#31Days of Food for Thought

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I kept hearing (seeing?) about this #31days all day today on Twitter. That little thing started to happen to my insides. That excitement/bubbling/nervous/freaking out/scared challenging fear thing. You know, the feeling when you’re terrified, but you know it’s the good kind of fear that pushes you to do something you know you can do but are scared to do?

I was already feeling pretty inspired by all my blogging world friends, but when my real life blogging friend Jessica over at Meet the Magnolias decided to do it, it was just the push I needed to jump off the diving board.

And so it’s official! I’m linking up with thenester.com and probably over a thousand other bloggers (Literally! They had 1,200 last year.) to participate in the 31 day writing challenge. It’s a challenge to write about a specific (ish) topic every day for 31 days. My mind started to rush with a million different things I could specifically write about, but I just couldn’t decided between two!

After helping with a women’s conference this weekend and being ¬†completed challenged to dare to believe that God really, wholeheartedly, absolutely loves me, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head to walk through that journey with you, a journey of believing.

Being primarily a food blogger, I also sort of felt like I was cheating on my blog if I went 31 days without posting about food! So I keep thinking of ideas/tips for the kitchen to make being in the kitchen more simple. How does a girl chose between the two?!

Well, she doesn’t! As I was having a freak out moment with Jess about wanting to do it but being unable to decide, she encouraged me to do both and even suggested a title that worked perfectly with combining the two. And so, for the next 31 days (I HOPE), I will be blogging about “Food for Thought,” alternating between talking about God’s love, and ways to make the kitchen “easier.”

I’d also like to add, I’m doing this for a few reasons! 1. I’ve been out of the blogging pattern. I want to be more consistent. 2. I’m supposed to be helping Total Woman U (the non-profit women’s ministry team I’m on the faculty for) write a book and blog! Key work on SUPPOSED. I’ve not been as good about blogging about specific things, I tend to be a seat of the pants kind of topic blogger. 3. I challenged myself this weekend to really dwell in daring to believe that God loves me unconditionally, and what better way to follow through on that challenge than the accountability of writing about it. 4. Writing is therapeutic for me! I want to be better about developing the daily pattern of doing it. 5. If I want to write a book one day, I need practice! 6. It ill be a fun way to play catch up on my goal to post 100 times this year (I’m WAY behind). 7. It’s for the month of October! My favorite month of the entire year. What better time to believe I can do something than now.

And so join me on this journey! Let’s learn a lot together.

Day 1: Why Love?
Day 2: Making the Kitchen Manageable Part 1 – Meal Planning
Day 3: Love and Bad Moods
Day 4: Fall To-Do List
Day 5: Love Defined
Day 6: Meal Planning 101: Week 41
Day 7: My Favorite Day
Day 8: Confession: Sometimes You Need a Break (and sleep)

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