Meal Planning 101: Week 55

Well, it’s not Monday, but I am posting a meal plan! AND I have the one for next week (though it’s a shorter one), already schedule to post next Monday. Baby steps (like actually posting and/or schedule a post) count right?


meal plan 3-24



out with the roommate (we had Mazzio’s salad bar) then roommate grocery shopping


leftover chicken tamale bake + mini corn on the cob (note: chicken tamale bake was a big hit! and pretty low cal, gonna have to do way more Emily Bites recipes.)


missional community meal – contributions already covered that week


trial eggs benedict + sweet potato hashbrowns + fruit (doing a trial one while roommate is out so I can make sure I know how to do it to make it for another meal – using this recipe/method for hollandaise and egg, but using a light english muffin and canadian bacon)


out in Starkville for weekend adventures!


spaghetti squash chicken parmesan boats (variation of this recipe) + caesar salad with tomatoes


leftover spaghetti squash boats


Trying to detox a little this week from eating out so much in Texas. Doing juices for breakfast and green smoothies for lunch also accompanied by 1/2 an avocado. Plus normal dinners, greek yogurt snack, fruit snack, and some other “clean” snack if I need it. Don’t worry, getting plenty of nutrients. 🙂


What are you eating this week? Post it in the comments! Let’s get ideas from one another.


Remember, I also have a meal planning Google spreadsheet that I use and CONSTANTLY update. These options are ALWAYS available for anyone who happens upon my blog or reads it regularly: 

1. I can email you the meal planning spreadsheet template I created for your personal use.

2. I can share the 2014 meal planning spreadsheet with you that has 7 months of meal planning on it.

3. I can share the current 2015 meal planning spreadsheet with you that will have all my meal plans for 2015 on it and has January and February on it now. 

Note: If you ever see a dish or meal you are curious about and want to know if I have a recipe or recipe link for, you can add a comment to the document and I will respond! 

If you are interested in any or all of these options, email me (click the envelope icon at the bottom of this page)! I’ll be happy to share any of it with you. 

One thought on “Meal Planning 101: Week 55

  1. Dawn Reid says:

    Hey Kasia!! So glad I came across your meal planning options. I have been attempting to do the same around my house. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.. Its been a long time, hope you are doing good. 🙂


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