Do Something BIG

This is another one of those thoughts I jotted down on my virtual scrap paper, but this one was months and months ago. One of the college girls in the group we (my DNA group – one of my roomies and two of our besties) organize (or chaotically organize, it’s very “roughly” organized), said something that made my brain go 90 to nothing on a thinking trail.

She was flustered about her first semester of college, experiencing all kinds of existential crisis thoughts all at once, confused about her major, life, and all the like. She said, “people always tell me I’m going to do something big, and I just want to do that, I want to do something BIG.” (I mean, it’s been a few months so possibly not an exact quote, but something similar.)

We’ve all been there, right? I know I have. I got lost in thoughts of why I didn’t long for my BIG thing as much as I did in college, I still do some days! But it’s not an existential crisis sort of thought anymore. And then I realized, I think my philosophy on what’s big has changed.

I think that maybe we really put BIG in a box.

Maybe big isn’t just the flashy things. Maybe big isn’t just moving to new countries and writing books or having a famous blog or being a famous speaker or having your own bakery or fill in the blank. (Notice I said JUST – those things are big and brave.)

But I think, maybe BIG is something else too. Maybe the biggest thing we can do, is live big right where we are, in the everyday. Whether that’s in another country, or the little town in Mississippi that we live right now. Whether that’s while doing your dream job, or while doing the job God has given you right now.

We constantly see people do big things all over social media like move to other countries, write books, speak to huge crowds, open new businesses, and a whole bunch of other brave things. It’s easy to be envious, and to think our lives aren’t as big or that we don’t have as much purpose. But the truth behind those big things is that the little steps to get to big things are just as scary as the little steps to living our daily lives in a big way.

For you big-dreamer college student, to live these years not just for yourself, but to believe that God can use you, even at that Christian school.

For you superhero mom, to believe and live every day like it matters, because it does. And to see every moment with the precious lives you’re raising and disciplining like they’re important, because they are.

For you weary post-college 20-something discouraged because you aren’t getting to use your degree yet, or don’t like the degree you got and the jobs that come with it, to trust that where you are now matters, that one season isn’t forever, and that you can love life NOW and don’t have to wait until the BIG thing comes.

For you (ahem, me) single 30-something, to cling to hope against hope that your life is and will be good regardless of your marital status now or in the future and to love your life and believe that this season is HUGE and full of beauty.

For you griever, to believe God is still there in the midst of your hurt and loss, to believe He can handle it, to let Him comfort you.

For you redeemed addict, to keep fighting, to never stop fighting, or telling your story.

For you wandering child of God who feels like she’s gone to far and can’t come back, to come back, running, walking, or crawling, to just return to the arms of your Savior.

For you abused woman, to never give up the fight to believe truth, that you are worthy and wonderful and loved and chosen.

For all of us in the daily mundane of life…

to live and love life with intention,

to celebrate every victory,

to be vulnerable and trust someone with our messes,

to bring cookies to our neighbors,

to wake up early for our Savior,

to pray for our coworkers/roommate/neighbors,


How can you live big today?

2 thoughts on “Do Something BIG

  1. Megan says:

    I don’t think I’ve told you lately how much I adore you K-dawg! You have a true gift for encouragement and blessing others! I wish I could talk to you face to face more!


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