Meal Planning 101: Catch Up


Remember that time I posted a meal plan and promised to try and post them more regularly and also promised to catch you up on the meals I missed since June? Oops. Somehow this always happens and I never learn that don’t make promises lesson. BUT, though giving you all those back months of meal plans may seem like a tall task, for an OCD planner/spreadsheet hoarder like me, it was a breeze! And so June through now. And maybe one day I’ll start posting them again regularly.

First, a few things about my meal planning.

1. As mentioned, I use a Google spreadsheet. I “plan” the meals and then use the same spreadsheet to make a grocery list for the meals. (See below, always willing to share template or the ongoing plan).

2. I am obsessed with meal planning paper products. I hoard days of the week magnetic pads and keep them (mostly) update on the fridge and can’t say no to buying any sort of meal planning or reciping planning pad. And recipe cards. #hoarder

3. My meals are for me and my roommates. I usually plan most things to feed us twice, and I cook about three times a week. Every house/family is different, but I hope you at least can get some ideas to apply from my meal planning!

Here are the things I noticed while posting it all back to back like this.

1. We eat A LOT of green beans. I’m gonna work on that. More variety!

2. We eat rotisserie chicken a lot. I’m not gonna work on that. It’s just too dang easy! Pretty much once a month when we go to Sam’s we get a rotisserie chicken because it’s a BIG OL’ delicious already cooked chicken for $5! I use a big knife and cut that sucker in half and serve half on the first night and wrap the rest in tinfoil to reheat in the oven the next.

For more meal planning stuff see the Meal Planning 101 section under my recipe index. For a refresher, check out my How to Meal Plan post (ignore the wonky format of that post, some of my posts didn’t make it over in a pretty format from the blogger to wordpress switch).


June meals: 

  • rotisserie chicken + green beans + roasted diced sweet potatoes
  • entree chicken cobb salads
  • basil pesto smoked mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches + sauteed mushrooms
  • farmers’ market smorgasbord dinner
  • tukey pancetta lettuce tomato avocado wrap (TPLTA?)
  • fettuccine chicken alfredo + salad + garlic bread
  • crockpot roast with carrots and green beans + rice and gravy
  • french dip sandwiches + squash
  • mexican food bar (salad shells, soft tacos, nachos, etc)
  • grilled salmon + grilled corn
  • salmon mango salsa tacos + mango avocado salsa + corn on the cob
  • buffalo chicken wraps + sweet potato wedges

July meals: 

  • buffalo chicken pizzas
  • rotisserie chicken + corn on the cob + salad
  • baked chicken breasts + roasted squash and green beans
  • taco lettuce wraps + smashed bean + chips and salsa
  • go-to entre nachos
  • turkey meatloaf stuffed peppers + buttered rice + butter beans
  • BLTs + roasted potatoes + summer creamed corn
  • crockpot honey sesame chicken + brown rice + roasted broccoli
  • honey sesame chicken lettuce wraps + veggie stir fry + edamame hummus and wonton chips
  • crockpot meatballs with brown gravy and mushrooms + mashed potatoes + green beans
  • brown gravy meatball sandwiches + sweet potato wedges
  • lemon chia seed pancakes + scrambled eggs + bacon + sweet potato hash browns

August meals: 

  • rotisserie chicken + green beans + mac and cheese
  • buffalo chicken pizza + crudities and skinny ranch
  • crockpot bbq ribs + mashed potatoes + butter beans
  • frozen pizza night (hey, sometimes it’s so good)
  • buffalo chicken quesadillas + buffalo blue cheese salad
  • buffalo chicken grilled cheese with ranch dipping sauce + buffalo fries
  • crockpot red sauce meatballs and spaghetti + garlic bread + salad
  • chicken nachos
  • marinara meatball subs + roasted potatoes + salt and vinegar kale chips
  • poppy seed chicken casserole + green beans
  • skillet chicken pot pie + wilted spinach
  • chicken corn chowder + semi-homemade biscuits
  • goulash + green beans + cornbread
  • omelets + cheese grits + sweet potato hashbrowns + bacon

September meals: 

