31 Lists: Why #write31days

Reasons why I like the #write31days challenge and why I want to do it again: 

1. I love writing and want to do it more but often lack inspiration and motivation. This challenge inspires me and motivates me. I like for things to have a due date. Blogging isn’t school or work (for me at least). Blogging is fun. Fun doesn’t have a due date. Due dates motivate me.

2. The people who created it and organize it are good people! And the people who participate are as well. I always find a few new blogs to follow each year, even the years I don’t participate.

3. I would like to spend more of my free time doing productive, creative things and less of it scrolling through social media.

4. I love lists and providing any sort of helpful list of things/suggestions to people! Some of the lists will be short, and I suspect some will go deeper and be paragraph “lists.”

5. As with any craft, the more you practice it/do it the better you get and the easier it gets. I hope doing this inspires me to start writing again. I haven’t found my writing voice/angle in this new (wonderful) stage of life I’m in.img_0127


This is part of my 31 Days of List series. Click here to see the other lists in this series.

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