Meal Planning 101: Week 54(ish)

I have months and months worth of meal plans that I never posted. I wish there was a way for my meal planning spreadsheet to instantly generate into a nice polished blogpost. That would be lovely! I’m gonna try harder to post these (and going to give you some of the meal plans you missed below). By a landslide, meal planning posts are always my most viewed. I know you want/need/like them, so I really AM gonna try!

And remember, I also have a meal planning Google spreadsheet that I use and CONSTANTLY update. These options are ALWAYS available for anyone who happens upon my blog or reads it regularly: 

1. I can email you the meal planning spreadsheet template I created for your personal use.

2. I can share the 2014 meal planning spreadsheet with you that has 7 months of meal planning on it.

3. I can share the current 2015 meal planning spreadsheet with you that will have all my meal plans for 2015 on it and has January and February on it now. 

Note: If you ever see a dish or meal you are curious about and want to know if I have a recipe or recipe link for, you can add a comment to the document and I will respond! 

If you are interested in any or all of these options, email me (click the envelope icon at the bottom of this page)! I’ll be happy to share any of it with you. 

meal plan 216


leftover sausage corn potato chowder (used this recipe but didn’t add cheese and used turkey kielbasa) + spinach salad with pears and pecans (and blue cheese and cranberries and anything else I can find in the fridge/cabinet)


teriyaki chicken zoodle stir fry – inspired by SkinnyTaste’s chicken zoodle “lo mein” but mine will be pretty different AND I PROMISE (already typed up, just waiting to add pictures) to post my recipe


missional community meal – contribution to be determined


taco bar (using crockpot taco ground beef and crockpot shredded fajita chicken I made extra of several weeks ago and froze) + mexican sour cream rice






college girls’ dinner night – contribution to be determined

What are you eating this week? Post it in the comments! Let’s get ideas from one another.

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