  • rotisserie chicken + roasted brussel sprouts + mac and cheese
  • jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwiches
  • crockpot black bean soup
  • black bean enchiladas + creamed corn salad
  • crockpot red beans and rice + cornbread muffins
  • crockpot chicken pesto with pasta + green beans
  • crockpot peach rosemary pork tenderloin + sweet potato casserole + butter beans
  • crockpot chicken philly sandwiches + roasted sweet potatoes
  • skillet shepherd’s pie + crescent rolls
  • thanksgiving casserole + cranberry sauce + green beans

October meals:

  • semi-homemade tomato bisque + grilled cheese
  • stroganoff hamburger helper + butter peas + corn
  • chicken enchilada soup + chips and salsa
  • pumpkin french toast casserole + scrambled eggs + sausage
  • homemade sloppy joes + roasted butternut squash
  • crockpot chili + cornbread
  • chili cheese dogs + frito pies
  • chicken alfredo pasta bake + green beans
  • crockpot potato soup + bacon grilled cheese

November meals: 

  • beef and bean baked tacos + spanish rice
  • taco pizzas + spanish rice
  • crockpot chicken taco soup
  • crockpot turkey breast and gravy + sausage stuffing muffins + homemade cranberry sauce + green beans + sweet potato casserole + pumpkin cobbler (roommate Thanksgiving)
  • taco soup + tortilla chips
  • breakfast casserole + cheese grits
  • crockpot meatballs with mushrooms and brown gravy + mashed potatoes

A holiday month with all roommates away, so less meals.

December meals: 

  • breakfast burrito bar + monkey bread
  • buffalo chicken pizza + caesar salad
  • crockpot pot roast stew + cracker
  • white chicken chili and rice

And then VACATION. I was gone most of December therefore eating out at HARRY POTTER WORLD or people’s houses.

January meals: 

  • frozen pizza night
  • rotisserie chicken + mac and cheese + green beans
  • crockpot creamy chicken noodle soup + grilled cheese
  • spinach chicken alfredo biscuit pizzas + caesar salad
  • one pot garlic parmesan pasta with chicken apple sausage and spinach + garlic bread
  • crockpot turkey meatloaf with potatoes + roasted asparagus
  • crockpot lemon chicken kale orzo soup + salad
  • meatball soup + garlic bread

February meals: 

  • spinach bacon onion frittata + cheese grits + brownie waffles
  • southwest chicken skillet + roasted corn on the cob + roasted brussel sprouts
  • crockpot pulled bbq chicken sandwiches + baked potato salad
  • bbq chicken pizza + zoodle pasta salad
  • poppy seed chicken casserole + stewed squash + green beans
  • sausage potato corn chowder + spinach pear cranberry pecan blue cheese salad
  • teriyaki chicken zoodle stir fry
  • taco night with crockpot taco ground beef and crockpot shredded fajita chicken + mexican sour cream rice 
  • biscuit and gravy casserole (used turkey sausage and skim milk) + spinach egg scramble + fresh pineapple

March meals: 

  • individual buffalo chicken pizzas
  • deer sausage skewers + mashed potatoes + wilted spinach
  • triple meat egg avocado burgers + crispy sweet potato curls
  • rotisserie chicken + roasted eggplant + mexican corn
  • strawberry french toast + bacon + sunny eggs
  • crockpot pork roast with carrots and parsnips + rice and gravy
  • creamy spinach tomato tortellini (using fat free evap milk instead of half and half) + parmesan roasted broccoli

AND NOW YOU’RE CAUGHT UP! AND MAYBE, just maybe, I’ll start posting them again soon.

Remember, I also have a meal planning Google spreadsheet that I use and CONSTANTLY update. These options are ALWAYS available for anyone who happens upon my blog or reads it regularly: 

1. I can email you the meal planning spreadsheet template I created for your personal use.

2. I can share the 2014 meal planning spreadsheet with you that has 7 months of meal planning on it.

3. I can share the current 2015 meal planning spreadsheet with you that will have all my meal plans for 2015 on it and has January and February on it now. 

Note: If you ever see a dish or meal you are curious about and want to know if I have a recipe or recipe link for, you can add a comment to the document and I will respond! 

If you are interested in any or all of these options, email me (click the envelope icon at the bottom of this page)! I’ll be happy to share any of it with you. 

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