31 People(s): Bloggers

Today I’m going to talk about my blogger friends! Clearly the blogging community has had an impact on me. Aside from Jesus, nothing inspires my writing like fellow bloggers/writers. They make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me want to buy things, they make me hungry, they influence my fashion choices, cooking choices, meal planning, and more. Some of them know me, most of them don’t, but dear blogging friends, I see you. You are real writers whether you think you are or not. Your words matter whether they are few or many. You are brave and you do big things. I know how scary (and exhilarating) it is to press that publish button and have your words and heart out there for the world to see. You inspire me and I’m glad you share your words and thoughts and recipes and outfits with us.


Pic from Oh So Lovely Blog

Joy at Joy the Baker is my all time fav. I LOVE HER! I’m convinced we’re kindreds and would be friends in real life. She writes with humor that I get and love. She perfectly mixes real life and food into every post.

Annie at AnnieFDowns.com is also my kindred. We’d totes be friends. I have a DEEP love for women in their late 20s and beyond who are single, long for marriage, but know their lives are good and will be good whether marriage comes or not. Annie is on that list. And she loves Tim Riggins as much as I do.

Ree at The Pioneer Woman is everyone’s fav, but seriously she’s fantastic! Her show is great, but her blog and ability with words far surpass her show! She’s funny, witty, and does the real life food balance as magically as Joy does.

Jess at Meet the Magnolias really is my kindred, not just a wanna be kindred. She’s my real friend and she’s fantastic. She knows more about pop culture than anyone I know and has SO much love for life! We bond over our love for blogging, nail polish, fictional characters, and so much more.

EB at Benchpressing Buicks. You already heard about her in my RA post and know all the great things I think about her. Seriously, we’re gonna write a book together one day.

Brittany at Coffee, Puppies, and More Spiritual Things. I’ve given Brittany her own post and shout outs everywhere (see OWLs, RDs, and Starbucks Lovers). I won’t say more, but she’s hilarious, candid, and real.

Sam at Our Journey is another real life friend! She lives in Texas now and I live in Mississippi. She might not even know that I read her blog, but I do, every time, and I LOVE her story and heart.

Jess at Life on Lawson is a real life person too. She’s a fantastic writer, has a beautiful heart, and an amazing story.

Kendi at Kendi Everyday is my go-to fashion blog! I can’t afford any of the stuff she actually wears, BUT she gives me outfit inspiration often (made up of much cheaper pieces of course).

Katie at A Place to Dwell is on the list of women who balance singleness and longing for marriage with such grace. Her bravery and love for life inspire me.

Nadine at Nadine Would Say is also on the aforementioned list! She’s so full of wisdom and depth and I love reading her posts.

Callie at From the Corners of the Curve is my favorite plus size fashion blogger! She’s British and super fun to follow on Snapchat.

Bronie at Team Victory is one of my TWU ladies! Team Victory is her former blog, no longer active but the posts are still there and worthy of reading! I started reading her blog right around the time I started my own. Her wit and the way she learned lessons from all the happenings of real life inspired me so much! She’s an amazing writer and I’m convinced one day I’ll get to read her book (and maybe even get to write a book with her).

G at Nouveau Cheap is the ultimate/best beauty on a budget blogger! She posts sales on beauty products and has made me spend lots of money/saved me lots of money.

Kristin at The Beauty Department is my forever hair crush! She’s a celebrity hair stylist and helps run a fantastic beauty blog.

JJ at Always in Joy is a another real life friend! She previously had another blog I LOVED as well and talked about crafty things. Her new blog chronicles her current journey in life and it’s so beautifully transparent and encouraging.

Jenny at Jenny Bakes is a social media friend turned real friend! She’s my go-to person for cooking tips and recipes. I always joke that I wish I had an “Ask Jenny” app. She’s also one of the smartest people I know and her intelligence inspires me!

Gina at Skinnytaste is my go-to blog for healthy recipes! I make most of my recipes “skinny” based on tips and tricks I’ve learned from her. Every recipe I’ve cooked from her blog has been fantastic and fail proof.

I could go on and on with lists of the people I love and follow (for real, I follow 200+ blogs on Feedly). But seriously blogging friends, you inspire me. You motivate me. You impress me. Believe in your abilities and talents! Believe that your words matter. Believe that you have the ability to influence others positivity. Believe that it’s okay to write just for you and because you like doing it. Stop comparing yourself to other writers. We’re all in this together! No one else’s success threatens our own. Write YOUR words. Don’t hold back. Don’t put yourself in a box. If you want to have a food blog and spend 31+ days not talking about food, do it! Don’t worry about your pictures not being perfect enough or your words not being witty enough. YOU (and your words) ARE ENOUGH! Comparison is the thief of joy. Writing should bring you joy! Don’t let the nasty comparison beast still your joy and your words. Obviously don’t write mean things about people or anything like that, BUT WRITE! Make time for the thing you love. Believe you deserve that! I see you. I get you. I appreciate you.


This is part of my 31 People(s) I Love series. I’ll be writing about 31 people/peoples that I adore! Click here if you would like a list of all the posts in this series.

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