How the Church Loves

I started to post this really long “status” on Facebook and then thought I might annoy some of my Facebook “friends” by being so wordy. I had the following conversation with myself inside my head (yes, I’m that crazy, love me anyway).

“Why don’t you post this on the blog you’ve been shamefully avoiding since you ‘quit’ that challenge? ”

“I can’t. I failed at something I said I’d try to do, I just can’t.”

“It’s okay you know. They don’t hate you. They might even miss you.”

“It is YOUR blog, a BLOG, a place meant for words and sharing.”

“You know you want to.”

“Okay fine!”

So, let’s get this part I’ve shamefully avoided out of the way. I didn’t finish the challenge! I was a dummy to think October was a good time to commit to something like that. I had Homecoming, events, Halloween, catering orders. Silly me. I’m sorry! I wanted to do it, I really did, but I didn’t. I hid from you for a while because I was ashamed, but I like and need writing too much to stay away. But, I do apologize from the bottom of my heart!

Now, back to my meant to be Facebook status that got too long, I was reading in She Reads Truth earlier this week:

“After Jesus tosses out those who would pervert the temple of God into a temple of wealth and greed and convenience, He does something revolutionary: He invites the Least inside.

The blind, the lame, the children all come in and Jesus welcomes them, heals them, confirms their place among Him. He cleared out those who profaned the temple and ushered in those who humbly sought after God.

When I picture the scene I can see myself in the wings, on the outside looking in. I am nervous, I am afraid, but I am drawn to this house of God and so I watch and wait. Those inside seem to have it together, bringing riches rather than sacrifice, doing religion like a business. All I have is this humble offering in my hands, carried the long journey from my home, over rocky roads and mistake-laden miles. Then I see Him. And right before my eyes I watch Him turn it on its side, all the pretension and injustice and darkness that kept me at bay. He sends out those who’ve come not for God but for gods. And then? He looks me in the eye. Me. Lame, frightened, filthy from days of travel, He looks at me and sees me. He motions for me to come in and then He tells me I belong.

Oh, Sisters, this is our Christ. He welcomes in the defenseless and He becomes their defense. He brings the weak to Himself and makes them strong. He desires not the shiny sacrifices our pride wishes to bring, but only a heart that is stayed on Him.”

I was reading these beautiful words while listening to these lyrics from All Sons and Daughters song, All Praise to You:

“Hear our cries, Lord. Come shake these walls. Oh and rattle the steeples Lord, we are Your people!”

Well, I was once again weeping in Starbucks! I’ve said it many times, and I’ll say it many more, but I’m so thankful for my church. I’m thankful for a body of believers who truly loves and longs for the the Least, the messy, and the far from perfect (like me). I hope for all churches that we’d cry out for shaken walls and rattled steeples, that we wouldn’t be comfortable in our “Christians who have it all together” Sunday services. That we’d long to have rattled steeples and shaken walls where the Least feel welcomed, drawn to, and loved.

I’ll try to be back more! And share things here even if I don’t think they are “fancy” enough.

2 thoughts on “How the Church Loves

  1. Jennifer Rogers says:

    I love this! You're exactly right, it is YOUR blog. I find that when I am unable (or whatever, lol) to finish something I started, oftentimes it's because something else was really more in need of my attention. And I would love it if church was where we could let our brokenness show. So it could be healed. And frankly, so we don't turn elsewhere. 😐


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