. Wicked Kitchen hand pie or side (I got the buffalo chicken hand pie). 6. Frontera bowl (I got the fajita chicken one). 7. Lean Cuisine frozen meal (I got the roasted turkey breast). 8. FitKitchen frozen meal by Stouffer’s (I got rotisserie seasoned turkey). 9. Freschetta Artisan Crust pizza (I got chicken and fire roasted veggie pizza). I loaded all my items in my Kroger Clicklist order as soon as I got them! I picked up my groceries this Sunday and our freezer is currently STOCKED!

I mean so much stuff for FREE! I’ve never been so happy to pick up groceries. William is loving the waffle sticks for breakfast. I can’t wait to bring some of these for work lunch! A little nervous about trying the meatless meat, but I’ll try most things once, especially if it’s FREE!

Fun fact about the Twiners, WE LOVE FROZEN PIZZA! I always get a few when they are on sale so we can eat them if we don’t have time to cook or on a lazy Friday night. The two most repeated meals in our home (because I like to switch things up a lot) are frozen pizza and nachos.

Stay tuned for future Thrifty Thursday ways to save money! 


This is part of my 31 Days of List series. Click here to see the other lists in this series.

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