31 Lists: October

If you know me in real life or have been around this space at all, you probably know fall is my FAVORITE. Technically, November and December have more consistent fall temps in my neck of the woods (I can remember sweating in my Halloween costume more times than not), BUT October feels like a special kind of fall magic. It’s when everything starts to be full on fallish – the stores, the restaurants, the decorations, marketing, the feeling in the air, the happiness. IT JUST FEELS RIGHT! I’m going to attempt to list all the reasons I love fall/October.

1. Firstly, my love for October has probably existed forever, but for sure it began 15 years ago when I discovered that October 14th was my favorite day of the year. I wrote a cheesy blog post about that day – you can read it here. AND THEN, my wonderful husband insisted that we get married on my favorite day! So OBVIOUSLY the #1 reason October is my favorite is October 14th and all it’s glory. (Also, I got married on the 14th annual celebration of October 14th!)

2. The Stages of Fall are in full force in October.

The Stages of Fall According to Me

1. It’s still summer and we’re not happy about the heat or being unable to wear fall plaids or scarves, but the stores sale candy corn, fall flavors, and fall decor galore and we can be happy because fall is coming. 2. When Starbucks gives us the pumpkin spice latte back. 3. The technical first day of fall. 4. It gets cooler and the leaves start falling. 5. October 14th. 6. Bliss, bliss, and more bliss with lots of boot wearing, leaf crunching, pumpkin baking, and scarf wearing.

3. The weather is glorious.

4. Leaves swirling through the air feels magical.

5. Walking through crunchy fallen leaves is the best.

6. Stepping on fallen acorns is strangely enjoyable to me.

7. Pumpkin spice lattes and  pumpkin spice chai tea lattes are abundantly available.

8. Canned pumpkin goes on sale. (80 cents at Wal-mart right now).

9. I can officially start wearing call colors and clothes (in layers, because sometimes it’s still hot in the ‘Sip).

10. String lights seem prettier.

11. It gets dark earlier and something about that feels good.

12. Schools have Homecomings and Homecomings and traditions feel so nostalgic to me.


14. PUMPKINS and PUMPKIN flavored things are everywhere.

15. The colors are gorgeous. The leaves. The sunsets. The fall clothes. The pumpkins. The mums.

16. Sometimes when it’s a little on the cooler side SCARVES can be worn.

15. BOOTS and BOOTIES come back out.

17. Mornings and evenings are crisp and cool.

18. We get to start thinking about and planning holidays! Who is bringing what to Thanksgiving? Where is Christmas going to be? What are we buying them for Christmas? When can we decorate for Christmas? Where are we going for Thanksgiving? FAMILY!

19. I get to decorate my house! Our collection of fall decor is ever growing AND I LOVE IT.

20. Mosquitoes start to go away as do other bugs and outside and nature seems more inviting and pleasant.

21. Halloween, seeing kids dressed up, seeing adults dress up (the classy ones at least), and seeing pictures of people’s kids dressed on on social media.

22. Hot cocoa starts seeming appealing.

23. As does apple cider.

24. SOUPS! ALL THE SOUPS! Our October meal plan is PACKED full of soups: white chicken chili, William’s chili, potato soup, vegetable beef soup, chicken pot pie (same category as soup).

25. Fall festivals and carnivals and markets and all sorts of fun things that towns do because it’s finally not hot!

26. New to this year – wedding and honeymoon memories! I keep reliving everything in my head and it’s so fun.


28. Freeform’s (formerly ABC Family) 13 Days of Halloween.

29. Hocus Pocus.

30. Outdoor movies on the brick streets.

31. Caramel apples.

32. Caramel apple suckers.

33. Baking pumpkin flavored things and apple pies.

34. Everyone seems happier.


36. Fall rain is the best rain.

37. Potlucks happen more frequently.

38. Bath and Body works fall candles!

39. All the fall scents from everywhere really.

40. Every store feels like a magical fall wonderland. Or at least an aisle or two of the store does.

41. Smores.

42. Fires and fire pit nights.

43. Any TV shows that were taking a break are back on.

44. Hayrides.

45. Pumpkin patches.

46. To quote this thing I posted on Instagram once: candy corn, crisp mornings, knitted sweater, scarecrows, pumpkins, Thanksgiving, hayrides, scarves, leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, tall boots, pumpkin patch, cornucopias, cider, pine cones, apples, FALL!

47. To quote our letter board (inspired by a really expensive etsy painting): sparkly fires, pretty pumpkins, crisp air, sweet cider, crunchy leaves, cozy blankets, hayrides, WE LOVE YOU FALL!

48. To quote this other piece of art I want that I found on etsy that’s also too expensive: sweaters, boots, bonfires, leaves, scarves, hot chocolate, cuddling, jeans, pumpkins,. tea, apples, hoodies, crisp air, late night, plaid, football, FALL!

49. To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

50. To quote Anne of Green Gables, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”



This is part of my 31 Days of List series. Click here to see the other lists in this series.

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