31 People(s): Brother

Today I get to talk about my brother Kyle! He’s my little brother (2 years younger), but he’s the most big brother-like little brother that ever existed. I’m gonna keep this post short and sweet, because he probably wouldn’t read it if it was too long haha, but that doesn’t mean my love for this 31 People(s) is any less! First funny stories! I unintentionally endangered his life a few times when we were little. Once when he was a tiny baby, like not old enough to eat solid food baby, I tried to feed him chips. Oops. I believe there is another story of me pulling him out of his swing when he was a baby because I wanted him to play with me. He likes to tell people that I stabbed him once. But the knife was plastic! I also didn’t think he was going fast enough when we made a game out of sliding down the side of our dad’s old timey truck (terrible game for kids to play) so I pushed him off. And he had to get stitches. OOPS FOR REAL! And one time we were all (a couple cousins I think too) playing in a barn filled with hay bales (we grew up on a farm, there wasn’t much to do, don’t judge) and Kyle got stuck between some hay bales and we couldn’t pull him out. He thought he was going to die and in addition to apologizing to me for everything he had done wrong, he also told me to tell a whole list of people that he loved them. He doesn’t think that story is funny but I still laugh out loud every time I think about it.

I was a typical first born sister (perfect in every way, duh) and he was a typical little brother (had stitches a lot, got in trouble for everything including stuff I did). Though the list of things I did to him that he didn’t deserve was vast, don’t think he was angelic! There are lots of classic little brother stories I could tell like when he read my diary and told his whole baseball team that I had a crush on one of his teammates or when he and all my boy cousins would build “bridges” to cross the creek and make me test them first (AND I ALWAYS FELL IN). I love reminiscing about funny childhood stories! But for real, he’s an amazing brother and human and I really could write WAY more words than he’d care to read about all the reasons why.

He is seriously the most loved person I’ve ever met. Kyle has an army of people that would come to his rescue, fight for him, or take a bullet for him without hesitation. If there was a small town award called most loved town member, he’d get it hands down. He would and does do anything and everything for anyone! He has probably helped over half of Monticello do some odd job or favor. He’s helped me more times than I can even count! Most recently if you follow me on Facebook you know that he found someone to come help me with me car when he couldn’t and they did it for FREE. When I had a wreck in New Orleans (3+ hours away from where my brother lives or I live) and had to leave my car down there, he found a friend with a trailer to go get my car, spent 3 months finding the cheapest parts possible to fix my car, and spent way too much of his own time and money having it fixed. He’s helped me move more times than I can count. The list goes on and on!

Above all else though, he’s the one person who has always been there. We didn’t grow up in the most picture perfect of circumstances, but no matter how bad or crazy things got we always knew we had each other. We fight and will probably always fight (that’s what brothers and sisters do), but never ever have I doubted his love and loyalty. We’ve both probably said a lot of things to one another over the years that we didn’t mean, but none of that sticks. All that sticks is unconditional love and unending support. Unconditional love is loving someone and being only a phone call away no matter how disappointed you are or have been in them, no matter how mad you are or have been at them, no matter what stupid things they said or did. I am thankful to have friends that love me like that too, but there’s just nothing like a brother, and mine is pretty darn fantastic.


This is part of my 31 People(s) I Love series. I’ll be writing about 31 people/peoples that I adore! Click here if you would like a list of all the posts in this series.

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